Monday, September 21, 2015



Scotland can, should and hopefully will leave the United Kingdom. The question for non-Scottish Brits now is, if they

On 23 March 1971, Bangladesh flags fluttered everywhere

President Yahya Khan, accompanied by a powerful team of generals, economists and lawyers, arrived in Dhaka on 15 March

The avoidable landslide deaths in hills

Loss of lives and properties caused due to landslide and hill-collapse is not a new phenomenon in Bangladesh, and

Independent agencies under Trump's whim

Shortly after Inauguration Day, the Trump camp indicated it had no immediate plan to fire Richard Cordray, the Obama-appointed

From water consumers to water conservers

Somewhere in a mountain village in the Himalaya, a woman folds a taro leaf into a cone, fills it

Ensuring cyber security of the banks

Last Wednesday, a group of tech-savvy radicals have hacked the official homepage of the country's largest state-owned public bank

Why some drug prices should be high

US President Donald Trump recently told the US Congress that Americans must "work to bring down the artificially high

Dealing with cholera epidemic in Haiti

Today's lesson in evading moral responsibility comes to us from the United Nations. The organization says it is terribly

The revolution in work calls for an evolution in living

Poverty blights the lives of billions of people throughout the world: in developing countries, where it is acute, and

Democracy in Turkey

I have read an article titled "Democracy's disintegration in Turkey" published in your esteemed newspaper on 22 February last.

Kansas to eager to bid governor goodbye

Kansas can only hope that reports are true that the Trump administration will let its governor, Sam Brownback, escape

N Korea, Malaysia's diplomatic row

The diplomatic relationship between North Korea and Malaysia has been passing through some strenuous time of late. This sudden

From monotonous trains to bureaucratic knots

Most of the victims of corruption blame bureaucratic entanglements for the spread of bribery. Money is one of the

Empowering women for sustainable development

Empowering women and ensuring gender equality is more than just a development goal. It is vital to advancing human

Brexit initiates fresh Scottish plebiscite

The British were fully warned before they voted to quit the European Union that this also risked a breakup

Tigers make history again

Tigers have earned an exceptional glory for Bangladesh by winning the second test against Sri Lanka, their 100th test

Sheikh Hasina's upcoming trip to India and Teesta pact

Bangladesh Navy has recently added two submarines to its fleet. These two submarines have been procured from China. Questions

Independent tariff commission in market economy

The Tariff Commis-sion should be an independent body to look into tariff related matters and recommend appropriate levels of

Trump's budget-a dream of a paranoid strongman

Donald Trump, the United States President, isn't a details guy, which is why his skinny budget is skinnier than

Resurgent terrorism needs tough tackling

Ever since the traumatic orgy of deaths at Holey Artisan upscale restaurant in July last year, the response of

Dutch elections belie tide of populism in Europe

Fears that the tide of populism would sweep relentlessly across Europe have been somewhat belied by the result of

Traffic jam in Dhaka, its solution

The traffic congestion of Dhaka city has already gone beyond the forbearance of the city dwellers and is getting

Concern about poor quality of construction

A girder section of the much-publicized Magbazar-Malibagh flyover in Dhaka fell down on Monday killing one and seriously maiming

Trump's war on the UN

UN Chief, Ant-onio Gut-erres, has called on the Trump administration to re-think its planned massive reduction in US contribution

US Fed facilitates growth

The US Federal Reserve has resumed normal monetary service by raising interest rates for the second time in three

Happy birthday Bangabandhu and St. Patrick

March 17, is a special day worldwide, but Bangladesh is luckier than most! Not only is it the birthday