Published:  12:20 AM, 15 July 2018

A diaspora leader for many to emulate

A diaspora leader for many to emulate

In a diaspora community, people are quite apologetic and play back foot while issues like their cultural identities appear. Many things can happen to them- some of the groups may try to get mix with the mainstream, while some may get cocooned. However, all they share in common is inferiority and dissatisfaction is their uniform trademark.           
Some, who overcome the criteria, are extraordinary. Only a few, inspired by their own culture, can be called the true hero as they dare to lead the community. Imran Ahmed Chowdhury, a leader of Bangladeshi community in UK, may fall in the legendary category due to his relentless effort to inspire people with their Bengali identity.

Daring the barriers, he established himself as a successful businessman and now visits Bengali communities at several regions of the UK to motivate them to have self-respect and dignity. 

While youths are now-a-day are looked upon as trouble or troublemakers, Chowdhury surprisingly targets the group to tap their potentials. He encourages them to join the British Army to be, what he says, the 'global citizens of Bangladesh'. Apart from that, he travels to teach the British-Bangladeshi children about their glorious history through storytelling.

Bangladesh community members feel proud as Chowdhury appears in TV shows debating, discussing or describing the borderless world which needs to be faced with a brave heart.

Chowdhury is someone about whom Bangladesh can be proud of, while other members of the diaspora can follow his footsteps to the Bangladeshi community to greater heights in the United Kingdom with which Bangladesh enjoys good relations and needs to be further boosted.   

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