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There has been serious introspection within the civil society as well as in different levels of the social

Democracy on a knife-edge

In Mohammed Hanif's novel Red Birds, an American bomber pilot crashes his plane in the Arabian desert and

Preserving the sanctity and glory of BUET

We are glad that investigations are going on into the circumstances related to the murder of Abrar Fahad

Dhaka-Delhi understandings and its impact

Bangladesh and India's connectivity and cooperation have reached a remarkable stage. The recent visit of Prime Minister Sheikh

Humanity in the universe and danger from capitalism

Since the dawn of self-awareness, humans have looked up to the sky and wondered at where they have

Democracy is always a conversation

The politics of democracy, of the right of dissent, has always been looked upon with suspicion, even disdain,

'Ladies Only' bus service in Dhaka City

Dhaka is one of the fastest growing and highly dense cities of the world. The rapid spread of

Economic relations between India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh are closely interlinked on various issues like history, geography, culture and language but the two

Erdogan's mission of exterminating Kurds

The Turkish invasion of northern Syria must be condemned around the world. In the same breath, the sudden

Abiy Ahmed demonstrates what leadership is

The Nobel Prize for Peace for 2019 has gone to an individual who has richly deserved it. In

Feel like acting, act like feeling

BBC News dated 8 October 2019 informed that students across Bangladesh are protesting after an undergraduate, named Abrar

Will Brexit ever happen?

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. Nothing but Brexit for the past three years. And now that the deadline of October

On International Day of the Girl Child

Yesterday, 11 October, was International Day of the Girl Child. The Day was observed in Bangladesh as elsewhere

Give a thought to amoral student politics

The murderers of BUET student Abrar Fahad have been identified, and most of the accused have been arrested.

Inclusive and quality education for real knowledge

The aim of education should be to provide knowledge in its real sense, not mere certificates of knowledge.

The pains of a prolonged US-China trade war

Reality once again demonstrates that in a trade war surplus countries like China hold a disadvantage against those

They must take responsibility

The leaders of the Chhatra League have made it known that the organization will not take responsibility for

Capitalism or socialism -- where are the remedies?

Under capitalism, all farms, factories and other means of production are the property of individuals or private firms.

Che Guevara's ideals and ideas have not died

Fifty two years ago, on 9 October 1967, the Cuban-Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara was murdered in a

Greta Thunberg's moment

This is all wrong!" These words begin the most powerful four-minute speech I have ever heard. They were

All about books

Time was when books were published and used to be sold at the many bookstores all over Dhaka

Can multinationals save ASEAN from the middle-income trap?

The middle-income trap has become a concept deployed frequently in conversations among policymakers and academics in East Asia.

Culture, Peace and Education: Quo vadis

The harsh reality we face today that nearly seven plus billion people of vastly different cultures and values

Imbuing the young with a sense of history

The future does not look good for Donald Trump. Boris Johnson is tying himself in knots. Theresa May

Britain needs to be careful about their Brexit route

After months of indirect threats, British Prime Minister David Cameron demanded a renegotiation of the terms of Britain's

Foreign firms in China resist Trump's trade war

In defense of his trade war with China, US President Donald Trump has yet again let his Twitter

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