Now is the Time to Build the Young Generation to Build the Future of Bangladesh -The Asian Age

The triumph of youth has been created in this world for ages. Their courage, morale and enthusiasm change the world. Youth can take the risk of making the impossible possible. They have nothing to say about the impossible. Famous scholars have spoken at different times about the triumph or strength of youth. In the words of the famous Philippine intellectual and writer Jose Rizal, "Youth is our only hope for the future." That is the ultimate truth. Because, for every country, youth or young generation is a big asset. They will run the country next time, will work for the country. In the same way, today's young generation of our country is the craftsman to build the next Bangladesh. We dream with them, to build this golden Bengal as a unique example in the world court. Bangladesh, which gained independence in 1971, dreams of becoming a 'developed Bangladesh' by 2041 and wants to be recognized in the world as an innovative country by achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. And then it's time to think or discuss about the younger generation. The young generation must come forward to fulfill the development dream that we have for a golden Bangladesh. Rather, their role is immense. Our golden Bangladesh will move forward with their hands. The country and the social system will be enlightened. And that is why the time has come for all the important stakeholders of the country to know their own responsibilities, duties and duties and to take necessary steps to build the young generation for the future accordingly.

What is the current young generation thinking about the state? Or what are their thoughts on the future? It is important to know these things before doing anything. In this context we have to talk about the past. That is, in the past, when a teacher or someone asked a schoolboy, what do you want to be in the future? They would answer without hesitation, be a doctor, be an engineer, be an industrialist, be a teacher or be a magistrate. Some would dare say that I would be a pilot, I would fly a plane. But no one dares to say that one day I will be a great politician, I will be the Prime Minister of the country, I will be the Minister of any country. Why don't the young generation have such desires or dreams? Why are they reluctant to dream big? The question remains. But the world-famous German poet and philosopher Johann Goethe said, "If you dream, dream big. That is what will inspire you the most, give you the courage to move forward. " But it is difficult to say how many people have such a big dream. It is a pity for the young generation of this country that more than half of the answers given by today's boys and girls are to build a future life outside the country. Now the question arises, will it be possible to build the next Bangladesh if we go abroad? It will never be possible. But yes, one can go abroad for higher education. By acquiring higher education from there, he will build the future Bangladesh on the basis of his own merit in the overall development of the country. There is nothing wrong with the young generation going abroad for such a purpose.

Nowadays the young generation has shown reluctance in creative practice. The book is getting distracted day by day. As a result, they do not know the exact information about the history and heritage of the country. But they can concentrate on any creative practice if they wish. But without doing so, they are wasting time on various unnecessary tasks. What I realize as a young person is that most of the current young generation, when they wake up, go to the Internet with the nearest mobile phone in hand. Facebook is scrolling, watching various videos on YouTube. But he should have followed his religious principles and followed his daily routine. Waking up every day to concentrate on studies. However, due to the unprecedented development of globalization and technology, the journey of the youth will not be very easy, unless they create the right combination of their knowledge, skills, experience, desire, potential and limited resources.

These young people have the opportunity to develop themselves and their families and to overcome various socio-economic problems of the world by becoming successful entrepreneurs. There is an opportunity to lead various national and international organizations as a skilled manager. In recent times, young people in our country have had the opportunity to work as skilled managers in national and international organizations. And this opportunity is not only applicable to the youth of Bangladesh. On the contrary, young people from all over the world are trying to make the most of this opportunity. Are our youth and youth ready to take advantage of future opportunities and meet challenges? If they are not created, then this technological development and globalization will create various obstacles including loss of job and frustration in the course of life. And that is why we need to build our young generation now to meet the challenges of the future. That is why the policy makers of the country have to think about the youth and implement some policies to meet the future challenges of the young generation.

We have to involve the youth of our country in development work. Because, considering the population, a large part is young. About 4 crore 20 lakh youth in the country In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development by 2030 and become a developed country by 2041, this huge young generation must be engaged in development work. Otherwise the desired success will not be achieved. The election manifestos of different political parties should clearly mention the youth separately.

The advertisement should clearly state what kind of activities they will be engaged in in the future, what opportunities are available for the youth and what kind of opportunities the teams will create. Young people need to be informed about patriotism and development thinking of the country. As a result, they will be able to be aware of the local products, get to know the local art, literature and culture. At the same time, since there are less opportunities for self-employment in the country, it is necessary to know about the successful entrepreneurs of the country. As a result, the younger generation will become interested in becoming entrepreneurs. The young generation needs to develop a mindset of honesty, morality and loyal and patriotic political leadership and respect for the democratic government as well as constructive criticism of different parties. Because, some of them will one day become politicians. If it is the opposite then the politics of the country, the development of the country, the young generation will fall from their own development.

In today's age of modernity, the younger generation needs to know about technological advancement. Because in order to build a full digital Bangladesh, the young generation must be developed as skilled. In that case regulated technology services must be ensured. Because, just as he is doing what he is supposed to do, he is also using what he is not supposed to do He is using technology that he is not supposed to use at that age. And that's why the younger generation is wasting their time on social media. For example: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Emo, YouTube and uncontrolled Wi-Fi. It is important to ensure that the certified and unskilled young generation does not develop over time. According to a study, at present 40 percent of the youth in the country are not receiving any education, training or engaging in any development or creative work.

Unemployed, unskilled youth in a developing country is unimaginable It remains to be seen whether young people are emerging as consumers or entrepreneurs as a result of the readily available technology in Digital Bangladesh. It is important to know exactly how much the use of technology is affecting their lives, education and skills development. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to inform the young generation of our country about technological development. And that is why every educational institution in the country has to organize seminars or workshops to impart the idea of technological development among the young students. At the same time we have to work towards improving the quality of education. As a result, they will be able to use technological advances and controlled Internet.

We have to move forward with the youth in building a fair and clean society. It is possible to build a just society through the unity of the youth. They will play an important role in eradicating various anomalies in the society including eve-teasing, child marriage, corruption. At the same time young people have to play an important role as volunteers. Most of the young people in our country are volunteering and working for the helpless people. For them, government and NGO based organizations are implementing their activities at different times. As a result, a bond of love has developed between them and the ability to lead. That is why young people have to play an important role as volunteers.

In fact, in order to build the future of Bangladesh, the young generation has to be formed now to face the future challenges. This is the expectation that Bangladesh will go ahead with the triumph of youth in the world court by building them.

M Sayem Ahmad is a Columnist and essayist.