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Visionary Md Shakib Uddin's Revolutionary Solution: Tholay Dot Com

Visionary Md Shakib Uddin's Revolutionary Solution: Tholay Dot Com
Born in August of 1993, Md. Shakib Uddin, from Narsingdi, has already made his ‘tholay’ or pouch of success. Shakib is an innovative, analytical and well-organized person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He completed BBA from BUBT and secured a degree in Business & Technology from Bangladesh University. Shakib used to be a serial ICT entrepreneur, e-business coach and e-commerce business consultant in the restaurant, food and beverage sector.

He was in charge of online and visual marketing, creative services and company development. But Shakib’s analytical mind is incomparable. His courage to experiment with new business strategies has helped him find ‘’. is an original and fast-growing e-commerce site that offers buyers high-quality items as well as enjoyable and engaging shopping experiences. It is a promising innovation that will consistently provide assuring service as its founder Shakib is committed to his purpose and vision.

Shakib is someone who takes his responsibilities seriously, which, in this case, is to serve the community with adaptive e-commerce facilities. His objective is to continuously improve the customer’s experience by utilizing the internet and technology. With this, assists customers in finding, discovering and even buying or selling anything they desire. Shakib’s mission with is also to enable companies and content producers to achieve maximum success. All his mission and objectives are vital for Bangladesh’s community as digital empowerment for customers and companies improve people’s living conditions across the region. It also boosts the country's economic competitiveness and productivity in the global market. is a site where people can come to locate and learn about anything they would want to buy. It offers a varied range of products. From groceries to electronics to clothes, whatever you desire, it is there. Shakib's offers its customers a wide range of great quality products, affordable rates,exciting offers and discounts on special occasions and a guaranteed 10-days delivery policy with no advance charges. The business is fully operated under all government rules and regulations and customer satisfaction is it's first priority. The customers can easily browse through many items at a time and get their desired products that are not available in their locality.

This site also provides cost reduction offers. Customers have the flexibility to shop whenever they want. lays out the facility of fast delivery and several payment methods. As CEO and founder of, Shakib’s ambition is to create a beautiful tomorrow by embracing the concept of the online marketplace while being mindful of the evolving demands of the modern lifestyle. We all are aware of the revolutionary change that e-commerce has brought us. Making the best use of this change will only make our lives easier and that is exactly what Shakib is trying to do with

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