First Butterfly Park in Bangladesh -The Asian Age

Butterfly Park is located inside the Vawal National Park at Gazipur. Bhawal National Park was established and maintained as a National Park in 1974. It was officially declared in 1982 under the Wildlife Act of 1974. Its purpose is to protect important habitats as well as to provide opportunities for recreation. The area is noted for peacocks, tiger, leopard, Black Panther, elephant, clouded leopard and samba deer. The park has 220 plant species, including 43 different tree species, 19 shrubs, 3 palms, 27 grasses, 24 vines, and 104 herbs. The wildlife in the park includes 13 mammals, 9 reptiles, 5 birds and 5 amphibians.

But the butterfly park used to open only at Friday for public visiting. It is an open place where planted a lots of flowering plants to attract butterfly. Basically this is how they are luring the butterflies.  Few exuberant teachers from University of Dhaka were working with identifying the butterflies of Bangladesh. After their research, they have decided to establish a suitable place where butterflies can live without any disturbance. With the help of Department of Forest they have managed to build a Butterfly park at Vawal National Park. Possibly this one is the first such park at Bangladesh which is established in open place.

To reach there first you have to come at the Vawal National Park. The park is nearest to the gate number four which is few hundred meters apart(towards north) from the main entrance. So entering to the park using this gate will be better and easier. The entry fee for the National park is 10 Taka, but the entry fee for the butterfly park is free.
Since this butterfly park is at rudimentary stage, right now it is only open at Friday for the visitors. Also, it will be better if you visit there at the earlier part of t