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Sarah Gilmartin"Soon the children reach the towering pines and the mossy stone foundations of an old

A Hidden Life: Terrence Malick's beautiful, serious, sometimes infuriating film

Donald Clarke If nothing else, Terrence Malick has, over 40 years, created a unique aesthetic that

Toss a coin to 'The Witcher', it's a valley of plenty

Davin ArulGoing into this dark fantasy series knowing next to nothing about the video games or

Fiery critique of wealth and privilege

Walter SimThe deafening public tantrums of pre-pubescent children may be the bane of all parents -

Bangabandhu: The bridgework between our past, present and future

Shototomo Janma Sharok Grontho is a voluminous book marking the hundredth birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman which

Wish I Could Tell You: An unconventional romance for the young readers

Md Sajib MiahAs a voracious reader, I love to read all types of books,especially from Indian

'21 Bridges'

Davin ArulIn 21 Bridges, the brassy, bassy cop thriller that counts MCU darlings the Russo Brothers

Truth or Dare by Nadia Kabir Barb

Nausheen RahmanThis was a book of short stories I had been meaning to read for the

Agatha: Feel good novel about a lonely psychiatrist

Sarah GilmartinSigns that you might need therapy: chronic anti-socialism, a lacklustre approach to work, severe depression

'Spies in Disguise': A fun family movie

Kate ErblandAfter dipping back into the big screen world via a series of increasingly effects-laden outings

A magical, intricate puzzle-box of a novel

American author Erin Morgenstern's second novel is thick with stories. They are in the pages of books hidden on

Dawn O'Porter's So Lucky is the book that you need to read

Thanks to the popularity of social media, we're getting more and more insight into people's lives. And from the

'Cats': Me-ouch! Kitty's gone to the dogs

Memory! All alone in the moonlight. I can smile at the old days, I was beautiful then. Even if

Powerful narrative of a life unravelled by trauma

For years, the world knew her as Emily Doe - the nameless, faceless victim that Stanford University student

Ip Man 4: The Finale Takes on White Supremacy on American Soil

Wilson Yip's Ip Man 4: The Finale picks up five years after Ip Man 3, in 1964, with

Classic Japanese murder mystery

The Honjin Murders, the classic Japanese detective novel by Seishi Yokomizo, is the perfect read for this time

'The Principal Girl': Tales from Asia where girls are the heroes

Tan Shiow ChinFirstly, don't get frightened off by the subtitle Feminist Tales From Asia, especially if you

Ali Smith's seasonal quartet takes a dark turn in Spring

Hannah RosefieldSpring is the third installment of Ali Smith's Brexit-inflected "seasonal quartet". The first, Autumn, appeared

Jumanji: The Next Level - It's ridiculous but never stops being good fun

Donald Clarke The folk behind Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle can never have anticipated the pressure

'Anything Is Possible' is unafraid to be gentle

Elizabeth Strout's novel-in-stories, Anything Is Possible, is welcome literary salve for these alarmingly acrimonious, anxiety-inducing times. These nine

A rich and absorbing exploration of places

Strange Harvests is a book full of fascinating s.... It tells how, for example, in the middle of

'Harriet' is mired in trepidation - too unlike its subject

Pitting a loosely rendered historical figure against a surly, vengeful fop resentful of her hard-won freedom, Harriet (as

Intriguing debut about life as a Ghanaian immigrant

Sarah GilmartinThe God Child is an intriguing debut novel from a writer eager to address issues

A heart-rending time-travel journey

The story is set in a mysterious coffee shop called Funiculi Funicula, which allows people to time travel.

'Knives Out': Sharp and pointed satire

Terence TohIf you ever find yourself becoming rich, here's a tip for you: don't ever live

A beguiling story of betrayal and pursuit

What do you do when you lose love? Do you let it go? Do you get over it? Do

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