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There is something of Shakespeare you will spot everywhere. The universality is what you cannot miss, for there

Dissolving Parliament and upholding democracy

Much talk has been going on, and quite naturally too, about the forthcoming general election in the country.

Fake or wrong news --- A danger between the lines

The story of used the word "embarrass" from an unidentified PMO official. My learning in journalism after

America's rich political tradition

Despite Donald Trump, American democracy maintains its rich heritage, one that has resonance in large parts of the

Movement for just cause or vandalism?

Once dubbed Oxford of the East, once regarded as the powerhouse of all movements of just causes and

Social media: A blessing or a curse?

Various forms of social media are widely used all across the globe at the present time. The objective

Disturbing doings at DU Sufia Kamal Hall

The authorities of Begum Sufia Kamal Hall of Dhaka University have a lot of explaining to do about

Yashwant Sinha's worries must not be ignored

The resignation of Yashwant Sinha from the ruling BJP in India sends out a strong signal about the

Rajib slaps the society down

'Who is Rajib? Rajib is killed'. This is perhaps the last faint voice of Rajib Hossain at his death

Unblock PPP bottlenecks

Public Private Partnership (PPP) in development is a concept quite well-known in the developed capitalist societies, where it is

Autocracy under the mask of democracy

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has set the next polls date on weekday, which former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

Albeit Bangladesh is free from malaria

Bangladesh is largely a malaria-free country, thanks to government’s timely and sincere efforts in different times. And now it

Our freedom-fighter diplomats

April is that time of year when we recall the brave men who carried the torch for the future

Fire hazards -- vulnerability and management

Fire is an element of human civilization. Fire is being used today for transportation, electricity generation and many more.

The points raised by CPB and BSD

The Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) and Bangladesh Samajtantrik Dal (BSD) have given the country good food for thought.

Internet in 400 BC?

Religious fanaticism often leaves people devoid of the power of rational thought. In Bangladesh a few years ago, some

Time for recognition of women's ability

Women constitute about half the world's total population, producing and marketing sixty to eighty per cent of food.

Is the financial sector safe enough yet?

A decade after the global financial crisis, policymakers worldwide are still assessing how best to prevent bank failures

Nihal Singh and journalism of commitment

We pay our profound tribute to a reputed Indian journalist who passed away a few days ago. In

Blindfolded or not blindfolded?

Three student activists involved with the anti-quota movement have alleged that they were taken blindfolded to the office

The ink in his veins

The Common-wealth Journa-lists Association (CJA), India Chapter, has lost one of its founder members and most ardent supporter

New low in Indo- Pakistan relations

Diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan have plummeted to an all time low showing scant chances of restoration

Comey, Trump and badmouthing

Now James Comey has come forth with a blistering attack on Donald Trump in his just-published book. And,

University teachers and our expectations

A section of teachers of Jahangirnagar University have complained that another group of teachers of the same university

Government by Bengalis … for Bengalis

The emergence of the provisional Bangladesh government in Mujibnagar, on this day in 1971, was a defining moment for

The lessons out of Mujibnagar

There are moments which define the emergence of a society and a nation out of the morass of difficult

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