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It was in May 2020 I quit my last job with a daily newspaper, just about two months

Myanmar should not consume time to repatriate Rohingyas

The World Bank, as part of its proposal for preparing a global Refugee Policy Review Framework has suggested to

Factory workers must abide by health rules

On Friday, a few hours after the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) disclosed its recommendation to extend the

Still a Long Wait for Wage Theft Judgment

Bobita Kormokar, a returnee female migrant worker, now living at Savar area of Dhaka district, expressed her grievance

The new poor needs special care

The economic shock induced by the pandemic has pushed 2.45 crore people --  14.75 percent of the country's population

Ensuring food safety is a must

Earlier this year, this paper published a report on the widespread use of meat and bone meal (MBM) in

The Pandora and the Bangladeshi Neo-Rich Class

An Italian proverb goes like this "mors tua vita mea" - meaning your death is my life. The

Down Memory Lane: The Devils of Bangladesh War

Part-2As an eye witness, being a college student aged 16 years plus and also a petite freedom fighter, I

Gas price should not be hiked jeopardizing consumers

According to a news outlet’s report published recently, people have to pay around Tk 200 extra while buying a

Journalists should be allowed to work without fear

The Digital Security Act, 2018 has proved to be even more contentious than the controversial Section 57 of the

Narcotics Control Laws in Bangladesh

Article 18 (1) of Bangladesh constitution has mandated to the state to adopt effective measures to prevent the

Shut Schools & Impact on Children

The number of children without school admission is increasing day by day. Today our children are living a

Living in a world of cyber insecurity

The world is abuzz with the news reports by several major international news outlets that have revealed how people

Financially affected workers need humanitarian aid

A report published by Brac Migration Program last April shows that among 417 migrant workers who had returned home

Stand by Distressed People for Livelihoods

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives and livelihood of the people of the world. The crisis of human

Rooftop Agriculture for Urban "Prosumption"

Gone are the days when there was no scarcity of land for agriculture. With population explosion worldwide, particularly,

Eco-friendly pesticides should be made affordable to farmers

A Tk 58.5 crore project called the "Safe Crop Production through Integrated Pest Management" had created enormous interest among

Emergency instruments should be preserved and protected

A recent report by the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) revealed that different types of emergency response equipment

Staying Safe from Covid-19

Both dengue and coronavirus needs to eradicated for the good health of the people of India and Bangladesh.

Potentials of Blue Economy in Bangladesh

Md Nazmus SadekinBlue Economy as an idea was first founded by Belgian economist Professor Gunter

Sundarbans: Our only mangrove forest

When it comes to saving people from coastal flooding, Bangladesh is one of the top three countries in the

A glorious instance of humanity

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set a historic precedent by creating opportunities for a better life for the homeless

Politicians & Loss of Supremacy Over Bureaucrats

Political leaders determine the policy of running a state. And that policy is implemented by the administrative officials.

Concerns as India's Assam-Mizoram Border Row Gets Violent

A long simmering boundary dispute in the two North-Eastern States of India- Assam and Mizoram-both of whom share

Looking after senior citizens during Covid 19 pandemic

Bangladesh has an elderly population of about 13.5 million, which is increasing by about 4.41 percent every year. The

Artificial intelligence and human beings

This column is about humans and the interactions that this intelligent mammal have with machines. Humans have been using

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