Published:  01:29 AM, 11 October 2019

Shaima : An interior designer with unique views

Shaima : An interior designer with unique views Shaima Hasan

Interior design is my passion. From my childhood, I used to save my tiffin money for buying decorating stuffs like showpieces, flower vase, colors and also did so many DIY things to decor my home like: sewing cushions, changing bed's headboard, painting in-wall or furniture and so on.

But I never thought that will turn into my profession as well. I did BA in English; as my father wanted me to become a Lecturer. But I used to visit my university's architecture department so often. I used to think I wish if I could admit in this department, I could have been gaining more knowledge about home decoration. I completed my BA and become a mother. I thought this is the end; I can't do my MA and get good marks do become a lecturer. I was in depression and overwhelmed with the idea that I had to know my purpose and passion, or I would fail at everything.

When I shared my thoughts that I want to do business or want to become a designer, none of my family members supported it. All were saying, 'First of all security is a big issue, you will have to work with 10/20 workers and you will be only female there and this sector is risky.' But I started it with the support of my husband. When it became familiar and I started to contribute and help my family then all my family members started to appreciate.

I started my page on Women's day of 2018. A talk show was happening on tv, there were several women entrepreneurs like ~ Rubaba Dowla, Kaniz Almas and few more. I have noticed everyone faced trouble at the beginning; if you start anything it just gets started; if you wait for proper time it will never come". I started my page on that day.  I got a good response from the starting and it's increasing.

Now I am running 4 interior site and getting furniture orders too.  At first, I started with interior design only. That time I saw clients face difficulty to get ready furniture which match with the interior. So I open a warehouse with 4/5 workers and now 22 workers there. I visited China to see and discover the materials and color and style the use for furniture.

My main struggle was family acceptance not there. On the other hand; when I used to meet clients with my baby, many people turned back their interest to give their interior work, used to say "Will she manage her kid or the interior?" But gradually I saw female clients show interest to decorate their home with a female designer. Because female can get a taste, what a female want and they can share and knock me any time without any hesitation. So far I got female clients more than male.

If you ask about my future plan I want to take office space and showroom. I always try to provide interior and furniture at the best price. That's why I'm getting clients at this early stage of my business. I don't know rather I can make it a brand or not. But I want; at least 90% of people will get involved with 3D for interior or for furniture purposes.

The writer is a Sub Editor
of the Asian Age

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