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 For as long as there has been recorded history, hypocrisy has been a part of life. And when

Living contradiction in nature

 In Bangladesh, the haor region is a rich sanctuary of small fishes, oysters, water snails, bivalves, and pasture

Tip of the iceberg

 The story of Abdul Malek's rise to unbridled prosperity continues to be talked about. When an individual makes

The travails of our expatriate workers

  The Bangladesh government has asked the Saudi authorities to extend by another three months the visas granted

Neruda and the power of poetry

When the rice withdraws from the earthThe grains of its flour,When the wheat hardens its little hip-jointsAnd lifts

What to expect after the death of Justice Ginsburg?

 With fewer than 45 days before the presidential election, the country's agenda changed overnight after the death of

The onion conundrum

With a new crisis in onions on our hands, it is time to reconsider the entire issue. The

Justice Ginsburg's replacement can wait

President Donald Trump and his allies are determined to find a replacement for the recently deceased Justice Ruth

US presidential campaign gains momentum

Biden and Trump during the final stretch of their Presidential election -to be held on 3 November  this

Pritilata Waddedar: An embodiment of courage and vigor

The history of our Bengali independence has never been smooth. No matter where we look at The Liberation

A brief history of political alliances

The history of the formation of political alliances in our part of the world goes back a long way.

Corruption, corona and our civil society

Corona and corruption are now the two great enemies of humanity. Corruption is a habit and Corona is

Why aren't we heeding Mother Nature's warnings?

Fires that have consumed swathes of Australia, the Arctic and now the western U.S. are lighting only a

Saving the countryside

Bangladesh's villages need to be saved from 'development'. There must be laws, those which civilized societies observe everywhere, that

Competitiveness of microcredit

 Microcredit programs in Bangladesh is well known throughout the world and it has been implemented by MFIs, state-owned

Heavy metal removal with Phytoremediation

 In Bangladesh, industrial solid wastes and effluents are being discharged at random without treatments directly to soil, canals,

Dhaka . . . in the prism of nostalgia

 Dhaka is difficult terrain for many of us. Over the last three decades and more it has mutated

Erdogan's dream of a Caliphate in Turkey

 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey seems to be on his own wonderland trip ostensibly to pursue his

Peace in Afghanistan is impossible without an inclusive approach

 On 29 February, an agreement was signed between the United States of America and the Taliban in Doha,

Bangladesh in the United Nations

 On 17 September 1974, the People's Republic of Bangladesh made its entry into the United Nations as its

Memories of Delhi

 I speak of the year 2013. I speak of seven years ago. I speak of Delhi. The owner

EU to consider GSP facilities following LDC graduation

 Bangladesh, as a least developed country, enjoys a lot of facilities provided by the European Union (EU). The

Onions cause the tears to flow again

 Once again, it is a problem with onions that we are confronted with. With the Indian government clamping

Only seven weeks away US elections still unclear

 If you want to understand what's happening with the US Presidential election, you need to know three things

Is the dream of Arab and Islamic unity on Palestine dead?

 It is not as though the Arab world had ascended to any notable level of might and glory

Our threatened countryside

Imagine the nightmare.What used to be rice fields now display billboards pointing to a future housing

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