Published:  12:30 AM, 07 October 2019

A new career: Being makeup artist

A new career: Being makeup artist Aniqa Alam Nodi Khondaker


These days' Bengali women are much more concerned about their looks than any other time. Options are no longer limited, expressing personal statement with a variety of options while staying true to tradition is a plus. Being a makeup artist was never considered as a profession back then, but now the situation has changed. In this regard, two young & beautiful makeup artists shared their story. 

Aniqa Alam

I've always loved makeup and experimented with it but I never thought I would pursue it as a profession. In fact, I'm actually a political science and diplomacy student. After I finished my graduation in Los Angeles, I started working for the mayor there and one day while working I realized that the work I'm doing; although it was very respectable, it wasn't making me satisfied.

That day I decided to start doing something I truly loved because life is too short to be unhappy. I took several makeup courses in Los Angeles, working with Makeup Forever, Sephora, and I even got a diploma in airbrush makeup. I knew I would be content following a career in makeup and now, the happiest I am, is when I'm working. So ladies, as I always say, follow your heart, my darlings, and you'll change the world one day.

Nodi Khondaker

I started with nothing. I was a kindergarten teacher. From a teacher to a makeup artist wasn't an easy task to be done. I opened a group back then and thought about nothing. Few people joined. I have always wanted people to know every skin color is beautiful. I considered different tones as a new canvas.

You can pour your heart out and draw whatever you want. I always wanted people to know that less is always more. We all struggle so as I did as well. Things never comes for free, all we have to do is have faith and believe in ourselves. I am a Swedish-Bengali. Never thought my plan for staying 18 days in Bangladesh would pass months and years.

Bangladesh gave me so much love, respect that I could never leave this country. Today I am a proud owner of my own salon, Studio By Jazz and Nodi  Khondakers Makeover. To be honest this feels amazing. I am blessed to have everyone beside me from day one.

The writer is a Sub Editor
of the Asian Age

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