Family Ties Are Vital For Sound Social Nourishment -The Asian Age

May 15 is celebrated as International Family Day every year to raise awareness and importance towards family. In 1993, the United Nations declared May 15 as International Family Day to raise the standard of living of families around the globe and to raise awareness about the importance of families. The reason behind the observance of this special day is that a healthy family is first and foremost needed for the development of the society and it is a safe and secure place for all members, young and old. This International Family Day aims to keep family relationships and traditions intact, to help families overcome socio-economic problems and to balance health, education, poverty, and family work.

The family is the oldest institution and therefore the family is considered as the most important social foundation. Through mutual respect, friendship, compassion and strong bond of love, a person in the family enjoys the highest benefits of society. The importance of family is immense in every country and cultural sphere of the world, for this family is called the mirror of society and state. The role and responsibilities of the family are especially vital in the social nourishment of the state. The family is the first and greatest school of a human being.

According to sociologists, family is the foundation of social life and it initiates social and moral education. The family can be compared to the heart of society and if this heart becomes weak or crippled then the whole social system becomes crippled. Weak family arrangements are to blame for much of the decline in the value of social life. The family is the best school for the primary and moral education of the child,  this is where the foundation of his character came from. Therefore, the main responsibility of parents in the family is to educate the child in moral education from childhood.

Parents and family members have to play a leading role in raising a child as an ideal human being. Occasionally the child has to be taken close to nature somewhere near or far. Children can learn a lot while traveling. In today's urban society, many parents are busy in their workplace. As a result, it has deprived of all the time the child deserves from them. So children spend time watching cartoons and playing mobile games. It contains all the strange thoughts in his brain.

The joint structure of the family strengthens this social bond and moral bond. Respecting the elders, respecting every relationship, all these things they learn from the elders but that family relationship is now falling apart. The joint family is breaking up into a single family and because of this everyone is now very busy with the life and livelihood around them. As a result, they are so preoccupied with their unhappy married life, their children's education, their careers that everything revolves around a cycle of seeking and getting better. Children from the family do not understand the good and the bad because they do not learn the values of social discipline. On the other hand, at present, due to various reasons including modern urbanization and industrialization, employment, joint family is breaking up into single family. This is because the social bonds and the changes in the family structure that have taken place over time have not kept pace with the development of adequate care for the elderly. Many seniors are becoming vulnerable in this situation. Elderly people are falling away from joint family due to family breakdown. Due to which their dependence is increasing in the old age home leaving the family at the last age.

Going beyond family discipline seems to be the wisdom of rudeness, disrespect, modernity and smartness. All these things of politeness, respect, family structure will be learned from grandparents, aunts, uncles and aunts. But because of the transition from joint to single family, the child is not able to learn anything as he is always with the working man. So the joint family is needed for the child to acquire ideological knowledge. In fact, the benefits, traditions and social bonds of the joint family are slowly disappearing. These are now just reminiscent of the golden past!

Just as there are some rules in running the state, there are also rules in the family. For example, building harmony with the whole family, maintaining worldly order, not lying, respecting elders, returning home on time, doing one's own work and developing one's heart through the practice of human values. This family education is very important for every human being in human life and the family is the best way to master these. The role of family in acquiring various characteristics is immense. Learning to be polite, ethical, responsible, grateful, showing respect to the elders, caring for the younger ones, showing compassion to others, developing a spirit of benevolence, cultivating a spirit of generosity, much more family than can be gained from an educational institution.

People from different walks of life including parents, siblings, neighbors consider family education and religious discipline as insignificant in the need of character. The role of parents is very important in family education and religious discipline. Parents and leaders need to come forward to build the character of the youth in the family and society. The importance of good family education and religious discipline in all areas of life is immense, not only in the eradication of drugs and terrorism. The importance of good family education and religious values is immense in mental development and formation of moral character. Basically the handcuffs of the child's education in the mother's lap and the child gets primary education from the family. As a result, the family is the first education of human children and the child's values, character, consciousness and beliefs are born from the family. Just as parents nurture ideals, so do their children. The family is like a well-arranged garden full of love and affection where each member has ample opportunity to develop his character traits. Enriched with moral virtues, they beautify and enchant the surrounding environment. It is a safe haven that protects the baby from all kinds of filth and attacks from outside.

Family unity makes life more beautiful and meaningful. Sociologists have repeatedly argued that the relationship between family harmony and human longevity has been proven by multiple studies. According to them, happy moments spent with parents, children and siblings are especially helpful in gaining longevity. But for those whose family ties are weak, the opposite can happen. People start getting the benefits of family unity from the very beginning of life. In families where there is a warm relationship between parents and children, they are less likely to get cancer and the effects are far-reaching. Multiple studies have shown that families who eat together are more likely to have healthy eating habits.

Based on recent research by modern sociologists and health researchers around the world, it is a proven fact today that family and social cohesion lead a person to a healthy, happy and successful life. Therefore, we should also take advantage of every opportunity of this group life and we need to make our northern generation accustomed to such a way of life as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the practice of ethics as well as the practice of family discussions, eating together at least once in a while, etc. Balanced family and social bonds should guide all family members and loved ones, healthy body, calm mind, sound social life.

Md Zillur Rahaman is a Banker
and Columnist.