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The term 'Bangla-desh' has been in use since as long as we can remember. Our parents' generation, despite

Trust and reality of clinical death and life support until brain death

The nation is going through a mistrust and suspicion for timing of death and keeping the patient in

Deeds must follow words

A senior ruling party figure recently noted that politicians had a hand in the rise of corruption now

On Victory Day, the idea is one of renewal

Today, on the occasion of the forty-seventh anniversary of our victory in the 1971 Liberation War, we remember

Rohingyas continue to dominate headlines

Rohingya issue refuses to die and Rohingya migration to safer havens from Myanmar continues unabated in a set

Environment and greenery

The need for creating greeneries for protecting the environment is beyond question. It can be said unequivocally that

A disturbing story of the Uyghur Muslims

Only a few months ago, news agency Reuters had published a detailed report, incriminating China of serious, human

Clouds of uncertainty over Teesta deal

In the recent report of the Economist Intelligence Unit, concern has been expressed to the effect that the

Remembering the martyrs of 1971

Beginning with Operation Searchlight on March 25, 1971 in Dhaka, the Pakistani army perpetrated widespread violations of human

Homage to martyred intellectuals

A nation sans intellectuals is a nation without its voice to express hopes and aspirations of the people.

May survives no-confidence vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a no-confidence motion brought against her by the Brexiters among her

The sacrifices of our intellectuals

In mid-December 1971, the collaborators of the Pakistan occupation army picked up and then picked off scores of

Europe's new migrants versus Ottoman invaders!

A thousand years ago, the Western Civilization had contended with a vehement foreign invasion, which portended their core

A fiercely contested landscape

If celebrations have broken out in Congress offices across the country, few will grudge it considering that its

Journeying amid the stars

It is sometimes necessary to sit back and reflect on the nature of the universe we are part

The message out of India's elections

The results of the elections in five Indian states should worry Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After what had

How to upgrade educational pattern of South Asia

South Asian continent consists of eight countries which is no doubt inclusive of India and Bangladesh. The logic

Uneasy calm in terror-stricken southern Thailand

Thai government is under severe criticism for its alleged failure to contain terror linked violence in its southern

Why wit matters

A woman without a man, says Gloria Steinem, is like a fish without a bicycle. That sounds rather

Playing truant with history

There are people around us happy forgetting history or deliberately pushing it under the rug. Deliberate amnesia is

What're the ways out?

There was a time when no countries in the globe would appreciate Bangladesh economy due to its poor

Arbitrary name changing syndrome may affect India's diversity

The name changing spree in the BJP ruled states has reached a farcical level. Nothing is wrong with

Save our countryside

The most alarming news for Bangladesh is the brisk disappearance of its arable lands. Noticeably, growing industrialisation, rapid

A step into the future . . .

Against the background of Digital Bangladesh, a national policy for the development of e-commerce or digital technology based

Human Rights . . . and the matter of inherent freedom

Human Rights --- the notion that we as humans should have some sort of individual inherent freedom, that

Labour could do a better Brexit deal

The botched Brexit deal that British Prime Minister Theresa May has put to parliament last week is a

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