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The national budget for 2017-18 is very close. And it is encouraging that for the past few years our

Negative and positive perceptions

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that,

Venezuela: A prosperous nation paralyzed

Even by the standards of Latin America's relatively volatile politics, there seem to be few parallels in recent memory

A cyber-security agency need of time

In the wake of massive global cyber-attacks recently, the government has decided to establish a cyber-security agency to thwart

Lightning threat in Bangladesh perspective

Man has always been the whimsical puppet and merely a silent audience to various manifestations of nature's fury throughout

China's imperial overreach

Chinese President Xi Jinping's tenure has been marked by high ambition. His vision - the "Chinese dream" - is

Rouhani now faces reform challenge

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who has won a resounding re-election victory with voters backing his efforts to rebuild foreign

UN investigators' murder in Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire, has endured a remarkably cruel history, with successive presidents, rebels and foreign

Kazi Nazrul Islam's visits to Chittagong

As we pay tributes on his 118th birth anniversary to the national poet of Bangladesh, Kazi Nazrul Islam, described

The silverlining in GDP growth

The rate of growth of Bangladesh's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has reached 7.24 per cent in the current fiscal

Facebook should protect people

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook Live last year, he said: "We built this big technology platform so we can

The dastardly attack on Manchester

There are few words that can truly describe the act of cruelest barbarity that was inflicted on innocent concert-goers

Tagore in Europe… the lyrics just flowed

There are not many poets who are desirous of wandering into distant lands. This rarity applies to poets not

How hackers exploit our stupidity

The infection that crippled National Health Service (NHS) trusts in Britain, as well as computer networks in dozens of

Trump's Saudi visit

During the American presidential campaign, Donald Trump was particularly critical of Saudi Arabia. He attacked its treatment of gays

The Chikungunya fever

Viral fever Chikungunya has gripped residents of Dhaka city. The above may sound like an exaggeration but the hard

Bangladeshi literature in translation

The need for translation of our literature in English and other languages has been felt seriously even before the

Science and development policy

On the surface, the village at the foot of the Tian Shan Mountains looks similar to its neighbors. Men

Rouhani's re-election

The resounding victory of President Hassan Rouhani, who had sought re-election on a platform of moderation and engagement with

A nonessential raid

Police's sudden raid on the Gulshan office of Begum Khaleda Zia on Saturday has certainly not been helpful for

4-year-olds don't act like Trump

The analogy is pervasive among his critics: Donald Trump is like a child. Making him the president was like

Enforcing Mandatory Jute Packaging Act

The government has launched from May 15 a special drive across the country to ensure mandatory use of jute

Govt policies for quality secondary education

The quality of secondary education has appeared as a debatable issue for long but the response of the government

Can President Marcon deliver reforms?

President Emmanuel Macron of France has announced a startling new government that crosses party lines and is unabashed about

A good new law on medical services

The doctor- patient relationship is one of the most unique and privileged relation based on mutual trust and faith.

Guard against overuse of groundwater

The findings of a seminar-- sometime ago-- were startling to say the least - as it revealed underground water

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