Published:  12:00 AM, 13 July 2019

Tetulia Shahi Mosque

Tetulia Shahi Mosque

Tetulia Shahi Mosque is also known as the Khan Bahadur Salamatullah Mosque. This mosque was found by Khan Bahadur Maulvi Qazi Salamatullah Khan, the then Zamindar (feudal-lord) from Qazi family of Tetulia. He was also the founder of the mansion named Salam Manzil (now in ruins) in the vicinity.

The six-domed mosque was built similar to Mughal style in 1858-59. Their resembles were built by Tipu Sultan's descendants, as does the Salam Manzil, now in virtual decay.

How to go: It is 17.9km away from Satkhira, located at Tetulia village of Tala Upazila in Satkhira district. After reaching in Satkhira you make take bus or CNG auto rickshaw to visit that place.

How to reach: Satkhira District: The only route to go to Satkhira from Dhaka is by road. You can take a bus to go to Satkhira, crossing river by ferry.

Where to stay: There are not many hotels in Satkhira and the few available places may not meet your standards. Accommodation facilities in Satkhira still need to improve.

Things to do: You can watch the architectural beauty of this Tetulia Jami Mosque built in Mughal style. Learn the years old history behind this mosque. You can also visit Jahajghata Naval Fort (Mautala, 1567), Sultanpur Shahi Mosque (500 years old)

Eating facilities: You need to search for restaurants or fast food shops nearby. Also, you can carry foods and water.

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