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Bangladesh Motion Picture Exhibition Association on Thursday threatened to shutdown all cinema halls across the country

Creative works with surrealistic shadows

Surrealism first emerged as a form of art during the initial years of 20th century. Surrealistic art and literature

Abu Hurayra

"No matter what… one should never make fun of the prophet" - Barochacha, big uncle said loudly.  Big uncle

Getty Museum returns ancient statue to Italy

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles is returning an ancient marble statue to

Stranger than fiction

The drive up highway 44 from the north-east Indian city of Guwahati to Shillong, up in the hills, has

A mother, an old home, a fan

A very posh Toyota car is running smoothly on the smooth street. A comfortable air is felt inside as

Caged existence of the modern man

Edward Albee's The Zoo Story is a play that is short in length but long in meaning. The Zoo

Value of 'Khona's Parables' in Bengali folklore

Khona is a widely familiar name throughout the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the arena of folk literature. History says

Man Booker International Prize 2017 - the shortlist in pictures

The Unseen by Roy Jacobsen, translated by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw (Maclehose) Norway.'Jacobsen's narrator is a determined woodsman who

Asian theater: Tradition and trend

To begin with let me talk about Indian theatre which expands from rural festivals to contemporary urban theatre, from

Marquez, loneliness and magic realism

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a peerless artist of magic realism in fictional works, particularly in One Hundred Years of

The Merchant of Venice staged at CWU

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world - William

Who was responsible for Sue Bridehead's tragedy

Jude the Obscure (1895) is one of the finest tragic novels by Thomas Hardy (1840 - 1929), the Romantic

Asian theater: Tradition and trend

Asian theater is not only extraordinarily rich and diverse but also quintessentially different from the Western performance genre, especially

Tagore's message on Religion

I have been to this city many times, but only as a visitor, during my long 16 years' of

A people's poet or a literary deity

"His prose introduces us to life, his poetry teaches us what to do with it". Way back in the

Spiritual implications in Rabindranath Tagore's poetry

Writing anything about Bengali literature makes it obligatory to cite allusions to Rabindranath Tagore, the most radiant name in

Shakespeare's language not as original as dictionaries think

Shakespeare did not coin phrases such as "it's Greek to me" and "a wild goose chase", according to an

Belief, the Murderer

Translation: HaroonuzzamanThe gawping glare of Osman's eyes turns shadowy, creating a pleasantly sedentary impact on his mind, and amid

A tribute to Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe is the founder of the early bourgeois realistic novel and the English periodicals. He is remembered today

Belief, the Murderer

Translation: HaroonuzzamanIt is wintry, and it is inky darkness all around. A dog's shrilly cry floats in from quite

Jackson Pollock's masterpiece: 'No. 5, 1948'

It's easy to dismiss Jackson Pollock's No. 5, 1948 as a senseless splatter of paint-but even if you can't

Pararomanticism: William Blake and Emily Dickinson

Pararomantic poetry is institutionally not so widespread or not much analyzed in academic confabulations around us. But pararomanticism is

The mystery behind Modiano's Nobel Prize win

In a Victorian library in St James's Square, just around the corner from the Royal Academy, where the Anselm

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize 2017 in Fiction: Colson Whitehead

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, the New York Times bestseller from Colson Whitehead, a

Artful facts about Frida Kahlo

The life and work of Frida Kahlo-one of Mexico's greatest painters-were both defined by pain and perseverance. Getting to

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