Published:  12:03 AM, 06 October 2018

Hinda-Koshba Shahi Mosque

Hinda-Koshba Shahi Mosque

Hinda-Kasba Shahi Mosque is located at Khetlal, Joypurhat. Besides this landmark, there are six more landmarks listed in Joypurhat. There's also three attractions listed in this district in other categories.

It is a 55 years old mosque built during the 1365(Bengali Calendar). Not that much antic value, but it's very rich from the architectural aspect. Highly decorated mosque that has a touch of Mughal styled edifices. A Pir (a saint) named Hajrat Abu Gofur Chishti ordered to built this mosque here. He himself was the designer of the mosque.

Hinda Mosque is a rectangular shaped mosque having a measurement of 49.5 x 22.5 feet. The mosque has five beautiful domes at the top. Five domes are for the five main bases/faiths of the religion Islam that people use to believe.

The Dome at the middle is the larger one and other four around it are smaller and equal to each other. Mosque has a small pond at the north-west corner and a 40 feet tall minaret at the northern side.

Mainly the front side is extremely decorated which simply amazes any visitors. Decorations are mainly made using colorful stones, glasses, mirrors, and tiles by stuffing those over white gum that is pasted over the walls. I didn't expect such a beautiful mosque was waiting for us there. My expectation was about a simple old style mosque.

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