Published:  12:27 AM, 05 May 2021

Very panicked with the virus: Keya payel

Very panicked with the virus: Keya payel
Popular actress Keya Payel is viral on social media by changing her own look. She told this magical change to Aurka Roy Shetu.

Q: How are you?

Payel:  I'm fine.  I am very panicked about the virus.

Q: Tell me about Eid's plans?  What kind of clothes will you wear after Eid?  And where to stay this Eid?

Payel: I will celebrate Eid in the traditional dress.  We will stay at home in Uttara with our family.  I will be very happy with everyone.  Friends will also come.

Q: Have your pictures gone viral on social media? Have you changed your look for a new drama?

Payel: I am constantly trying to present myself in new ways.  This Eid will change my look in many dramas.  Everyone liked the change of look.  I am so much more viral on social media.

Q: What is the latest drama you have shot?

Payel: X Husband.  I have finished shooting this drama.  Shamim Hasan Sarkar was my co-artist. The audience will have a lot of fun watching this drama.

Q: Not seen on the big screen, have you confined yourself on the small screen?

Payel: If I get a good story, I will act on the big screen. But the audience to see the drama is increasing day by day.  People like Bangla drama now.

Q: It is heard that the stars are not getting good stories nowadays?  How true is that?

Payel: Good stories are still available.  Many times the story does not match with the taste of the audience.  So there is criticism. But now every story is liked by the audience.  Drama is being composed by impressing reality.

Q: Your drama is very popular in OTT?

Payel: I am getting a response from the audience.  They watch my drama regularly.  I will do a lot more drama for them in the future.

Q: What do you think needs to be done to make a relationship beautiful?

Payel: To make a relationship beautiful, two people need to love and to respect equally.  Mistakes must be forgiven.  Then the relationship will be sweet.

Q: Share your beauty tips?

Payel: The skin will be much more beautiful if you use natural things.  After applying makeup, it should be cleaned well.  Get enough sleep.  If you go out in the sun, you must apply sunblock. If you want to keep your skin beautiful, you have to eat healthy food.

Q: What kind of hair color do you like?

Payel: I like brown hair very much.  But for the character in the play, I have to change it again and again.

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