Published:  02:45 AM, 07 September 2019

Archaeological heritage and Nilsagar Dighi

Archaeological heritage and Nilsagar Dighi

Nilsagar is a popular historical dighi (big pond). It is located at Gorgram union about fourteen kilometer south-west of Nilphamari district proper. During the time of Raja Birat there was lot of cow farms at Gorgram union.

Raja Birat dug a big pond or dighi for the cows. There many name such as Birat Dighi or Birna Dighi or Binna Dighi. After the independence of Bangladesh the Dighi was renamed as Nilsagar. The total area of the Dighi (big pond) is 21.449 ha. The Nilsagar Dighi is encompassed by walls.

The main embellished Front door of the Dighi was established by Raja Birat. Every year the banks of the Dighi are used as a village fair during the month of Baisakh. Every year lot of visitors and different type of migratory birds come here. Nilsagar is familiar as a recreation zone. A Hindu temple situated on the east bank and an abode of a Muslim saint on the west bank of the Nilsagar.

How to go: From Nilphamari you can take rickshaw, Local bus and also use boat to visit this area.How to reach: Nilphamari district: There is available bus 24 hours a day. It is easy to go Nilphamari from Dhaka. The distance between Dhaka to Nilphamari is 364 km and arrival time minimum 7 hours.

Where to stay: The accommodation facilities in Nilphamari have developed in the last few decades. However, the quality and standard of the hotels/motels of the district still requires more improvement.

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