Monday, September 21, 2015



In order to det-ermine the best way to thwart cyber-att-acks, it is important to understand how the perpetrators of

Murders are so dealt with

The district and sessions judge of Narayanganj on Monday awarded death penalty to 26 persons, sentenced 9 others to

Job market versatility

The mismatch between the number of people who annually reach working age and the availability of jobs has been

Let there be 'digital' public rally

Whenever a political party exercises its democratic right to hold a public rally in the Dhaka City; the whole

Morocco's renewable energy ambitions

Morocco stands well equipped to achieve the ambitious renewable energy targets it has set for itself. The kingdom is

Ending a conflict that breeds violence

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, combined with his close and cosy relationship with

Taking care of mistakes in textbooks

Printed words carry some degree of sanctity in that people generally take such words as true. To many people

Remembering legendary film icon Suchitra Sen

Today is the death anniversary of the legendary film actress Suchitra Sen, a prime and graceful woman of Bengali

Where is the policy on Rohingyas

The managers of our foreign policy take pride for their accomplishments in the sphere of foreign policy. Certainly, they

Doing away with Dhaka's traffic problem

If one looks at Dhaka city during various hours of the day from the top of a tall building,

Time to welcome bigger fifa World Cup

It was a watershed moment for football last week, when world football's governing body Fifa passed a resolution to

Prevent rise in infanticide

Sir,Bangladesh  is now witnessing probably the worst time for children to grow up as an increasing number of kids

How black America saw Obama

I stood in Grant Park on election night 2008, along with more than 200,000 other people, and watched as

Regulatory policy and taxpayer's morality

After all, tax evasion is illegal, and individuals have strong incentives to conceal their actual income. An intriguing and

For clear, understandable medical prescriptions

The recent High Court order addressing doctors to write prescriptions in clear hand-writing comes to address an old bad

Disappearance of rights activists in Pakistan

Over the past few days, five Pakistani activists including the poet Salman Haider have gone missing. The incidents have

Clean-energy innovation key to sustainability

The world is in desperate need of innovative solutions to create a new, sustainable energy future.' We couldn't agree

Ode to Obama

The dark clouds of the coming administration rolled in this week with a fury, producing a flood of strange

Stopping the theft of precious natural gas

Though the initiative to slash illegal gas connections should have been taken many years earlier, but still better late

Syrians must be at center of peace process

If Syria is to find peace it must have a general and inclusive peace that includes all Syrians. The

Sexual harassment: Enough is enough

In spite of being the members of the civilized society, we, most of the modern people are devoid of

Russia's Syrian policy

Following the ceasefire agreement between Syrian opposition factions and Moscow, parties to the Syrian conflict are getting ready to

Obama's legacy: People’s man

Incumbent US President Barack Obama in his farewell speech has upheld actions taken during his two terms in office

Trump-Israel honeymoon to destroy peace

In the past few weeks Israel has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. There have been

Green Financing for better environment

Md. JulkerNaim &  Khadiza BegumAccording to Bangladesh Bank Green Banking statement, "We envision Bangladesh as a mature

Energy subsidy: Its effectiveness

In the modern era, energy is considered one of the utmost important inputs which is tapped in production of