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Feeding the helpless canines

Feeding the helpless canines Faisal M Ahamed feeding stray dogs during the lockdown. -AA
There was lockdown all of a sudden. Everything was closed; school, college, shops, etc. Everyone was crying for food. Some outside and some were inside. People were about to die without food. At that time many voluntary teams step forward for helping people in their need. Without any doubt they were doing a great job but what about the helpless street animals; dog, cat? Their food? What will they eat? Everything is closed. Even the dustbin is empty. Humans can speak, to ask for food. Animals lack this ability. God didn't give them the ability to ask for food, instead, he gave them adorable faces, teary eyes, and a heart full of love and loyalty. Because of the help given by the volunteers, People's helplessness was decreasing but at the same time, the number of animals such as street dogs and cats' unspoken pain of hunger and helplessness increased.

Dhaka University (DU) has a campus of 600 acres. Here, the number of dogs is more than 200. People can go anywhere in the search of food, dogs can't. They don't leave their places. They wait with hope. They think, ' when will the food come? If not food at least some scraps.....'.

But is there any big dustbin in Dhaka University? Where this animal can have a little something to eat, to survive at least? Hall, canteen, quarter everything is closed. No people, no shop, no food. Empty dustbin. Some think about each other but who cares about these animals?

I stepped forward at the mission of feeding this helpless street animal. In the beginning, My parents were tensed. "What if I get infected in Corona? Who knows, animals like dog cat might spreading it..". After some time they got used to it. My family was very much helpful and supportive.

While I was feeding these animals, many people taunt me, I was made fun of. The most common dialogue was," people can't get food, and here he is wasting food for this useless animal. What an idiot ( sometimes mad man). I never paid attention to them. We have one world, one society. Here everyone's work is different. Who will do the rest of the work if everyone is after one particular kind of stuff? Sometimes I used to talk back at them, tried to make them understand. I used to say," in the world of seven billion people, ten billion people's food is being produced still why we lack food?  It's the cause of dividing properly. It's not that I am giving your share of food to the animals. When I said this, they turned their face around and leave. Some even verbally abused me.

List of all places where I feed the animals:

Dhaka University entrance, F. Rahman Hall,Muhsin Hall, JahurulHaque Hall, Arts Faculty,Udayan School, SM Hall, Fuller Road, Rokeya Hall, TSC, Madhur Canteen, Joshim Uddin Hall, BijoyEkattor Hall, Business Faculty, Science Faculty, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall, Surjo Sen Hall, IBA, Nat Mondol,HakimChottor, Shamsunnnar Hall, Science Library, Central Library, Motaher Hosen Vobon, Nutrition Institute, Shohidullah Hall and IER.

I feed the animals on behalf of the team. No need for other names. Previously only a few people used to donate. Now no one else. Only a senior helping but she doesn't want to let know. Without the support of our family it's impossible. My mother helps me by cooking everything, rice 14 to 16 kg and meat 7 to 8 kg. Now the days number of supportive people are increasing. Its a good sign. Even if someone says, ' he is giving food to this dogs where we can't have food properly' . I started this mission of feeding since the first lockdown at 2020. Three days in a week, whole campus, Eden college, Home Economics and Social welfare sides except the faculty of fine arts.

Faisal M Ahamed of the Dhaka University writes about his love and help for man's best friend-dog.

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