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It feels odd to write of Donald Trump as a Huntingtonian figure. One is instinctual and anti-intellectual; the

Saving Halda: Work is all that is left

Chattogram's Halda River is the only freshwater fish breeding ground in the country. The river is unique for

Kashmir will be the second Palestine in this sub-continent

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region. The conflict

Speed up credit utilization

We, through this column, have time and again expressed our gratification over the fact that Bangladesh's biggest neighbor,

There was a spring in our steps ...

Nostalgia is a necessary part of experience. Remembrance of the past is something you cannot do without. And

The young in need of enlightenment

Afew years ago a schoolboy of around fifteen years of age died in the fall-out from a factional

Those letter-writing days!

Time was when we used to write letters. It was an era when people made contact with one

The moment East Pakistan became Bangladesh

When as a schoolboy I met Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman --- and that was on a warm July

The most important Brexiter isn't Boris Johnson

In the highly entertaining Channel 4 drama about the 2016 referendum campaign "Brexit: The Uncivil War," Benedict Cumberbatch,

A deal on Teesta is an imperative

Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar's visit to Dhaka predictably did not lead to substantive results in terms

The tears will flow on

Our tears ought to have coursed down our cheeks on the dark dawn when the Father of the

Kashmir - Paradise on Earth

Reading through 'Kashmir, behind the Vale' by MJ Akbar, the poetic verse on the beauty of Kashmir was reminded,

Financial inclusion: An emergent financial service paradigm

Finding a sustainable and effective means to meet the financial needs of the marginal and small farmers, share-croppers, and

Dhaka and Delhi need to come even closer

On his arrival in Dhaka on Monday, Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar noted that he looked forward to

Primary school meal policy ought to be a beginning

The approval by the cabinet of the draft of the National School Meal Policy 2019 is certainly a welcome

Evolving dimensions of the RTI Act, 2009

Some have raised questions as to whether the RTI process is working. The answer is yes and no.The

The state of India's economy

India's is now a developing mixed economy. Around the globe, we pose before the other economies as a

Public money and accountability

Even though the economy of the country is looking good at the macro level, there are yet some

Let our children grow safe and healthy

The total number of active child labourers in Bangladesh is estimated to be 3.45 million, of whom 1.2

The history our children need to know

A nation that teaches false history to its young is a society condemned to perdition, or worse. In

The solid foundation of any nation is a good education system

Almost nine years ago corporal punishment to children in schools and madrasahs was outlawed in Bangladesh.But

Open spaces for children

The critical issue of inadequate playgrounds in the capital city has been there before us for a long

For a secure cyber world

The developing of a new trend of online crimes in the country has raised our concern. Through using

MPS - private sector deprived of required finance

Monetary policy is the macroeconomic policy laid down by the central bank. It involves management of money supply

Netaji's place in our history

Seventy four years after he died or went missing, in the corporeal sense of the meaning, Netaji Subhas

All 15 August conspirators must be exposed and tried

In recent days, the demand has grown that the conspiracy which led to the murder of the Father

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