Published:  01:28 AM, 15 January 2020

Arsen Kotsoyev

Arsen Kotsoyev

Arsen Kotsoyev  is one of the founders of Ossetic prose, who had a large influence in the formation of the modern Ossetic language and its functional styles. He participated in all of the first Ossetic periodicals, and was one of the most notable Ossetian publicists. There are streets named after Kotsoyev in Vladikavkaz and Beslan. Masterpieces by Kotsoyev are used in school courses on Ossetian literature.

Kotsoyev was born to a poor family in the Ossetian countryside (the village of Gizel, close to Vladikavkaz) in Terek Oblast. At the age of nine he was enrolled in the local school. After the October Revolution, Kotsoyev's fame grew. He worked for different newspapers and magazines and worked in education and related fields. He died in Vladikavkaz and was buried in the yard of the Literature Museum.

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