Monday, September 21, 2015



There have been long-standing allegations about irregularities in the banking sector of Bangladesh. Extens-ively rising figures of defaulted loans,

Digitalization of traffic management

Dhaka Metropolitan Police has launched a video case system, on a full-fledged scale recently after its primary introduction in

Macron climate summit to boost Paris pact

French President Emmanuel Macron hosts a major "One Planet" climate summit tomorrow in France with dozens of world political

Trump's Jerusalem problem

President Donald Trump reversed decades of US policy on last Wednesday and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The Indian diplomat has got his facts wrong

The retired Indian diplomat Sasha-nka S. Bannerjee has been writing on Bangladesh, with particular emphasis on the country's War

Help your child choose the right career

Alisa Weinstein didn't expect to start talking to her daughter about potential careers when Mia was only four years

The march of women

BRAC Driving School has been doing a good job of training women in driving vehicles. That, we can safely

The meaning of human rights

International Human Rights Day was observed in Bangladesh as elsewhere around the globe yesterday. For us here in Bangladesh,

Fisheries subsidies negotiation at MC11 of WTO

The oceans are the world's largest source of protein, with more than 2.6 billion people depending on the oceans

ICT and economic uplift

Increasing use of information communication technology has not only made the life of the people of Bangladesh easier and

The high cost of denying Class War

The Anglosphere's political atmosphere is thick with bourgeois outrage. In the United States, the so-called liberal establishment is convinced

Protesting women repression socially

For years, women across the world have been victims to violent behavior by their male counterparts in society. Even

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant: Beginning of a story

Bangladesh has entered into a nuclear club through the inauguration of the main building phase of the country's first

Let the disappeared return home

Fourteen individuals have gone missing in the past four months since August this year. Even though eight of them

Donald Trump versus Mideast peace

In a matter of three weeks, the United States government has attacked the Palestinian people on three fronts. First,

Groping hands and falling reputations

The revelations of Harvey Weinstein's sexual sins have clearly opened a Pandora's Box in the West. Women are coming

December 1971 ... as Pakistan came apart

It is December once more.  As one more anniversary of our triumph on the battlefield in 1971 approaches, it

Trump blunders over Jerusalem

President Trump's decision to shift his country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem flies in the face of global

Understanding the North Korea threat

North Korea recently tested its Hwasong-15 ballistic missile, reaching an altitude of 2,780 miles (4,475 kilometers) during its 53-minute

The rude people we are turning into

Are we in this country turning into a rude society? Is education not having any effect on us, on

Do you hear the voice of your neighbor whom you consider a minority?

If you want to punish a none-Muslim, especially a poor Christian in Pakistan, point your index finger at him

Trump's willing accomplices

On February 20, 1933, a secret meeting took place in Hermann Göring's palatial residence in Berlin. More than 20

Credit utilization must be speeded up

That Bangladesh has been getting an increasingly high amount of commitments for assistance in its development projects from its

Going back to history

On this day, 7 December in 1970, Pakistan's first general election took place. We write on the significance of

Green Banking: A progressive model for Bangladesh economy

At present, climate change is the most complicated issue the world is facing. Across the globe there have been

A significant verdict by the HC

The High Court has announced the verdict in a compensation case ordering a payment of Tk4.62 crore to the

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