Monday, September 21, 2015



It rained that evening. As S.M. Ali and I stood on the porch of the old Press Club

For a new way of education

The recent proclamation of education minister to impose new law regarding the education system and a new genre

Festival of illumination: Kali Puja and Deepavali

The autumn festival or Sharodotsab ends with Kali Puja and Deepavali to be celebrated on 19 October centring

The withdrawal doctrine of Trump

If former US president Barack Obama feels anything other than being peeved at his successor's systematic smashing of

Mahatma Gandhi and management

The name of Mahatma Gandhi evokes the image of a thinker, philosopher, leader, politician, saint, he donned the

Upgrading Dhaka's earthquake alert mechanism

Following the latest major earthquake in Mexico City, the Mexican government has recently announced that the city's disaster

Celebrating our common future

We celebrate several international, regional and national eco/environment days throughout the year. Each of these dates is designated

Swiss lessons for post-referendum Spain

It's a shame that the parents of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy didn't emigrate from Galicia to Switzerland,

Memories of Obaidul Huq

Obaidul Huq was surely one of a kind, part of a breed of good, purposeful men that may

Cleanliness of entire nation -- An analysis

It was exactly six years back a newly elected ultra rightist government around Peoples Republic of India gave

Teachers must be research-oriented

University is supposed to be the highest echelon of excellence in knowledge, skills and research. Everyone in advanced

India's economy falters under Modi

The economy of the world's largest democracy is growing at a pace that is the slowest in the

Nobel Prizes in science 2017 and its implications

The month of October is the Nobel season and this year is not the difference. The Royal Swedish

Against the flawed job recruitment process

Grade Point Average (GPA) plays a significant role in the cases of students' status, job fields and admission

Hollywood and its racist fantasies

The British Empire in South Asia remains an enduring source of conflicting narratives even 70 years after its

Sustainable development: Environmental and social safeguard must

Environmental and social safeguard are a prerequisite for sustainable development. Local Govern-ment Engineering Department (LGED) is mandated to

The North Korean cult

The absurdity of the North Korean dictatorship is easy to caricature. Kim Jong-un, with his 1930s-style pudding-bowl haircut

Putin's power is waning slowly

On October 7, Russian Pre-sident Vla-dimir Putin turned 65. As of this year, this is the maximum retirement

Cold War: Past and present

Mikhail Gor-bachev's perestroika of a decent standard of living for all Soviet People was misunderstood. This is the

Europe's wounds have not healed

History is back in Europe. The Catalan referendum and the German election illustrate this spectacularly. The scale of

China fears India may be edging it out in culture battle

One of the most popular movies in China over the summer ran 161 minutes, so long that it

Meaning of competitiveness

It measures at national or macro level and enterprise-level or micro level. Its meaning, implications, adaptation and achievement

'I am a Cuban, an Argentine, a Peruvian, a Bolivian . . .'

Fifty years ago, on 9 October 1967, Ernesto Che Guevara was murdered in a remote village in Bolivia

Of sharks and diplomats

Captain Atapattu and members of the Sri Lankan team, Members of the Sri Lankan community, Friends of Sri

My friend Che Guevara

"For us there is no valid definition of socialism other than the abolition of the exploitation of one

Can science survive the blind faith onslaught ?

"Why are students not taught that before the Wright brothers, an Indian called Shivkar Bapuji Talpade was the

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