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India is following neighborhood first foreign policy. In continuation of that the BIMSTEC (South--South-East Asia) leaders had been

Why wit matters

A woman without a man, says Gloria Steinem, is like a fish without a bicycle. That sounds rather

Timing and sharing inherited property

Once a Muslim dies, his proprietary interest by way of assets and liabilities is referred to as his

This impunity, this behavior

Do we realise how swiftly and carelessly we have been turning into a nation of law-violating citizens? Everywhere

Toward people-centered growth

Growth is decelerating in Europe, the United States, China, Japan, and other leading economies, as the International Monetary

Women too are humans

The cases of sexual harassment of women are rising in Bangladesh while the country is globally acclaimed for

Cultural impatience: Growing concern of civil life

Impatience though becomes a physiological factor but largely it has a greater impact on social practice that finally

Govt needs efficiency to implement budget

The annual budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 was placed at the parliament on Thursday. The new budget

A step towards Poverty Alleviation

Poverty alleviation is regarded as one of the key indicators of the socio-economic development of a state and

When Syria became a humanitarian nightmare

An Associated Press photo that accompanied a lengthy news report about Syria on June 8, filed by the

When the media shape global perspectives

We need to explore the role that the media in our times play in a shaping, or reshaping,

Development of legal processes in India and Bangladesh

Legal processes in any modern democracy occupy a vital area which hold aloft the social and cultural  milieus

Emerging differences between China and Pakistan

The relationship between China and Pakistan is unnatural. It is based on the notion that enemy's enemy is

Democracy is an exchange of ideas

The politics of democracy, of the right of dissent, has always been looked upon with suspicion, even disdain,

Ethics and Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi has been on a trip to Europe, hobnobbing with the likes of Hungary's Viktor

Remembering those black and white times

You get the sense these days that Bengalis are increasingly turning into a society of rude people. It

Whither secularism: Democratic society and minority rights

We are living in times where the social norms, the values of Constitution have been violated times and

Book launches and readers

Time was when books were published and used to be sold at the many bookstores all over the

Of malicious software

The sudden outbreak not long ago of the malicious software 'WannaCry,' which created a menace globally leaving people

India's lovable 'Trump'... Modi, aims at the stars!

In the aftermath of a massive election process, the world's largest democracy delivered, what India had waited to

Suu Kyi, Orban … and irony

It is an irony of history that one of its icons has now fallen so low that the

The West is a culture shock for family-oriented Asians

Adapting to a new culture is not easy for some immigrants who go to work or live in

Let Rohingya policy be given rethink

The Prime Minister at her press conference on Sunday referred to Myanmar's reluctance to take back the million

A secure cyber world a must

The developing of a new trend of online crimes in the country has raised our concern. Through using

The state of affairs at our Foreign Ministry

At a recent social gathering I was seated beside a western senior diplomat who has been in this

The need for job-oriented education

We wrote on this issue several times before and we are writing on this once more. Notwithstanding the

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