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Earlier our children and young generation would be grown up with beautiful, enchanting and educative fables and poetry. But

Contemplative glimpses and memories

Bichitro Bhabna O Tukro Sriti (Scattered Pieces of Thoughts and Remembrances) is a compilation of memories by Syed Salim

Silent connection with Ko Un inside the skull

A book is sitting idly on my lap now. A book contains several poems of a South Korean poet,

Keeping up with New Delhi's one percent in 'The Windfall'

Jennifer Senior illustrates money and manners of social mobility in modern India as explores by the author

The eternal city

Sohail Hashmi describes the future the history of Persian and Arabic inscriptions  carved on stone tablets in the

Upcoming books of 2018

A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee, Publisher - W. W. Norton Company:  Five characters deal with dislocation,

A trustworthy book about freedom fighters

Main Uddin Ahmed discovered the book as an attempt in making the list of genuine freedom fighters of Sherpur which

Ugly realities of Irish Civil War

Diarmaid Ferriter focuses on Irish Civil War which reveals some of the glaring truths  that are depicted by the writer.

Dear Mr Gandhi

C. Rammanohar Reddy reviews a new volume seeking to profile Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's early correspondents.We know that

Of patriarchy and gender issues

This book written by Professor Dr. Profulla C. Sarker is thought about different dimensions of violence against women in

In high places

As the blurb of this book says, while information about the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is plentiful in China's

Elif Batuman's 'The Idiot' sets a romantic crush on simmer

Dwight Garner illustrates some obsessions and regards of a tender heart as depicted by the authorLove, as Thomas Pynchon

Putting matters in perspective

Syed Badrul Ahsan takes a peek into some new ideasSurely the biggest calamity of modern times

The contradictions of Joseph Conrad

Ngugi wa Thiong'o comes across the reckoning of Western conquest and advancing globalization revealed by the writer

Illuminating the darkness

Divya A depicts some case studies from an era in independent India which illustrates what terrible woes can

Jorasanko: The poetics of the Andarmahal

Jorashanko is a book that pulls out readers into the three generations of Tagore family. The 'high politics',

Wresting Golda Meir from the shadows

In late September 1973, Israel's Labor Party made its final campaign pitch for the upcoming elections. It placed

Awakening the senses

The Famished Road is the kind of journey that you wish to retake every few years, mimicking themes

Achena: Gem of a Bangla translation

Liton Chakraborty Mithun unfolds the depth of the workTranslation is a tricky job. It is not

Dark vision of our future

Liz Jensen explores the dystopia set in a future USravaged by climate change and war, as revealedby the

A tryst with fury

Pratap Bhanu Mehta illustrates the shadow of themodern myth of non-violence in an ancient and ruthless tradition, depicted

A book urging national self-introspection

Liton Chakraborty Mithun comes across the indications, precedents and evidence of a patriotic authorAmong the Bengalis

It's the way he tells it...

Philip Hensher explores an architecturally sound but curiously furnished novel by Kazuo IshiguroAll in all, Kazuo

Fit, obese or insecure?

Pratik Kanjilal reviews a lively introduction to the most disturbing questions of the modern world that reveal by

A worth reading Bengali book on W. B. Yeats

Niranjan Mandal comes across the amour, elegance and lovability of women depicted in W.B. Yeats poetryYeatser

An ode to reality: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Nazmun Naher Shishir explores the tale of fallen people of Indian society, unveils the agony and endurance narrated

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