Embracing Islami Bank's Fintech

Published:  09:46 AM, 13 September 2023

A Little Tea Stall Serves Big Convenience

A Little Tea Stall Serves Big Convenience

 Nazrul Islam

Nestled within the bustling streets of Dilkusha, a commercial area with dozens of banks, a charming tiny tea stall known as Belaler Dokan (Belal's Shop) has taken the art of brewing to new heights by revolutionizing payments. Belal Uddin, the visionary tea stall owner, whose ingenious use of fintech through the QR Code of the Islamic Bank has transformed the way customers enjoy their tea breaks - fast, cashless, and hassle-free.

Gone are the days of counting coins and asking the vendor for exchanging paper money here in this stall. Thanks to the QR Code technology of Islami Bank and Belal's forward-thinking approach, customers can now relish their favorite cup of tea while experiencing the convenience of swift transactions. Customers are seen scanning the QR Code stuck on the wall and clicking on Cellfin, an app of Islami Bank, and paying their bill and it is so fast!!!.

For years, Belal's tea stall has been a local favorite for his smiling face and communication, which attracts clientele from all walks of life. But he could not imagine how much potential Islami Bank's fintech solution has, even for such a tea stall, as customers found it very easy to use, subsequently helping elevate his humble business and making it soar up . With the help of Islami Bank, Belal implemented a QR Code-based payment system side by side paper-money transaction, allowing customers to make seamless transactions using their smartphones.

The impact was instant and overwhelming. Regular customer named Shamsul Arafeen Maruf, professionally a banker, praised Belal's adaption of modern technology, saying, "Belal's tea is undoubtedly the best in this area, but now, with the QR Code payment, the overall experience has become even better. It's so much faster, and I no longer worry about paying cash because small amount of bill sometimes creates difficulties in paying. You see my bill is only Tk 33 but in my pocket I have notes of Taka 200, nonetheless, it is easy for me to pay now with Cellfin app"

Azmaeen Inkiad, a college student, expressed his experience, another satisfied customer of Belal's tea stall. He enthusiastically shared, "Belal's tea stall has become my favorite place for quick refreshment between my classes. The QR Code payment system is incredibly cool! No more waiting for receipts or looking for change. Simply sip, scan and go!"

Belal described the incredible transformation that the QR Code brought to his tea-stall with a beaming smile on his face. He remarked, "Gone are the days when my customers had to wait in long lines, occasionally getting irritated as they had to wait long to exchange money for their tea and snacks." "It was like a bolt of inspiration struck me when I first learnt about Islami Bank's fintech solutions and the possibilities of using QR Codes; I knew I had to give it a try. Today, my tea shop has developed into more than just a cozy spot for a cuppa; it is a cutting-edge technology that offers my customers a seamless and tech-savvy experience.

Belal experienced a significant transformation in his daily operations with Islami Bank's QR Code system. Adoption of this approach of Islami Bank made easy his business activities and brought in efficiency to manage transactions seamlessly. Embracing digital technology allowed him to concentrate on his sales, stirring tea, and washing utensils.

Speaking about the dealing with Islami Bank, Belal expressed his gratitude, "I am grateful to Islami Bank for providing me with this fintech solution. Their support and dedication to fostering innovation have given my tea stall an edge over others. I'm proud to be a part of this technological revolution."
Belal's initiative has good effect and is being felt throughout the tea stall community. Neighboring vendors are taking notes and considering adopting same QR code for their stall to attract tech-savvy clientele.

As news spread, even tourists have began looking for Belal's tea stall, eager to experience the harmonious blend of traditional chai and modern convenience. The tiny tea stall has become more than just a place to savor tea thanks to the QR Code payment system; it has become a symbol of how embracing technology can improve even a simplest business.

Belal stands as shining example of accepting cutting-edge banking technology, proving that even a Chai traditions can be paired with the wonders of fintech. One cannot help but be amazed at how a simple QR Code has converted a tea stall into a bustling hub of convenience and delight as the aroma of freshly brewed tea fills the air.

Nazrul Islam is Senior
Vice President of Islami
Bank Bangladesh PLC.

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