Monday, September 21, 2015



 The Bengali mind is known for its innovativeness. The Dholai Khal initiative is well-known nearly all over the

Strong actions needed to reduce road mishaps

 The government has finally formed a trustee board to settle compensation claims over road accidents. While this is

To Combat Climate Migration Concerted Approach Needed

 Bangladesh is vulnerable to climate disasters because of its geographical position. Due to sea-level rise, lack of drinking

Iran to Bangladesh: In Search of Super Happiness

 Yasamin Ahmadieh BondarIf you have the experience of living in developing countries, especially in the Middle

Restless Afghanistan a threat to regional peace

 Only last week, we wrote in these columns condemning a horrific attack on a Shia mosque in the

We must save our rivers

 After decades of government planning, court orders, and failed deadlines, the common effluent treatment plant (CETP) in Bangladesh's

Made in Bangladesh and Beyond

 According to latest revised economic outlook of International Monetary Fund with USD 355 Billion GDP (Gross Domestic Product),

Eid-e-Miladunnabi 2021: History and Significance

 Eid-e-Miladunnabi is one such festival that is very important for the believers in Islam. Rabi al-awwal which is

Boosting RMG sector obligatory to sustain economic growth

 We are worried to learn about the increasing incidents of theft of RMG products on the Dhaka-Chattogram highway.

Vaccination for students should be expedited

 While our public universities have already reopened halls and libraries and have more or less fixed the dates

The Genre of Manpower Export Needs Far-Reaching Changes

 Amazing, despite the extreme adverse conditions due to the global corona epidemic (COVID-19) and lockdown the prime source

When Girls Have Access to Technologies, A True Digital Revolution Will be in Sight

 This year's International Day of the Girl theme, Digital Generation, Our Generation, celebrates the potential of digital technologies

Interreligious harmony must be promoted

 We are deeply concerned by the reports of attacks on different puja mandaps, temples, and business establishments since

We must preserve and protect natural resources

 It is disturbing to learn of the reported killing of around 50 monkeys at Moheshkhali forest in Cox's

India Must Improve Human Capital Use

 Human Capital is a vital phenomenon all across the globe. This indicates that human beings after their birth in

Adolescent Kids Need Holistic Care!

 Our country is an abode for nearly 36 million adolescents, a significant share of its entire population. Adolescence

Whither Pakistan?

Pakistan has always been witnessing military misadventures since its inception 74 years ago. The country was hardly 11

EC must make polls credible and acceptable

It comes as no surprise that the elections to 160 union councils and 11 municipal corporations, held in the

Kunming Declaration on Biodiversity at COP15

Biodiversity describes the variety of life across Earth, from frogs and fungi to forests. The more life there

Students’ health issues should be exclusively taken care of

We are disappointed to find that although the Dhaka University authorities recently spoke of their decision to get rid

Middle class people hammered by mounting prices

The skyrocketing food prices continue to make the headlines in Bangladesh, exposing the government's failure to put in place

Education for girls obligatory to make them self-sufficient

The International Day of the Girl Child, observed around the world today, brought with it some sobering statistics: almost

Strong Efforts Needed for Amendment of Tobacco Act and Raising

The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more

Expedition to Catch 134 Human Traffickers; Human Trafficking Must Be Prevented

80 percent of the expatriate workers who have returned home due to coronary injury are living a jobless

Anomalies in development activities should not be ignored

 In a country that is on its way to attaining middle-income status and that experienced positive growth even

Special attention to RMG workers’ welfare required

 What are the consequences of workers' protests in Bangladesh? In any developed society, one would expect protests to

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