Published:  01:02 AM, 03 July 2018

America wants a world of vassal states

America wants a world of vassal states

Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia… have lost their sovereignty to America and have become its client states. To be openly patronized in the way of the United States desire would be just too embarrassing. The issue is so little discussed that even to make the claim has parallels with the ravings of the Europhobes that American plans to make them eat square sausages. 

These vassal states cannot fire cruise missiles without US permission. Their military power is being converted wholesale so that it is dependent on Tomahawks, the stubby-winged deadly-weapons of the 21st century. America transforms their warfare because of their awesome video-guided precision. 

Tomahawks find targets via Tercom, the American terrain-mapping radar, and GPS, its ever-more sophisticated satellite positioning system. The Pentagon is trying to block Galileo, a European rival to GPS, which the French think will rescue their country from becoming a vassal state. But no such sign is seen from them! 

Sir Rodric Braithwaite published earlier this year a little-noticed but devastating analysis in a small highbrow magazine, Prospect, of the price we are now paying to the US in loss of sovereignty. Of the Tomahawks purchase, he wrote: "The systems which guide them and the intelligence on which their targeting depends are all American. We could sink the Belgrano on our own. 

But we cannot fire a cruise missile except as part of an American operation."  Britain cannot use its nuclear weapons without US permission. Cooperation with the Americans has robbed those vassal states' of much of their independence.  Britain cannot expel the US from its bases on British territory, or control what it does there. 

The policy-determining, war-fighting intelligence on which Britain depends is all American. The US has the spy satellites and the gigantic computers at Fort Meade in Maryland which eavesdrop on the world's communications.These points lead inexorably to the fact about their loss of sovereignty. Britain can no longer fight a war without US permission. It cannot protect its citizens from US power.

The archival history of the Australia-US diplomatic, military and intelligence relationship reveals that it has never been one of equals, not even one of partnership, ever. 

Any honest examination of Australian defense policy reveals that despite numerous opportunities to have sought truly independent and adequate military capabilities to defend themselves, but they can't adopt their own foreign policies.  

To describe the Australia-US relationship as an alliance is something of a corruption of the definition of the word. To secure closer American cooperation and potential guarantees of support, the attitude of the Australians has been very much of a client state. 

From the 1950s this involved providing Australian territory to both the Americans and the British for military and intelligence purposes. The construction and operation of US installations remained totally under US control and authority until quite recently. This relationship continues to this day.

America's deplorable dark side reflects pure evil, an agenda, including:  endless wars on humanity, raping one country after another, murdering millions of helpless victims, creating nightmarish dystopian conditions everywhere it shows up;  supporting moneyed interests exclusively at the expense of beneficial social change, transforming America into a nation of paupers, run by super-rich elites; and criminalizing whistleblowers and activists for justice, systematically destroying fundamental freedoms at home and abroad, tolerating nothing interfering with its hegemonic agenda.

Lunatics in Washington fear real democracy, governance serving everyone equitably and fairly, peace and stability, nation-state sovereign independence, and mutual cooperation among all nations, a level playing field benefitting everyone. They want a world of subservient vassal states, serving their interests exclusively, controlling global resources, exploiting populations as serfs.

Regime change is longstanding US policy - targeting all sovereign independent states, war its usual strategy of choice, other times coups, installing puppets like leaders, many times assassinating uncooperative leaders,replacing them with convenient stooges. 

America demands its choices run key world institutions - the Bank of International Settlements (the central bank for central banks), all other central banks, the IMF, World Bank and other financial institutions, the UN, the World Trade Organization, labor groups, the OECD, judicial bodies, academia, the clergy, everything everywhere.

Hegemons demand everyone worldwide march to the same drummer. Washington insists its rules alone apply, obedience demanded. Deviants are punished, independent thought and reasoning not tolerated. George Orwell's envisioned future "imagine(d) a boot stamping on a human face forever" - Big Brother is watching everyone.Huxley's dystopian, totalitarian Brave New World portrayed one controlled by mind manipulation and soma (a narcotic drug), people assigned to certain roles, conditioned to accept them docilely.

America combines characteristics of both worlds including a permanent state of war against invented enemies combined with police state repression, targeting nonbelievers, along with bread and circuses (soma) distracting people from what matters most.  The narcotic of weekend football, other popular sports, shopping, television with nothing to watch but watched anyway, and other favored diversions manipulate people to ignore their own welfare, accept a miserable status quo instead of demanding something better.

The courage of persecuted Palestinians is absent in America. Societies where serfs love their masters or cower under their boot aren't fit to live in - the deplorable state of today's America, a warrior police state, threatening humanity's survival.  

The political philosopher Montesquieu said, "There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." Rule of law principles no long matter in America. State terror replaced them, disguised as humanitarian intervention and democracy building, as well as maintaining order and security.

A permanent state of war exists. US streets are battlegrounds. Lunatics run things. Washington's criminal class is bipartisan. The unthinkable is more possible than ever - humanity-destroying nuclear war. 

Humans may become the first species ever to destroy themselves, exterminated by arrogance, hubris and overreach emanating from Washington, partnered with Israel, Britain, France, Germany and other rogue states, ending life on earth, returning it to its state before bacteria emerged or however things began.

Why do we live in a world of constant warfare, constant violence and the threat of nuclear annihilation?  It is of our own doing. We refuse to face the devils that haunt us. We accept the tyranny as immutable and allow ourselves to be held hostage to it. It is a failure of both spirit and politics. 

It is to remind us that the bullying and harassment of others is unacceptable social behavior. If we could extend this same reminder to the realm of geopolitics, the world would be a much more peaceful place where all of us deplore bullying on a personal level it goes on among nations pandemically all the time.

Unfortunately, those client states have to tag their neighbor to the south as the international bully-in-chief as it has a very long and sordid history of bullying. All the above countries along with the international community have silently condoned this bullying for too many decades. 

Today, most Americans fancy themselves to be benevolently ruled by a smug entity dressed up in democratic finery that still remains, in fact and law, a provisional administration has kept carefully controlled. It still serves their own agenda only. We shall remain under the worst enemies as long as lunatics in Washington run things. They will kill us all if not stopped.

The writer is a freelance contributor

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