Mizoram CM draws parallels between displaced peoples’ plight, MNF’s struggle -The Asian Age

Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga on Thursday drew poignant comparisons between the plight of displaced persons from Manipur and the challenging years faced by the Mizo National Front (MNF) during the time they sought refuge in East Pakistan. 

His remarks came during his address at the Mizo Students’ Union General Conference held in Thenzawl auditorium. During his speech, CM Zoramthanga commended the Mizo Students’ Union for their endeavours to assist displaced people seeking refuge in Mizoram. 

He expressed deep pride in their humanitarian work, emphasising the significance of providing shelter and support to the brethren hailing from neighbouring states and other countries.

“It is a privilege that we have Mizoram, the most peaceful state in the world, which can provide refuge to our brethren seeking peace and shelter,” the CM remarked.

Drawing on a historical perspective, the chief minister likened the current predicament of displaced persons to the challenging times faced by the Mizo community when Mizoram was a disturbed state. 

He recounted the sense of peace and security they experienced upon reaching East Pakistan, an emotion he said was challenging to describe but immensely cherished.

Zoramthanga underlined the parallel between those experiences and the current situation, emphasising the immense value of providing refuge to those in need.

>> Source:  East Mojo