Published:  12:42 PM, 21 June 2020

COVID-19: Journalists, Doctors and Nurses exposed to the mental stress

COVID-19: Journalists, Doctors and Nurses exposed to the mental stress

Noted psychotherapist Mahmuda Mohsina Bushra told the Asian Age that psychological stress is gradually increasing among some medical professionals and journalists working on various mass medias. Almost everyday people often visit her for the better management of stress. Taking the current situation into account she extends her counselling to the online platform through audio and video calls. 

Most of the people take stress lightly since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic. Lack of necessay measures led tranmission of coronavirus throughout the country which eventually leads up to epidemic. The primary duty to prevent corona transmission rests on the shoulders of physician and medical professionals. Unavailibility of necessary personal protections at the beginning takes the health risks of medical professionals to the severe levels. Doctors and people associated in health service have to go to hospitals and health centres with constant fear and panic in mind. It is not evident yet that they are able to serve patients without fear. 

Psychotherapist Mahmuda Mohsin Bushra highlighted two stimuli that work in the minds of doctors. She said, the main goal of doctor, nurse and medical professional is to save lives. But they get mentally annoyed while serving COVID-19 patients. First reason is that the doctors have really no choice other than to see many patients die. Secondly they are mentally concerned yet panicked and scared of his own and his family's health security. Some hospitals are crowded by all types of patients. There are no access to protection for medical professionals. No one can tell who actually bears COVID-19. Even the house where the doctors reside in after finishing his duties is not safe for him. Such chronic mental pressures leads him to suffer sleeplessness and eating disorders. Again the pain from not being able to heal corona patients stresses them mentally. The ensuing tug of war leads them suffer psychological stress. Some even feel guilty. Some mulls over the gains on being a doctor! What is use of achieving many certificates! 

Mahmuda Mohsina Bushra said some doctors regretfully mentioned that it is not possible to take cares that a COVID-19 patient deserves. Because it is deadly contagious disease, doctors have to work cautiously by avoiding risks. Had they took so, many lives could be saved. Such thoughts help mental stress breed in them. Infection on his colleagues also contributes in increasing mental stress and work load. 

On the other hand, journalists working to gather news from markets and corona hotspots are exposed to risks of getting infected. Usually journalists suffer job insecurity. Besides health risks of his own and his family, financial insecurity dominate his mind. They have to mull over the thougths of getting his salary at right time. Despite these, they are bound to take risks to gather corona related information on the instructions from the authority. Many houseowners pressurize them to leave houses, even they are treated cruelly as they have to live in rented houses because of limited income. Such problems from all sides throw the journalists into the prey of mental stress, psychotherapist Bushra added. 

She said, it is usual for all to experience fear and panic. We should behave more humane. We should be compassionate with each other. We should be informed of the family whose member is fighting on the frontline. We should make phone calls to keep each other mentally close. We should provide anything they need while maintaining distance. Public awareness tell us to maintain physical distance, not mental distance. Let us extend our loving hands to them. Let us respect them and inspire them from all situations.

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