Published:  09:55 PM, 01 June 2020

Keep your food fresh for a longer period by freezing them

Keep your food fresh for a longer period by freezing them
The COVID-19 pandemic has originated a great pause in our lives. With over 4 million cases, a lot of places are under strict lockdown. People across the world are practising social distancing, and proper personal hygiene to prevent further spread of the virus. Hence, going out for groceries every day is not feasible  due to safety issues; therefore, it is ideal for decreasing the number of shopping trips and knowing more about how to preserve food for a more extended period by taking advantage of your refrigerator.

First of all, rinse your fresh fruit and vegetables with running water to remove dirt, pesticides, and reduce levels of any foodborne germs. And then dry them as wet veggies and fruits rot at a faster rate than comparatively dry ones.

Maintaining the right temperature of the refrigerator is vital. Set the temperature of your refrigerator’s at or below 4 degrees C (40 degrees F) and freezer at or below -18 degree C (0-degree F). This will contribute to preserving the perishable items last longer.

The back of your refrigerator will always be colder than the door, so put perishable goods and items like milk towards the back and condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, bottled water and juice in the door. Put the fruits in the upper shelves where the temperature is more consistent as fruits are moist and perish quickly with minimal temperature change. Rather than putting eggs on the door where there are egg holders, put them in the lower shelves for more consistent cold temperature as every time the door is opened, anything on the door is exposed to heat.

As surprising as it sounds, it is ideal for putting your baking items such as flour, yeast in the fridge or freezer after opening the package. It will help these items not to go rancid at a rapid pace—also, store nuts in the refrigerator rather than putting them in your pantry. Instead of storing big chunks of meat or chicken, try to cut them into small pieces and freeze them. This process increases the longevity of the meat and chicken from three to six times. You can even freeze egg whites and yolks separately, in a freezer to preserve them for about a year.

To facilitate people with the proper refrigerator unit to store their essentials in this difficult situation, Singer Bangladesh is giving a flat 8 percent discount on a vast collection of refrigerators and freezers. Keeping the customers' condition in mind, the company is also providing free home delivery services. At this time, people need to eat healthy and nutritious food to boost up their immune system, and refrigerators can help them in doing so. Always remember to wash your hands and maintain social distancing.

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