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An Indian journalist and cartoonist who has received online threats over a cartoon that refers to recent incidents of

Iraqi planes cross into Syria, bomb IS

Iraq on Thursday carried out air strikes on positions of the militant Islamic State group in Syria a week

Philippines decries EP 'interference'

The Philippines decried what it said was interference in its internal affairs by the European Parliament, which urged the

'Chinese navy challenges Australia warships'

Australia's prime minister said the Australian navy has a "perfect right" to traverse the South China Sea after a

UN honors 7 Pakistani peacekeepers

Seven Pakistani peacekeepers who laid down their lives for global peace and security were honored with a medal at

Congress criticises Modi over 'boastful claim' on 'surgical strike' in Pakistan

The Indian National Congress on Thursday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his "boastful" claims of the 2016 'surgical

N Korea seeks complete denuclearization: Moon

North Korea has expressed its desire for "complete denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula and is not seeking conditions such

Qatar joins Gulf war games in apparent compromise

Qatari forces participated in joint military exercises that ended in Saudi Arabia this week, in an apparent sign of

Jihadists given 48 hrs to surrender enclave near Damascus

Islamic State militants have been given 48 hours to agree to withdraw from an enclave they control south of

New role for Kim Jong Un's wife

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has given his young, stylish wife the title of First Lady in what

YouTube video reunites Indian man with family

An Indian man missing for 40 years was to be reunited with his family on Thursday after a YouTube

4.4 magnitude quake strikes Jakarta

A shallow earthquake brought down hundreds of poorly built buildings in Indonesia, forcing more than 2,000 people to flee

UN Security Council heads to Sweden for Syria talks

After a week of bitter acrimony over Syria, UN Security Council ambassadors are heading to a farmhouse in southern

Duterte 'ordered' probe into detained nun

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said he personally authorised an investigation into an Australian

2,000 Kachin trapped by Myanmar fighting lack food, medicine

Community leaders from the Christian ethnic Kachin community have called for urgent medical

Top Japan official quits after harassment claims

The top bureaucrat at Japan's finance minister quit Wednesday following allegations he sexually harassed female

Minister claims India invented internet

A minister who has claimed that the internet was invented thousands of years ago by

China looks to smooth polls in Bangladesh

China, the biggest trade partner with $15 billion exports to Bangladesh, wants to see the

Nepal record for women climbing Everest

A record number of Nepalese women are climbing Mount Everest this spring season, officials have

'Opposition can win with growing Malay support'

Former Malaysian strongman Mahathir Mohamad says a wave of change is evident among rural ethnic Malays and a 30

Post-Brexit UK will still be as important to India: Modi

Britain will be just as important to India after it leaves the EU as it is now, Indian Prime

Cold water devastates coral reefs off Japan

Unusually cold water has devastated some of the world's most northerly coral reefs, which lie off the coast of

'Taj Mahal owned by almighty'

The Taj Mahal is owned by the Almighty but must be listed as property of the Sunni Waqf Board

India court fines media for naming rape victim

An Indian court on Wednesday ordered 12 media companies to pay US$15,000 each to a compensation fund for victims

More than 300 sentenced to death in Iraq for IS links

Iraqi courts have sentenced to death a total of more than 300 people, including dozens of foreigners, for belonging

Korean leaders can discuss peace but can't end Korean War

President Donald Trump has given his "blessing" for North and South Korea to discuss the end of the Korean

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