Alutila Cave

Published:  12:04 AM, 08 December 2018

A mysterious cave in Bangladesh

A mysterious cave in Bangladesh

Alutila Cave is an inexplicable cave. It is located at Matiranga Upazila in hill district of Khagrachari. It is very beautiful and attractive tourist place of Bangladesh. Alutila cave is situated in Alutila hill.

Alutila Hill is one hundred and fifty meter long. It is surrounded by profound green forest. If visitors are brave and adventure lover, then this is an ideal spot to overcome. There is no danger, nothing too worries and it is totally safe cave. It will take fifteen minutes to pass the cave. It is also a rocky, dark and slippery cave.

The most beautiful thing is the cold water flowing at foot. From top of the hill visitors can see everywhere the Khagrachari town. This is an outstanding picnic spot. A bulky rain forest where the cave is situated protection a wide diversity of birds and wildlife.

Visitors can also enjoy the lifestyles of dissimilar racial alternative groups living in Khagrachari. The crystal clear water of the fall nearby the year celebrates travelers. It becomes more gorgeous and beautiful throughout rainy season.

When the visitors will go to enter the cave they must have a fire torch. Because, inside of the cave very dark. Otherwise they can see nothing.

There are mainly three seasons are observed at Khagrachari. The dry season is cool, sunny and dry during November to March. The pre-monsoon season is during April to May. It is very hot and sunny with special shower. And another is the rainy season between June and October. It is warm, wet and cloudy.

How to go

To visit this wonderful place at first they have to go Khagrachari. There are many bus services available from Dhaka to Khagrachari. From khagrachari they have to rent micro bus or even local bus. These are available to reach there at any time of the day.  There is best parjatan motel of Bangladesh in Khagrachari. Beside these many hotels and restaurant are available here to stay and food.

Things to do

1. View the entire Khagrachari from top of the cave.

2. See the surrounding green forest.

3. Take pictures for collection.

Eating facilities

As well as you can find many more restaurants here to eat. In Khagrachari then go to System Restaurant. It is the best restaurant in Khagrachari with lowest price. Don't forget to eat bamboo fry there.

Travel tips

You must carry Moshal when enter into the cave.

You may also visit Heritage park, Khagrachari Hill district Council park, Yonged Buddha Bihar, Buddhist Monastery, At Khagrachari town and these locations are accessible by rickshaw.

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