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Ratan Lal Chakrabarty has done truly commendable scholarly work on the language movement, per courtesy of course of Bangla

Policeman intruder at airport raises questions

This police officer, Sub Inspector Ashiqur Rahman, must be made an example of by the law. He had the

Why are mass shootings the new normal in the USA?

When a mass shooting takes place in any part of the USA, all stripes of people begin to mourn

Of a Delhi-Dhaka media dialogue

A three-day media dialogue, with leading media practitioners from Bangladesh and India, has been going on in the city

Urgency for rejuvenation of morality

Moral decline is in evidence nowadays with the rise of anti-liberal politics in many places in the world, though

Global climate change and GDP growth

Global climate has been facing a great change in its patterns since mid-20th century, the reason of which is

Moralism and the arts

Chuck Close is an American artist, famous for painting large portraits. Severely paralyzed, Close is confined to a wheelchair.

Procrastination in project implementation

We have been repeatedly striking at the point that even though Bangladesh has already reached a level of economic

Language, customs and cultural diversity

Language is essentially a means of communication among the members of a society. A language can be defined as

Bangladeshis in Panama and Paradise Papers

For all the endless talk about curbing or even doing away with corruption in the country, not much appears

Is "Moderate Muslim" an oxymoron?

Is "Moderate Muslim" an Oxymoron? As applied to individuals, absolutely not. Those of us who know individual Muslims will

Save our villages from predators

The President of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) has hit the nail on the head. Speaking at the

The need for establishing new kind of education board

The SSC and equivalent examinations have started across the country from February 01, 2018 and more than twenty lakh

The great Indian binary laugh

Last week, in the Indian parliament, mythology, as is the present wont, was once again put to good use.

Dope test of fresh govt employees

Drug addiction, of late, has appeared threatening in the country. It is no denying a fact that a regular

Manage city garbage efficiently

Poor garbage management system in Dhaka city has long been a disturbing issue that is yet to be addressed

A remarkable fatwa from a Saudi cleric

Issuing fatwas or Islamic decrees by clerics in the Muslim majority country is a normal phenomenon. In countries where

Beat your children regularly and be sure to create monsters

A highway billboard in Amarillo, Texas, that screams 'beat your children' to thousands of passing onlookers daily is creating

Power of pluralistic politics

The power of democracy to check the powerful is evident in Israel as well. With the police once more

Jacob Zuma bows out

Democracy is vibrant and thriving in South Africa. The ruling African National Congress has forced President Jacob Zuma not

Bad loan now takes a U-turn to the worst

Will Rogers (1879 -1935), a noted American newspaper columnist, ranked 'central bank' among the 3 great inventions of human

Justice done, what about the others?

We laud the Tangail Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal as well as the law enforcers involved in the

Message that Modi's Palestine visit conveys

Among all other overseas trips Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently paid, Palestine visit seems to be decidedly

For hassle-free business and commerce

Of late, businessmen came up with lots of complaints regarding problems they have to face regularly during doing business

Are all people equal in the eye of law?

The lexicon defines laws as body of enacted or customary rules recognized by a community as binding. It further

When absurdity is at work . . .

The authorities are clearly at sea regarding the ways in which question paper leaks can be tackled. They have

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