Published:  04:40 PM, 26 December 2021

Short videos: Enhancing creativity and branding

Short videos: Enhancing creativity and branding
'Entertainment' is a term defined differently by different people. While the type of entertainment hugely varies with preference, we all crave it. In today's era of reduced human interaction, content consumption of different kinds seems to have become the main form of entertainment globally. Among all the variations, one aspect remains constant - the need for creativity.

For years, the entertainment sector has been a significant pathway for brands to reach people through advertisements while also showcasing the creativity of the ad-makers. Be it TV or radio advertisements - the exciting visuals and catchy jingles kept the audience hooked and often waiting for the ads while the businesses met their brand-awareness goals. Nowadays, the focus has significantly shifted from mainstream television to online media, such as social media and short video platforms. With this shift arose the necessity of content, including blog articles, influencer activities, and other visually engaging infographics and video contents.

This kind of shift is majorly caused by its audiences, as mass people worldwide seem to prefer the convenience of consuming online content whenever and wherever they want. Adding to the change, short video platforms have lately grown exponentially in terms of popularity. As humans, most of us are perhaps stuck in a loop of changing tastes, hence, happen to welcome innovation and creativity with open arms. Companies know that, and to keep up, they are constantly trying out the trendiest and, at the same time, out-of-the-box ways to engage the audience and attract them towards whatever they offer. This brings us to acknowledge the importance of compelling, entertaining, and educational content in promoting efficient brand awareness.Brainstorming and figuring out such ideas might add to the company's already overloaded plate, which is where the necessity of short video platforms comes in!

Short video platforms, such as Likee, provide just the appropriate stage for brands to showcase creativity in an entertaining-yet-educational style. Such apps create opportunities for many creative individuals, which is a big reason behind the app's growing popularity. There are singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and many other content creators who leveraged this power of infotainment contents, and earned fame through innovative short videos. On another note, short videos account for a convenient form of entertainment, attracting an increasing number of audiences.

Platforms like Likee promote and enhance creativity and allow the users to participate, create and connect. You can easily communicate with your favorite content creator through comments or direct chats whenever you would like to put up a request or feedback. This also encourages the content creators to be more creative in improving their content and making them more relatable.

Earlier, most of the audience used to be enthralled by highly stylized, larger-than-life videos, and that was what most brands worked with. Nowadays, more realistic, informal, and relatable kinds of contents are finding better access to the common audiences' minds, as we remain drenched under the wave of digital contents through our manifold blue-screens. With more and more content creators constantly putting efforts into short video platforms to showcase their creativity, they are paving a pathway for brands to reach customers more effectively, too. This creates a pattern of short video platforms empowering creativity while helping brands adopt a more efficient and innovative approach to branding.

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