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Published:  12:32 AM, 06 April 2018

Kate Winslet in Snowdonia mountain

Kate Winslet in Snowdonia mountain

The episode of Running Wild has Bear Grylls charting up the mountainous tracks of Snowdonia with Academy Award winner, Kate Winslet. Winslet is best known for her portrayal of complex and troubled female character such as the lead of the film Revolutionary Road (2008). Her breakout role that gained her international recognition was that of her lead in Titantic (1997).

Bear and Kate are supposed to be traversing down the mountainous region of Snowdonia, which also serves as a national park in Wales. Winslet is dropped off through her point via helicopter, whereas Bear comes to meet her with a paraglider propelled by a fan. Then when they meet he also tells her to get on said contraption and they start flying off to the top of the mountain range where they will start their journey.This episode originally aired on July 27th, 2015.
Bear explains that the terrain is rough and steep and they traverse through various points to get to the valley floor where they will camp for the night. On the second day, they will have to move onwards to a sea cliff and they will have to move down again for their extraction point. Winslet is amazed by the paragliding ride and as they are walking the mountainous region she talks to Bear about her children as her youngest one is also named Bear.

Bear states she has a good grip on these cliffy regions and she says her family growing up were not so financially affluent so long road trips, camping and hiking were part of the normal vacation process. She also comments that having children does not deter one from having adventures and she is here having an adventure herself.

Bear comments that Snowdonia's terrain is dynamic and unpredictable so it is a good place or British Special Forces to get training and he liked the roughness of the terrain itself. The first rock face they come across is 150+ feet up and vertical and not overhanging as Bear was hoping to ease Kate down.

 However, he is ready to rise up to the challenge and ensure this goes well within safety standards. Kate says that if there is a God she wants them to watch over her now. Bear cuts a small piece of rope and ties it around a small bit of rock to "thread" it around so that when Kate goes first, Bear can follow as a counterbalance. It may seem a bit dangerous but Bear assures Kate that as long they stay in their designated direction the rope will not "pop" out of the mountain making Kate laugh nervously.

While traversing down Winslet gets frightened as she loses her footholds from the jagged edges. Bear says to swing to the right and for some minutes Kate cannot really hold onto anything. At one point, Kate even mentions she can't hear Bear and the situation seems to look tricky. Soon, Kate does grab hold onto something, as Bear had also suggested, and keeps traversing and Bear said he is coming down to her. He tells her to stay where she is as he is coming to her. Bear throws a rope and Kate grabs it a bit and Bear comes down to join her on the rocky edge.

The experience is a bit harrowing and Bear senses Kate's a bit shaken. So, as a Brit to another Brit he offers her tea and jerky to calm her nerves and talk to her. They talk about her acting career and how she never knew that Titanic would change her life but it did overnight. However, she stayed to herself she says even if the success did have huge impacts in her life.

They then keep on traversing down again, tying a rope to a tree and tying the rope alongside each other for balance. Bear does state that going down these rocks is like a maze as you move down, up and traverse and that intelligence is required to work it out and one false move can be fatal. The Bear goes up and to secure a rope and tells Winslet to monitor his movements as he would then help her up. They get up and then catch some small trout in the tiny pools for food.

Bear and Kate then make camp. Bear says this isn't a forest with abundance of resources for shelter so he makes a rock wall to protect from winds, gathers mosses and heather as bedding and they will sleep under the stars, which is ideal. Kate gathers some slate for cooking and they actually use the cotton from the tampon to start a fire. Bear has to admit that women's resources are usually a good source for survival kits.

They eat their meal and Bear brings up that Kate had a rough childhood at school. Kate comments that the way she was raised from humble beginnings and her success now may seem at odds with one another. She was bullied for being chubby and not having the ideal appearance.

She says she wants to raise her daughter with body positivity as she did not receive that growing up. She also bumped into the particular girl who was mean to her at school who was working in a beauty country and she said she thanked her for being mean to her as it made her tougher and she walked away.

They are nearing the termination of their journey but to reach the coat of the ocean to their extraction point they must traverse down again. As they are properly harnessed, they make their descent.

At one point in their descent, as Bear is already down, he tells her to let go off her hands as he got her. Winslet then re-enacts her famous Titanic moment that she is flying and they both laugh. They then hug each other and go into a boat and Kate loved the experience as something she could do for herself and she says she feels invigorated.

Kate talked behind the scenes and said she loved doing something for herself and though she was scared she felt empowered overcoming her fears and doing the journey. She says that being an actor allows her to have the stamina and cope with long, strenuous activities even though the wilderness is dangerous she believes the spirit of her crat accommodated the experience.

Her largest fear, which she did not meet in this journey so far, was to be in a confined space full of water. She loved learning how to tie knots properly, making tea with bits of boiled bark and also making fires with tampons and she would love to go home and show her kids.

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