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Well, cucumber truly looks perfect for salad, snack, and raita, but it tastes horrible if not treated well before consumption. Could you guess what we are talking about? If not, then let us introduce the protagonist of the story and that's-cucumber. A bitter bite of this summer vegetable can actually ruin the entire meal. Known for its nutritional values, it is also very effective in balancing water content in the body. So, if you don't want to miss the nutritional content of the vegetable, better learn the art of using it correctly. Here is a list of three easy and quick ways to remove the bitterness of cucumber that you really need to know.

Rubbing method: If you don't know, this is the most common method of removing the bitterness of cucumber. In this method, all you need to do is to thinly cut off the edges of the cucumber and use the cut out to rub the cucumber in the circular motion on both the sides. When you do it, you can see the white foamy substance on the circumference of the cucumber. After rubbing it for 30-40 second, just wash it with running water and use it for salad or raita.

Salt method: In this method, you need to cut the cucumber into two halves lengthwise and sprinkle some salt on the edges of both the halves. You have to repeat the process till the white foamy substance keeps appearing. Once it stops, just wash it in running water and your cucumber is ready to use.

Fork method: In this method, all you need to do is to cut the ends of the cucumber and peel off the skin and before slicing it, run the tines of the fork all around it. The idea is to release all the chemicals and make it sweet and tasty. Don't forget to wash the cucumber properly before consumption.

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