Published:  12:25 AM, 13 January 2020

Pathao: A service provider, job creator

Pathao: A service provider, job creator

Pathao, a well known ride sharing platform, plays a vital role in creating jobs for the bikers who find it as a faster means of earning. It started its journey back in 2015 by providing delivery services like food delivery, courier service and parcels with own fleet of motorcycles and cycles.

It acted as a delivery service for several E-Commerce Services of Bangladesh, including Daraz of Alibaba Group. Unlike Uber, Pathao provides all services through one app. It received BRTA Certificate at 3rd of December that was 19 months since enactment of Ridesharing Service Policy in 2017 to operate their services in the country.

The man behind the scenes, Hussain M Elius, CEO and co-founder of Pathao, shared the story of achievements and limitations of Pathao with the Asian Age. History: Pathao started its ride sharing services back in 2016 by addressing some key challenges like traffic congestion, finding better mode of transportation that is fast, cheap, safe and convenient to the commuters especially women segment. When Pathao realized that the huge market could be served, it started its journey.

Achievements: The success story is that Pathao has got a policy. Pathao used to operate at a unregulated environment. Pathao helps and works with Government in developing regulations. It is yet another step in its mission of transforming lives and its pursuit of a Digital Bangladesh.

Safety Concern: Pathao places most emphasis on safety. A driver waiting to pick a commuter must have helmet. He has to face hard training before being enlisted at the Pathao. Pathao is working on improving quality by taking user and rider's feedback into account. Pathao has taken insurance policy and has provided substantial coverage. It has included 999 in its app for emergency response from Police.

It depends on the user's ratings that a driver may face retraining or face removal from the system. Should a driver or passenger face any unexpected circumstances, Pathao takes care in investigating such cases. However, if the cases are non-negotiable then Pathao may ban those drivers involved in such cases.

More to work: Pathao has more to work on challenges relating quality questions. It seeks better ways to process thousands of cases efficiently. It is long way to go and CEO is confident that Pathao is able to reach millions of users with best services in coming days.

The writer is a reporter of The Asian Age

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