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D.L. PhilipsWith shapeshifting humans, moon witches, fetish priests, devils and demons, gods and demigods, there is

'Ad Astra': Brad Pitt gets a little lost in space

Davin ArulIs it humanity's doom, that it takes its greed and nationalistic/ ideological differences everywhere -

Women get a say in modern take on Shakespeare play

Olivia HoHere is a story. A plane crashes into a grain silo, killing those on board.

Rambo: Last Blood: Gruesome violence, archaic patriotism

Donald ClarkeNearly 50 years ago (gulp), when David Morrell published the nasty, angry First Blood, he

UglyDolls: Animated feature inspired by plush toys

Not so much a movie as a contemplative space wherein the viewer - or more accurately the participant

'Angel Has Fallen' and should just stay down

In this barely justifiable entry in the Fallen franchise (preceded by 2013's Olympus Has … and 2016's London

'A Liberated Mind' could help you learn to live in the now

There's good reason that our human species has prevailed so impressively, and for longer, over any other: Our

Blurring of lines complicates Rushdie's novel

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Quichotte, Salman Rushdie's entertaining metafictional novel, muddies the waters

The curse of sleeping

Mahvesh MuradIt starts with a college student who comes home exhausted from a party and falls

A simmering, unforgettable story

Donald Clarke You won't find two films more different in tone than Withnail and I and

A disquieting experiment in isolation

Walter SimBritish writer Alix Nathan tells an unsettling tale in The Warlow Experiment, which is set

A memoir of resilience

In her haunting, lyrical debut memoir, acclaimed Indigenous activist and writer Helen Knott - recipient of a 2019

Writings on a broad spectrum of issues

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury explores the focal points of an anthology of articles based on different aspects associated

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood': Tarantino unchained

Quentin Tarantino movies are like McDonalds in France. You never know if you're going to get a Quarter

Nostalgia of childhood: Dipu Number Two

If you ask any 90's kids of Bangladesh that what is their most favorite children's film? You might

Chris Bohjalian's compelling book

Amy DriscollA well-heeled Wall Streeter, generally considered a good guy, agrees to throw a bachelor party

Transit: Intriguing tale follows a refugee's deception

Michael Phillips"There aren't any old times," Joseph Cotten says with a grind of boundless optimism in

Whimsy and absurdness at play in' Labels And Other Stories'

Rachel Au-Yong Labels And Other Stories is a slim collection of 14 tales. But brief though

An exuberant adventure for everyone

Put under a microscope, any kids' show is at least a little bit weird. The long-running animated "Dora the

How to be both by Ali Smith The art of grief

Like was the last novel of Ali Smith I tried to read before this one (which I actually read).

A King Alone by Jean Giono

Jean Giono's 1947 novel, A King Alone, concerning a spate of mysterious disappearances and the eccentric French policeman attached

Starling Days: A novel about depression that doesn't depress

Stuart KellyThe classics never really go away. But, though there have been excellent novels by people

'Hobbs & Shaw': Overkill in overdrive equals wild, fun ride

Davin Arul There is "too much", and then there is the Fast & Furious universe's interpretation

Bina: A novel in warnings

John SelfHere is a book you must read but you can't. You can't because the new

Brandon Sanderson's 'Skyward' is superbly crafted

 D.L. PhilipsOne of the joys of reading anything by fantasy and sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson is

Ben Is Back: Mother-son addiction drama cuts to the bone

Alan Scherstuhl For about three minutes at the start, Peter Hedges' age-of-opioids melodrama Ben Is Back

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