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 It seems like there is no end to the plight of Buriganga and Dhaleshwari rivers, their fates unimaginably

Today’s children will lead tomorrow’s Bangladesh

 As Omicron spreads across the country and beyond, to top off another year of doom and gloom, two

Justice Krishna Debnath: First Hindu Female Judge of Appellate Division

 Four judges from the Supreme Court's High Court Division have been promoted to the Appellate Division with effect

Green Industrialization is the Need of Time

 In case of environment risk, Bangladesh has already been in disaster situation. And if the current trend continues, the

It’s essential to keep economy in good shape amid Covid 19

As has been predicted by health experts, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country has been rising at

It’s high time to keep hospitals neat and clean

If an open dumpster is allowed to exist near the very entrance of a hospital, and if it emanates

China's World Trade Dominance May Leads the Transition of Global Payment System

Ideas and technologies created in China has surely changed today's world significantly. First paper money of the world was

Plug the Brain Drain

Syed RifatWhen a person is getting the opportunity of higher education or training in the

Covid 19 continues to jeopardize global economy

 With the Omicron variant of the coronavirus threatening to spread uncontrollably in the coming weeks, we are concerned

Road safety must be ensured

 We wonder how far removed from reality the public administration ministry must be for it to not approve

Will US Sanctions On RAB Affect The Zero-Tolerance Policy Against Counter-Terrorism?

 Hafizur TalukdarOn December 10, 2021, the United States imposed sanctions on seven former and current RAB

The Padma Bridge and the Economic Prospects of Bangladesh

 Mohammad Al-Amin & Rokeya AkterThe Padma Bridge has a remarkable history and "tremendous achievement" for Bangladesh.

Mineral resources should be explored and properly utilized

 According to a foreign ministry press conference held a few days ago, it has been revealed that huge

Financial aid to business entities must to tackle Covid 19 economic impact

 In order to tackle pandemic fallout, the government has announced several stimulus packages to small and medium enterprises--amounting

The Main Obstacles to Development Are the Growing Population and Good Governance

 Bangladesh's biggest problem is its huge population, which is unimaginably huge compared to its geographical size and natural

The Collapse of the Corona Outbreak in the Tourism Industry and the Solution

 Kazi Farhana IslamThe whole world is plagued and infected with the coronavirus today. Human life has

Stronger roles by the government is required to fight environmental pollution

The degree of corruption that the Department of Environment (DoE) is immersed in, according to a new report by

Integrity and transparency needed in all development projects

We are baffled by the continued failure of public authorities leading to frequent cost and time overruns in various

Turkish Overtures to Bangladesh

It's been more than a coincidence that Pakistan and Turkey have come to notice in the recent past

When Will the Cruelties to Our Children End?

On January 13, 2011, when our good friends, patriots and national heroes, the honorable justices Md. Imman Ali

Preserving country’s heritage sites is part of patriotism

It is saddening that the building that once housed East Bengal's first art and craft school, Maheshwarpasha Art School,

Why We Need Social Forestry

Forestry conducted by involving the general public to ensure economic, ecological and social benefits to the people, especially

We must protect our rivers to sustain ecological balance

It is hard to believe that a river would be pushed to slow but certain death for the sake

SDGS: Why Inclusive Society So Imperative

Inclusiveness is the cornerstone of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Inclusiveness is the practice or policy of providing equal

Illegal immigration must be strongly resisted

 The arrival of yet another group of Bangladeshis last week as deportees from Greece accentuates the vulnerability of

Europe's Mainstream Media and Bangladeshi Journalists Abroad

Mainul Islam NasimWhat do we mean by mainstream journalists? What is the meaning of mainstream? How

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