Monday, September 21, 2015



The partition of India in 1947 has somehow been a fixation with me, for people like me, for

When democracy produces anti-democracy

One would have thought dictatorships around the world were a thing of the past. It is especially in

Bernie and Varoufakis' progressive internationalism

The era of globalization may have ended since the European Union reached the point of break-up and Donald

We will wait, fingers crossed

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu has given out hints that there could yet be revisions in the recently

Importance of language and literature in popular journalism

Journalism is devoted to purveying to readers news and views which are mainly political, economic and social. It

What has Google ever done for us?

Even Google's fiercest critics use its technologies to research their fiery tirades against it or, more mundanely, to

Television should ignore abrasive individuals

Our television channels should be more circumspect in bringing individuals to their talk shows. The recent incident of

Of fistfights and scapegoats

If Saudi Arabia is trying damage control, it is not doing a very good job of it. It

Doing Business index and economic development

Entrepreneurial activity and business environment are two of the closely watched areas. In the current economic climate, growth

Rohingya refugees trapped in limbo

More than a year after the mass exodus of 700,000 Rohingya refugees from Northern Rakhine State, the prospects

Higher education and research

President M Abdul Hamid could not have said it better. He has asked the University Grants Commission (UGC)

Prime Minister and our manpower export

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has hit the nail on the head. While laying the foundation stone of Bangladesh

A star who now belongs with the stars

I had fallen asleep. And when I was told, I quickly checked my phone, thinking it was someone's

The holes in the unity front

A whole tranche of issues has been swirling around politics. There is the matter of the newly cobbled

Secular mentalities in India and Bangladesh

Secular mentalities or secular mental grooming has become much talked about psyche in both India and Bangladesh. Now

Thank you for the music!

The sudden death from a cardiac arrest of Ayub Bachchu is much more than the passing of a

Pakistan: Asia bibi and blasphemous charges on her

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has reserved its judgment on the much hyped and sensational case of Asia

Bigotry does grave damage to history

Ultra nationalism does serious damage to history. And when we have nationalism based on religious bigotry before us,

UK must ditch the Brexit plan

There comes a point when you have to stand up to bullies. After more than two years of

Mahbub Talukdar should not speak to media

The 14-party alliance, as reported by Health Minister Mohammad Nasim, now wants the resignation of Election Commissioner Mahbub

President's DU Convocation speech and the present state of politics

President M Abdul Hamid in his speech at the 51st convocation of Dhaka University held at its campus

The big blockchain lie

With the value of Bitcoin having fallen by around 70% since its peak late last year, the mother

Keep up the pressure

By the time this editorial appears today, the Saudi authorities will likely have acknowledged that Jamal Khashoggi was

The reasons why journalists worry

The cabinet has approved the draft of the Broadcast Act 2018 by means of which the authorities will

Divisive politics is affecting Bengali-speaking Assamese

The British, during the period of their sovereignty in South Asia, brought poor migrants to Assam from many

Uzbekistan, Indian tourists and Buddhist linkage

Tourism has become a mantra for Uzbekistan to bolster its economy. There is a steady rise in the

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