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Dramatic changes have swept the world since British voters decided in 2016 to leave the European Union. None

Learning literature to combat evil

To fight and eliminate dark elements, society needs to be built based on knowledge. Only educationally enlightened members

The great Indian political shift

The 2019 general election is being seen as a test of the parties opposed to the Bharatiya Janata

Speed up credit utilization

We, through this column, have time and again expressed our gratification over the fact that Bangladesh's biggest neighbor,

Bangladesh eulogy in Pakistani print media

In an exceptional and extraordinary tribute to Bangladesh all round success specially on the economic front, noted Pakistani

Situation of India post 2019 parliamentary elections

Indian parliamentary election is just knocking at the door. Citizens of the country are in a quandary just

Once again a fire, once more a trail of death

We are grieved at the terrible loss of lives in the fire at Chawkbazar in the city. It

The notion is preposterous

The British government has stripped Shamima Begum, the ISIS bride who now wants to come back to Britain,

Language is the soul of nationalism

These are quotes from individuals I have debated

Our own Ekushey

Someone at some place in those days (late

The corruption conundrum

Not so long ago, an ACC Commissioner made

What next for Venezuela?

The world has witnessed many sharp economic declines over the years, but Venezuela's is surely one of the

Britain must not allow terrorists back into the country

A young British woman of Bangladeshi origin has asked the United Kingdom for forgiveness over her act of

Stopping a wounded elephant ...

Perhaps, I see things in a different light.... or perspective or spectrum. I like the amended proverb: 'Enough

The onus is on Pakistan

Pakistan's call to the UN Secretary General for assistance in defusing tension between it and India following the

Pondering on pedagogical glee and blues

It was June 2012. I was spending holidays at home in a slightly carefree way. At that time

Why is this generation so lonely?

Today's young adults - the Millennial Generation and Generation Z - appear to be the loneliest generation, recent

Ensure equal wage for equal work

Many changes -- some are loud and effortlessly seen and some others are benign and needs some effort

The cruel face of child labour

Child labour in Bangladesh is rampant. Growing marginal people - due to an uneven economic development across the

Beyond relationship: The face of reality

Connie Reid, protagonist of Lady Chatterley's Lover, had been in love with Oliver Mellors a gamekeeper of his

India, Pakistan need to resolve Kashmir

On Thursday, in Srinagar, a suicide bomber drove an SUV into a bus carrying Indian troops and managed

Trump wants Nobel Prize? Really?

US President Donald Trump has said he deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace. That is rather unprecedented, for

After Pulwama, terrorism needs harsh handling

We are deeply shocked, as are people around the world, at the murder of 40 soldiers of India's

Bangladesh's simultaneous FTA with China and India

Bangladesh is yet to sign a bilateral free trade agreement but few regional and sub-regional trade agreements (RTAs).

American drama, scene after scene

Robert Mueller appears to be coming close to ending his inquiry into possible collusion between the Trump presidential

How the left embraced elitism

Over the past generation, global capitalism has produced the greatest reduction in human poverty in history. Over the

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