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Sholakia Eidgah in Kishoreganj

Sholakia Eidgah in Kishoreganj

Sholakia is a locality near Kishoreganj town in Bangladesh. It is famous for its Eidgah where the largest congregation of Eid prayer in Bangladesh is held on the occasion of Eidul-Fitr, the day of celebration after the Ramadan, the month of fasting. 400,000 people join the prayer on every Eid. The Eidgah, on the bank of river Narosunda is reported to be 7 acres (28,000 m2) in size, accommodating 250 rows or about 150,000 of participants for every congregation. An equal number of participants take part in the prayer using the fields, roads and courtyards around the Eidgah.

A small number of elites make use of the two-storied mimbar (payer hall with towers for adhan) nearby, which can accommodate about 500 people. The prayer on the occasion of Eidul-Adha, the festival of qurbani or sacrifice, is also comparably large. The regular population of Sholakia is 1,026, consisting 180 households.

Syed Ahmed, a saint (known as peer) and an Islamic leader of Kishoregonj lived in Sholakia, Shahebbari, organized the first Eid congregation in 1828 in the fields of his own taluk. Syed Ibrahim, Father of Syed Ahmed came from what is now Saudi Arabia through Yemen and then he came to India. He preached Islam in 24 Porganas of India and protested against different Subversive activities of British against the locals.

Then he migrated to Comilla and then at Mymensingh. After few years later Syed Ibrahim went to Mocca to observe Hazze. But His wife lived in Nikli of Kishoregonj. By this time Syed Ahmed took born. He educated at Azimpur, Dhaka and He participated in Fakir movement from Mymensingh.

Later, towards the end of the 18th century, he moved to Sholakia, Shaheb Bari to begin Islamic activities. In 1827 he founded the first Mosque of Kishoreganj at Sholakia, Shaheb Bari. He observed different islamic activities at the MAJAR of Bora Pir( Hazrat Shah Monnoon, other opinion the name was MoyezuddinMoznu) of Kishoregonj at Sholakia, Shaheb Bari.

The local myth says that 125,000 people turned out at that congregation, hence the name Sholakia (shoa meaning one and a quarter and lakh meaning a hundred thousand). During foundation of Eidgah, Zaminder of Jangalbari and Hybathnagor helped Syed Shaheb. DewanMannanDand Khan of Hybathnagor, who was a descendant of Isa Khan, donated 4.35 acres (17,600 m2) of land to the Eidgah in 1950.

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You can join the most famous and biggest EidJamayat in SholakiaEidgah, held here every year.
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