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Nafisa Faruque reviews some despairing days of 1971 with glimpses of precious hope allowingyou to experience everything through the writers'

Communal trauma and monstrosity

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury elucidates his views about an investigative text on the plight of religious minorities in

A saga of betrayal and colonial intrigues

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury scrutinizes a textual drive glancing back to the Battle of PlasseyThe Battle

A life beyond life: An appreciation of Chariot of Life

Hayat Saif reviews the chronicle of an eye witness of the Liberation War of BangladeshTawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury's

The tide of nationalism for the rise of Bangladesh

Shuva Das illustrates the inner inception of independence movements ofBangladesh as unveiled by the authorProfessor A.

Scything the secular

Seema Chishti depicts old fissures in the society of Uttar Pradesh that elucidated by the bookA

Call Me by Your Name

Zarin Rafiuddin explores the multi-layered composition of love in this movie reviewEveryone's love story is distinct

A general's in-depth A to Z study of 1971 Bangladesh military operation

Nadeem Qadir journeys with the author Major General Md. Sarwar Hossain, who gives a detailed study of his

Women have many beautiful aspects and not just appearances

Zarin Rafiuddin reads the chronicles of Kaur's life through her poetryWhat does it mean to hurt,

The epitome of consciousness

Mashiyath Rifa Ehsan unfolds the inner message of the movie.Padman, starring Akshay Kumar, features on raising

Some untold that unfold

Shantanu Mukharji comes across some geopolitical steps regarding sub continental peace process, calculation and apprehension illustrated by the

Abusive truth behind the marriages

Barbara Spindel examines the widespread nature of domestic violence in Trinidad, where it has traditionally been considered a private family

Black Panther delves into making great nations and great people

Zarin Rafiuddin illustrates the inner thoughts and ground of the movieWhat does it mean to be

Mujib, Zia and war through the eyes of a former army chief

Nadeem Qadir illustrates some glimpses of our liberation war and itsinner facts that unveiled by the authorA former chief

That which doesn't heal

Coomi Kapoor reviews an account of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom, recalling a shameful episode, offers no fresh evidence as

When fantasy explains reality

Zarin Rafiuddin explores the multi-narrative structure of the movieThe Oscar winner for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score

A rebel with her cause

Amrith Lal illustrates life of Gauri Lankesh and her role as a journalist and activist that contextualized in a

A lyrical homage to Sheikh Russell

Nasrin Jahan Luna portrays her views about some profound verses on Sheikh RusselIt hurts us deeply to think about

On differences over reserved constituencies

K. Subramaniam comes across the lengthy debates and differences between leaders of the freedom struggle of India as depicted

Many subjects to decorate a book

Main Uddin Ahmed tries to find out what was exceptional in Nirab's new bookHere comes Shahidul Islam Nirab again

New books published at Ekushey Book Fair

Raai Kuriye BelIs a short story collection of eminent litterateur Hasan Azizul Huq. It has eight different stories. Each

Rank odour of hellfire

Mani Shankar Aiyar comes across the paths and scenarios of Bhutto's political life.This is an immense labour of love.

A meditation on loneliness

Davina Langdale explores a tender tale of a drifter's life that depicted by the writer.Hector Hidalgo is a young

New books published on Ekushey Book Fair

Prem Kahini O Patan: A novel by acclaimed author Shawkat Ali. It's a new novel but based on the

Revolutionary road

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd illustrates the struggle of a poverty-stricken Dalit family and some untold stories that unveiled by the

New book published in Ekushey Book Fair

Muktobuddhir charai-utrai: With 12 articles acclaimed author Jatin Sarker discuses about free thoughts, secularism, humanism and many more topics

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