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Published:  02:13 AM, 10 January 2019

48 years of excellence

48 years of excellence

It has been a few years since the academic relations with the university have been broken up. The relation that was developed with the University during my varsity life has been strengthened. The sweet memories always keep in mind. However, Far from the capital in an aesthetic beauty of nature, in a calm and quiet environment, Jahangirnagar University, one of the leading universities in the country for higher education, was established 48 years ago on this day. The only residential university in the country is a unique feature of rich biodiversity and natural beauty.

Modern architectures are mixed with nature. Jahangirnagar University is also unique in the field of research and higher education. The University has been playing a responsible role in the country's advancement as a pioneer since the establishment.

Jahangirnagar University is a same aged of independent Bangladesh. On January 12 in 1971, Governor of East Pakistan and the Chancellor of the University Rear Admiral SM Ahsan officially inaugurated the University. On August 20 in 1970, the then East Pakistan government named the new university through an Ordinance, 'Jahangirnagar Muslim University'.

After the independence, the University Act of 1973 was passed in the first session of the Jatiya Sangsad. The name of the University was changed to 'Jahangirnagar University' by excluding the word Muslim in the University Act - 1973. At the time of founding, the University started with 4 departments and 150 students. In the passage of time, Jahangirnagar University has been regarded as one of the country's leading university.

Currently, about 13 thousand students are studying in 35 departments and 4 institutes under 6 faculties. There are about 664 teachers at present.

Alongside education and research, a student of this university has been playing a significant role in the intellectual practice, political and economic movements of our country. The students of this university participated in the liberation war. Students of this University had participated spontaneously during the Ershad government's education movement and anti-autocracy movement. Students of Jahangirnagar University did not tolerate any iniquitous in their green campus. University premises have been shaken repeatedly in the slogan against injustice.

The movement against sexual violence started in Jahangirnagar University now spreads across the country. Such incidents of violence do not happen only at Jahangirnagar University, it is done separately in the whole country. However, it was first publicly protested with bravery in the Jahangirnagar University premises. This movement is still known as South Asia's biggest anti-sexual violence movement.

In the 48 years of the establishment of the University, there has been a lot of glorious achievement. The University has contributed to the country a lot in this short time. Internationally renowned scholars and researchers are being grown here. Today, many former students of this varsity are in the country in various important positions. Many of the students have been spreading internationally and they are doing well. It is a matter of great exhilaration for the Jahangorian.

Besides progress, some expectations and problems should also be talked about. To ensure democratic environment in the university and to provide the democratic right of the students, the University's Central Student's Union must be run. But JUCSU is ineffective for more than two decades. Present VC Professor Dr. Farzana Islam, after taking the authority, She announced to tune in JUCSU but did not take any initiative. JUCSU election is confined to assurance yet. Last year, the registration of the Registered Graduate Delegate was held after 19 years of Jahangirnagar University. The winner's majority panel was then promised to take necessary steps to arrange the JUCSU.

But nothing was done in reality yet now. The country's only full-fledged residential public university has an order, but in reality there is a severe housing crisis. Apart from eating low-quality food in the dining and canteen of the residential halls, the students have to live that hinders the intellectual development. The hotels at Battalaya on the campus are very commercial.

As a result, students are to take unhygienic foods at a high price. The only gymnasium of the university is the woeful situation. Swimmingpool has been lost for a number of years due to administration's negligence. In the uncontrolled and chaotic movements of the outsiders, the natural and biological environment of the campus is in danger. There are problems in the classroom crisis, intense seat crisis in the library, transportation crisis, inadequate funding for research, slow wifi connection etc.

The current government has approved a project of 1445 crore 36 lakhs for the infrastructural development as well as the improvement of education and research including other facilities of the University. Hope, Progress must be continued by eliminating existing problems. To develop ideological values, intuitive meditation and real humanity, Jahangirnagar University will lead the next day - is a such expectation.

The writer is a former student of
Jahangirnagar University.
E-mail :  indrojitbhowmick@gmail.com

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