Published:  09:34 AM, 12 May 2020

A young successful RJ and her journey...

A young successful RJ and her journey...

-Faridul Ahasan Shourav
She is now becoming the youth star of our generation. She is a Radio Jokey and youth entrepreneur of our country. Here I am introducing Rusafa Antashin Adhara, a wild combination of strange chaos and complete silence. Always thinking of making a change to the society, she has the passion to create a broad spectrum of her own uniqueness. That passion has grown immeasurably, and now her focus has shifted to do work with skills, technique, and passion. Want to see more? Then you need to explore her mind more. 

According to Adhara, “I have first involved myself in club activities during my college days. I used to love the enthusiasm and the collaboration between the club mates and that dragged me to work for the Science Club as an active volunteer in my college. However, those were just a start-up point and when I got the chance to study at BRAC University, my department club became one of my main attraction. I have started my journey at BRAC University Pharma Society (BUPS) in 2015 as an executive and ended those precious memories in 2018 as the President. I, with my teammates, could find a door open to work for the society in health-related terms”. She loves to challenge herself, exploring new stuff and communicate with new people from different tastes and cultures. And I like to imagine more than a description. 

Adhara completed her secondary and higher secondary education from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College. Recently She has completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy at BRAC University. She is an enthusiast to pursue her higher study abroad.

About her journey, she expressed her feeling like this way- “I have started flourishing my talkative nature by taking up the challenge to become a Radio Jokey. This part-time job of mine has become my new passion. Currently, Bangla Radio 95.2 FM has become my 2nd family from where I have started my RJ career”. She loves to do morning shows for some reasons, CHOLO LETS GO is her morning show name. The show is telecasted from Sunday to Wednesday at 7 am. Cholo lets go is all about motivation, energy, positivity and all that!

She is an enthusiastic person and I find it easy to provide positive vibes to her beloved listeners. Though she has to do a lot of research and studies before conducting a show, this has enriched her by creating stronger expressions, knowledge, and personality. She tries her best to make this program informative as well as enjoyable. When I asked her about one of the most memorable fun experienced that she ever faced. She replied me that- “My listeners are all from different levels according to age, education, living and what so ever, but in this platform, I can bring them and unit them in one simple class. And it is very fun ! their opinions, their comments on different issues and pieces of stuff matter to me. I don’t know about my listeners if they are satisfied by me or not, but I enjoy a lot communicating with them. Even some of them gave me cute and adorable names which I appreciate. And it feels great that my parents and my elder brother always appreciate me whatever I’m doing in my journey of life”.

She also tried to describe some challenges and how she likes to overcome that by her passion and spirit. “The most challenging part is I have to keep myself up to date in every matter and have to gain a lot of knowledge so that I can conduct my shows smoothly. And I make full use of this challenge. Secondly, this coronavirus period itself is a great challenge. I always try to convince my listeners to keep themselves safe as well as I try to obey the protective measurements as well”. 

Finally, I asked her to go for a self-judgment statement. And she replied me politely that- “With a passion for coming up with unique and outside-the-box ideas, while also experimenting with new processes and technique, I always try to stay in great hands with creative and talented markers. I have passion towards my works but also being honest and truthful to myself and the people are the two biggest strategies that I follow from the heart. With this attitude, adding to that I know about drugs and medicines as I have studied pharmacy, I hope to use my knowledge for the betterment of society with the touch of my uniqueness. Although I face some struggles that I am working on, like being too critical of myself, attempting to please everyone and being a perfectionist”.

The writer is an independent filmmaker and film critic

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