Monday, September 21, 2015



Bengali, as a language, has its own uniqueness that consists of sanguinary political history and both national and international

underrepresentation of women in US politics

State legislatures are where the coming generation of US national leaders learn the ropes and get ahead. Still, for

Halting Dhaka's dangerous air pollution

Dhaka has been ranked as the world's second most polluted city in terms of air pollution which, according to

Taking off the masks to find real self

Before I go into this topic, under no circumstances do I expect you to come up with a quick

Bangladesh may re-export everything

Historically nei-ghboring cou-ntries have some conflict of interest causing obstacles in friendly relation. The inequality in size and strength

White House breaks promise on transgender rights

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump broke with Republican Party orthodoxy by vowing to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and

For integrated development of tourism sector

The potentials of the tourism sector of Bangladesh are huge but remains only partly exploited. Not many countries are

Spare a few laughs, don't be so serious

Humor makes people uncomfortable. It forces them to face their fears and that is never easy. Next week this

Payra port development will enhance India-Bangladesh ties

In its efforts to further strengthen India-Bangladesh friendship, New Delhi is eager to develop the neighboring country's proposed Payra

Stop perilous display of motorbike stunts

A large number of youngsters, in and around capital Dhaka have made safe commuting in some roads risky.  They

The search for life elsewhere

The quest to find life outside the solar system got a big boost with the discovery of seven Earth-size

Why tuberculosis persists

It surprises many people in Europe and North America that tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the great scourges in

Does more homework make kids smarter

The fourth-graders in Miren Artetxe's classroom have sat through an intensive morning of math tables, reading comprehension, and videos

Refugee crisis reflecting on EU elections

As Europe gears up for crucial elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands with immigration high on the agenda,

Former President Barack Obama's legacy

It was  given worldwide media coverage  recently that former President Barack Obama was rated as the 12th best President

Time to end the Syrian war

Syria has currently turned into the world's one of the greatest destructive humanitarian arenas of crisis and geopolitical center

Youth entrepreneurship: How to start

Fariha Tasnim, a student at North South University, sprints a Facebook-based startup named Rupanzeel Collection. It is, in essence,

Russia-related questions Trump face

The Russia-related questions on which President Trump is pressed to shed some light seem to multiply by the day.

Making the environment animal-friendly

The Cabinet has approved the final draft of the "Animal Welfare Bill, 2016" the other day. The approval came

Putting Asia's savings to work in Asia

For more than three decades, Asia has experienced faster economic growth than any other region. As it has developed,

Syria's balance of terror

As the civil war in Syria nears the six-year mark, the mounting death toll and constantly shifting military landscape

After Park, Samsung CEO under scanner

As the heir to the Samsung empire finds himself in the midst of a storm, South Koreans are bracing

Addressing SSC question paper leakage

Alleged question paper leaks in the ongoing SSC examinations have been noted in the media. But allegations are to

Universal anti-terrorist front essential

The past 2016 leap year was not easy. In addition to the troubles befell leap years; some man-made events

Ekushey: Imbibing spirit of just cause

On February 21, 1952, the valiant soldiers of the language movement shed their blood for the recognition of our

Now it's Trump's turn to assuage Nato

United States Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are on a charm offensive of Europe now