Published:  02:16 AM, 19 July 2021

Kazi Md. Jahirul Islam, man whose pictures tell thousand of stories

Kazi Md. Jahirul Islam, man whose pictures tell thousand of stories

Kazi Md. Jahirul Islam, the man who loves to play with pictures. Thousands of words are being emanated from his photographs. Being the eldest of three siblings he graduated from International Islamic University Chittagong, and worked as HR in private company. Photography has a unique way of changing perceptions of a place including people, simply by presenting images that we've never seen before. It is the exact characteristics that motivate a young photographer Kazi Md. Jahirul Islam.

From his childhood, he was very enthusiastic about photography and capturing photos. He started chasing his dream with an old model camera in his hand. Gradually it becomes his hobby to passion. His images represent the life of average human being. To capture the raw emotion and passion of ordinary people with adding some extraordinary value, Jahirul likes to tell the stories of street people, especially the neglected ones. He explores their identity, happiness, dreams and longings to raise curiosity and questions. He actually tries to capture life inside the images.

The camera would be his companion whenever he goes around the house or anywhere, he did not forget to capture even a small thing. Seeing the interest in taking pictures, his father Kazi Md. Maksudur Rahman bought a Nikon 3200 model camera on his son Jahirul's birthday. After getting that, he went further in the path of his dream. "Even if I went to sleep, I would have that camera in my hand," Jahirul said.

One day while visiting his maternal grandmother's house, Jahirul noticed 4-5 children playing in the water in the midst of the bill, with a small child standing with water lilies in his hand. Jahirul captured the smiling face of the little boy on camera. Back home, when he shared the photo on Facebook, he saw the growth in the popularity of the photo and then took part in various photo competitions, which surprised everyone.

His photos has been awarded in various category in national and international photography competitions, also attended more than 40 exhibition national and internationally like Spain, India, Turkey, Japan, China. Jahirul awarded from Bangladesh Government and also Europe Union, Bangladesh. He was awarded as aspiring photographer at 7th Photography Competition organised by the European Union Bangladesh on 2017. He awarded 2nd prize from China-Bangladesh international photo contest and winner Doha youth photography award from Qatar. He won BYLC Alumni Award from Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) in 2019.

Recently he got 1st prize in world water day photo competition and also shortlisted photographer for "Dhaka OIC Youth Capital 2020-21 Bangabandhu Youth Art Competition". His photos published on national and international magazines and also daily Bangladeshi national newspapers and magazines.
His photos are shortlisted for UNU-FLORES special exhibition titled "Sustainability Stories". The exhibition will run at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden museums in Germany from 24 July 2021 to 26 September 2021 which also forms part of the Umundu Festival.

The competition received over 400 photos and 25 videos from almost 40 countries around the world.Jahirul's aim is to find himself in the every corner of photography till the end of his life and to do something better in the future with the help of photography. In future this young photographer desire to have a higher degree from abroad.

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