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Professor Anisuzzaman, the dynamic and legendary figure in the world of Bengali language and literature is still deeply reminisced by all his ardent admirers based in India, Bangladesh and also in rest of the globe. Though he departed for eternal peace and salvation on May 14, 2020 under tragic circumstances but his ardent admirers and students still feel that the noble soul of Professor Anisuzzaman is still vivid among his students and ardent admirers in both nations and also across the globe. Professor Anisuzzaman was born in such a period of time undivided India was under colonial conflagration but during post independence phase his family based in this city and in rural belt migrated to East Pakistan in the year 1948. Right from his puberty he was deeply engrossed in gathering knowledge of various types. Though his key subject was Bengali language and literature but he did not stick to only his key subject rather he expanded his sphere of knowledge to various branches of academic disciplines like art, culture, politics, sociology, history, international relations, economics, science, medical sciences etc. Even this writer from Kolkata, India was dearly fortunate to come in touch with this Great Savant of not only Bangladesh but also of India and rest of the globe. I was no match to him but was lucky to receive various types of advice regarding development of my writing skill is concerned. It was in fact during my visit to Bangladesh twice a year I never missed the opportunity to meet him and exchange valuable ideas from him. The time when passed away was truly a terrible one. Around that time scourge of pandemic Covid-19 badly dismantled the social, cultural, economic as well as political life of citizens of India, Bangladesh and rest of the globe. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble task to evaluate Late Professor Anisuzzaman from multiple angles and his acceptability among his students and ardent admirers of India and Bangladesh.

Evaluating Professor Anisuzzaman:

There are many Great persons born in this universe who are remembered for their works in their lifetime. Common people who are born in this earth are all perished off from the storehouse of our memories the moment they depart forever. Professor Anisuzzaman was once such personality who having passed away under tragic situations in the year 2020 on May 14 still impact largely in our memories. I was extremely fortunate to meet him during my last visit to Bangladesh from February 20 to 26, 2020. Around that time the entire Bangladesh was in the midst of euphoria of Aamar Ekushey. I attended an interesting lecture given by him along with Professor Nazrul Islam within the forecourt of Bangla Academy, Dhaka. It was most likely about how Bangladesh is progressing in tandem with international level. Both are internationally reputed scholars. After the end of the lectures, I went to dining room of Bangla Academy. There I met Anis Sir as because I might not get the opportunity to meet him. It was in fact within couple of days I left for India. Before I bid adieu goodbye to Professor Anisuzzaman he asked me when I am supposed to visit Bangladesh. I replied instantly to him most likely on September 2020. I asked him any trip he is planning to visit Kolkata, which in reply Professor Anisuzzaman said no chance as health wise he was not keeping well and might not get the opportunity to meet me once again. I became terribly upset that in my subsequent trip to that nation I might not be able to meet this Savant. I ultimately returned to Kolkata on February 26, 2020. After couple of days scourge of pandemic Covid 19 and there was total lockdown announced in India and Bangladesh like rest of the globe. It was exactly three months after my return to Kolkata, dreaded thing has happened. During the afternoon hours of May 14, 2020 Mosaddek Hossain Mithun, former editorial assistant of The Asian Age, Dhaka, informed in Face Book stating that Professor Anisuzzaman is no more. This has cast pall of gloom among his students and ardent admirers in Dhaka and Kolkata. His demise marked the end of a towering career in Bengali language, culture and literature.

Professor Anisuzzaman could not be given due reverence prior to his last rites in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

It should be the prerogative of entire humanity to pay obeisance to any talented soul immediately after demise. It was the same fate when legendary Professor and positive thinker Professor Anisuzzaman could not be give befitting farewell after his demise on May 14, 2020. Around that period of time like entire globe Bangladesh along with neighboring India was under the scourge of pandemic Covid-19 hence no national farewell could be undertaken by the government of Bangladesh. It was in the same manner in Kolkata, no memorial gathering could be arranged mainly because of the above viral ailment. It was on the subsequent day his mortal remains was taken out from CMH, Dhaka and laid to rest. It was no doubt a pathetic farewell to a person of his stature. Anyhow one has to accept the verdict of The Almighty. It was during the month of July 2020, Dr Biswajit Ghosh, a reputed teacher of Bengali language and literature, Bangladesh, wrote an exquisite memoir about Anis Sir in Desh, a fortnightly being published by Ananda Bazar group of publications, Kolkata. That memoir has deeply enthralled all his students and ardent admirers of Kolkata as well as other parts of West Bengal. Anyhow vernacular and English dailies of Dhaka have brought various memoirs of Late Savant. It will be a great repentance to all his close acquaintances and admirers of Dhaka and Kolkata.

Professor Anisuzzaman- still deeply reminisced:

Professor Anisuzzaman, having deceased since May 14, 2020 is still deeply reminisced among all his close colleagues of Dhaka and other universities of Bangladesh, India as well as in other parts of the globe. In any critical moments when Bangladesh faced Professor Anisuzzaman always lend his valuable opinions to the citizens of his country so that they attain purity in life and always strive for human welfare. This writer was extremely fortunate to have been closer and cordial with his Great Savant. I cannot erase him from the threshold of my memory about him. He was instrumental in guiding me various ways and means to develop my writing ability. Being a person of Bengali language and literature Professor Anisuzzaman was well versed in other subjects like English, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, International Jurisprudence etc various other academic disciplines of common interest. He was just like Banyan tree to modern writers. It is all our long cherished desires from us that wherever this Savant remains he will continue to bless modern scholars and writers for their all-round success and reputation in their fields.

Books written by Professor Anisuzzaman:

The major books written by Professor Anisuzzaman are stated as follow:

Bipula Prithibi

Sardhasatabarshe Rabindra Nath Tagore

Swaruper Sandhane

Bangali O Bangladesh 

Kal Nirobodhi

Identity, Religion and Recent History

Aamar Chokh

Aamar Ekattor

Honors and accolades:

Ananda Puraskar (twice)

Bangla Academy Literary Award for outstanding research work

Saarc Literary Award

Padma Bhusan( 2014 in India) 


As days will pass by Professor Anisuzzaman cannot be forgotten by all his fans, ardent admirers and students based in Dhaka, Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal plus rest of the globe. Though Anis Sir is in a different world now but we feel his humble and amiable nature will continue to bless us forever. Finally I convey my deepest homage to this Savant.

Sujayendra Das is a Columnist
of Kolkata.