Published:  12:31 AM, 18 July 2020

Dayarampur Rajbari

Dayarampur Rajbari

Dayarampur Rajbari  is located in Bagatipara Upazila, inside of the Qadirabad Cantonment under the administration of Bangladesh Army. After taking the oath of the Zamindari, Pramadanath  Roy (1873-1925), the elder son of then Dighapatia King Promothonath Roy (1849-1883), established the Junior Raj Dayarampur Estate in a place named Nondikuza  on the bank of river Boral and built this Rajbari for his three younger brothers.

They are Kumar Bosontokumar Roy (1874-1925), Kumar Sharatkumar Roy (1876-1946) and Kumar Hemendrakumar Roy (1877-1943). This place was named after Dayaram Roy (1680-1760), the great efficient Dewan of Queen Bhabani (1716-1795) of Natore and the establisher of Dighapatia Royal Family.

After the death of Kumar Bosontokumar Roy, Kumar Sharatkumar Roy took the responsibility of the whole Dayarampur Estate and stayed this palace till death. After the eradication of Zamindar dominion, they went to India.

How to go

After reaching at Natore, take rickshaw to go PTI Mor. From there you can find Auto or CNG to go Bagatipara Upazila through Qadirabad Cantonment in Dayarampur.

After reaching at Natore Sadar, take rickshaw to reach PTI Mor. From there, you can find direct CNG or Auto Rickshaw to reach Dayarampur Rajbari inside Qadirabad Cantonment in Bagatipara Upazila.

Where to stay

There are no hotels to stay in Bagatipara Upazila. Only Zila Parishad Dak Bungalow is available, but you require prior permission. Also you can stay in Natore Sadar Upazila.

Eating facilities

You can find cantonment canteen in the outside of cantonment area. Also, you can look for local restaurants nearby. Referred to where to eat at Natore Sadar, click here

Travel tips

There are access of civilians in Qadirabad Cantonment. It may be possible to take picture of Dayarampur Rajbari, but not the cantonment itself. Do not forget to bring your any possible IDs like student ID card or office ID. If anyone asks, provide your true identity.

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