Monday, September 21, 2015



Two weeks after President Donald Trump claimed, bizarrely, that the Obama administration had wiretapped his campaign, his press secretary

Retreat of globalization: Central banks in crosshairs

The narrative regarding central banks has changed dramatically over the past few years. When the global financial crisis struck,

Poland in a multi-speed Europe

The European Union has just had a taste of Polish politics. The country's internal political divisions burst onto the

Bangladeshi people's passion for Lungi

We have seen in Bengali films during our childhood that the title "Chowdhury Sahib" refers only to top class

Can you put motherhood on ice

Brigitte Adams was 38 and single when she froze her eggs, fearing her chances of motherhood were running out.

'W' and the art of redemption

If you haven't seen the recent paintings by the artist formerly known as President George W. Bush, you can

N Korea tops US Asian agenda

Rex Tillerson concluded his first trip to the Asia-Pacific as US Secretary of State, at the weekend, after stop-offs

Scotland's place in Europe

In June 2016, the people of Scotland overwhelmingly expressed their wish to remain part of the EU. As the

‘Trump's method, our madness’

Sometimes, when psychoanalysts begin treatment with a new patient, they quickly find themselves feeling that they can't make sense

The EU Commission: Celebration of confusion

The European Commission's White Book on the future of Europe provides a modest and confused contribution to the discussion

So, what is President Trump hiding

In his short White House tenure so far, United States President Donald Trump has already set a record for

How colleges can admit better students

As colleges nationwide prepare to announce this month which applicants they have decided to accept, it's worth asking why

The dictatorship of the "democratic" majority

During the EU referendum of last year, there was much talk of the supposed estrangement between British voters and

Cross-LoC trade: A boon or bane

Trade across the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu & Kashmir began in 2008 during Mufti Moha-mmad Sayeed's first

Water woes

If India-Bangladesh relations are at an all-time high, why has there been so much uncertainty over Sheikh Hasina's visit

Dealing with North Korea

Rocket launches galore in North Korea. Colors and flames in the sky. It is all a bit like a

For want of a comma

Punctuation matters. That might be surprising to hear in an era when semicolons and colons seem more likely to

Building special economic zones is a good initiative

Dr. Ahsan H Mansur is an eminent economist and Executive Director of Policy Research Institute (PRI), Dhaka. He thinks,

Will Angela Merkel save the West

The crisis of Western liberalism just seems to get deeper: first Brexit, then the election of Donald Trump. Last

What I saw in Vietnam

They were burning brush, as they always do in the dry season, when my plane came in over the

The same muddled US policy

Last week the top military officers from the United States, Russia and Turkey met in Antalya. Around the same

Understanding the Syrian matrix

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the Syria war, which started on March 15 back in 2011. Complicating

Building a new Silk Road

For more than 2,000 years, the Silk Road has borne witness to exchange and friendship betw-een the East and

War against the West surfacing

In 1938, Aurel Kolnai, a Hung-arian philosopher of Jewish origin living in exile, published his most famous book, The

Nuclear weapons can be hacked

It is tempting for the United States to exploit its superiority in cyberwarfare to hobble the nuclear forces of

Bankers' myopic approach to women and marginalized entrepreneurs

There have been complaints about the country's banking sector that most of the banks are not interested enough to