Yusuf Efti Wins Top Trainer Award -The Asian Age

In a momentous achievement for the nation, Yusuf Efti, one of Bangladesh's esteemed trainers in the field of leadership and sales, has been honored with the prestigious South Asian Best Trainer Award. The accolade was conferred upon him at the 6th Regional Conference organized by the Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) in Kolkata, India, from September 15 to 16.

Mr. efti explained the rigorous competition process, stating, "Through a two-month-long series of examinations at different levels, the top 40, then 20, followed by the top 10 trainers were selected, culminating in a final showdown between the top two. I am thrilled to have claimed the first position, with Anuja Sehgal from India as the runner-up."Among the top ten trainers were names like Yusuf efti, Anuja Sehgal, Madhusudan Datta, Kedarnath Mukherjee, Partha Datta, Perse Sowala, Praveen Singh, Som Subhra Mukherjee, Uttam Sahay, and Kanad Bhattacharya.

Notably, the judging panel included nearly 15 members from various countries, ensuring impartiality and maintaining a high level of confidentiality throughout the competition. The event also witnessed the presence of renowned HR personalities such as TV Rao and Musharrof Hossain from Bangladesh.The Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) has been organizing various conferences in the Asian subcontinent since 1970. This year's conference focused on Agility and Sustainability for Organizations, with participation from trainers from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Yusuf efti has been contributing significantly to Bangladesh's corporate landscape for over two decades, specializing in sales and sales leadership training. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree from a Malaysian university, further enhancing his expertise in the field of training.Expressing his feelings about this achievement, Yusuf efti said, "This recognition is not only a personal milestone but also a significant moment for all trainers in Bangladesh. It proves that we have world-class trainers right here who can transform our nation's human capital. This accomplishment will inspire me to work harder and contribute even more to our region."Following the event, Yusuf efti has received an invitation to work with India's Navratna company, Coal India Limited, as a management consultant.

He expressed gratitude to all those who supported and mentored him throughout his journey, particularly acknowledging Quazi M. Ahmed for his guidance.

A total of 25 corporate professionals from Bangladesh participated in this event, including notable figures like Professor Dr. Farid Sobhani, Mosharrof Hossain, Nilufer Karim, Janibul Haque, and Raushon Ali Bulbul, among others.