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Short videos – Pathway towards efficient brand awareness

Short videos – Pathway towards efficient brand awareness

Just a few years back, television advertisements and their catchy jingles used to be a significant part of our lives, where brands got their reach while entertaining the audience with amazing AV’s. 

As time has evolved, brands have also catered their marketing focus within more time-relevant platforms to ensure maximum brand awareness within customers.  

The pandemic and its movement restrictions also play a role in causing people to spend a large chunk of time on their devices, making it a habit that may be sustained even in the post-pandemic world. With billions of social media users worldwide, brands have largely adopted social media marketing to reach the maximum number of potential customers.   

As the newest addition to social media apps, short video platforms have been exponentially growing in popularity over the last few years. Long videos can often become tedious to watch for many, which is probably why users often prefer to look for entertainment on platforms like Likee. 

With increased popularity, Likee, a short video app, has been becoming more user-favorite over time.  Through such apps, many talented individuals get the opportunity to showcase their potentials, which otherwise may have remained undiscovered. Many have landed big opportunities by being exposed to talent hunters through these platforms. Besides, it also accounts for a great social media platform, where users can communicate with each other.  

Content creators get to create their own fanbase and engage with them, while viewers are able to put up requests for their desired content. 

The instance where apps like Likee enable such two-way communication has caused an increased user-admiration towards them, leading to a rising number of users. In such skill-showcasing platforms, many influencers with a substantial follower base are created. These influencers can become significant assets to brands that are looking to penetrate a greater customer base.  

Through influencer marketing and KOL (key opinion leader) activities on short video platforms, the message that brands want to send can reach their target audience most effectively. Nusan Tasim, one such influencer on Likee, partnered with vivo to promote the brand’s new smartphone, vivo Y12s. On the promotional video, the influencer showcased the unique features of the device through a skit. This relays vivo’s message to Nusan’s followers, many of whom may keep this in mind while deciding on a phone to buy.  

Through this campaign, vivo gained over 41 million brand impressions as people became more aware of the device. This eventually led to more people buying the vivo Y12s.Similarly, Likee creators also partnered with OPPO, as an intermediary for OPPO to promote their new smartphone. Another mobile brand, TECNO, had also launched a hashtag campaign back in May, namely #SmileSnapshot on Likee, to promote their device – Spark 7 Pro.  

Under this campaign, influencers uploaded a video of dancing to the official music of TECNO Spark 7 Pro with the hashtag. To emphasize the device’s transformation from its predecessors in bringing a brand-new experience for its users, Likee also added a “shopping cart” feature on the campaign page so that customers can directly buy the smartphone, simply with a click. 

Short video creators are gradually redefining the ways of marketing and the concept of brand awareness.  These platforms offer a more customized and personalized channel of brand awareness – a direct pathway for information through influencers to their followers.  

Short video platforms such as Likee are quite a multiverse, providing entertainment, skill development, and brand awareness – all at the same time. 

They are ideal for brand associations, catering to its widespread usage and huge user base.  

Hence, with the growing importance of social media marketing, the growing popularity of short video platforms has created yet another channel for brands to reach their target audience effectively.

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