Khoiyachora waterfall

Published:  12:00 AM, 24 December 2016

A magnificent natural beauty in Bangladesh

A magnificent natural beauty in Bangladesh

Khoiyachora waterfall is the natural beauty of creation! Nobody could feel the depth of creation until observing the mind-blowing and typical 7 to11 steps waterfalls like as Khoiyachora waterfalls. With the structural shape, size, and design, undoubtedly till now Khoiyachora is the biggest fountain in Bangladesh.

The waterfall is situated at Mirsharai Upozilla of Chittagong division. The waterfall has seven dominating steps with a few short primary steps. The distance between Dhaka to Mirshorai is almost 192.5 km via Dhaka - Chittagong Highway.

During the rainy season, the stream of Khoiyachora cascade becomes more powerful and robust. The water of this fall is so cool and transparent that tourists will be pleased with the rainy mountain, dazzling beauty of green hill, jhiri path and hilly roadside with some flat land.

To reach Khoiyachora, tourists have to reach "Borotakia Bazar" of Mirsharai on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway by bus. If someone wishes they can hire a CNG from Dhaka-Chittagong road and the CNG will drop them just before the trail.
Then they should follow the road. After few steps there is a jhiri, the main trekking to Khaiyachara will start from there.

It is suggested that if anyone is expert in trekking and swimming then they can follow the Jhiri path otherwise they have to follow the trail instruction notices which will show the way of the waterfall and also there are guides to be hired. After walking almost 4 km dangerous, sloppy with the muddy troublesome trail, they can see the main part of Khoiyachora waterfall; it will take around 2 hours.

To enjoy the rest of the waterfalls, tourists will have to climb up to the straight-forward hill of the left side of the waterfall. It is a little bit dangerous. So they have to be careful interim climbing. But when they finish to the 1st step of the waterfall, they will find it really deserving as well as worthy. 

There are some local and traditional hotels and also well-decorated hotel cum cottage; tourist will found on the line of Khoiyachora Waterfall. Tourists can contact with them and set their meal menu within 100tk budget before starting the main trekking.

There are some travel tips that tourists should follow, such as Must keep comfortable clothes, shocks, and suitable shoes to climb up the mountains, Keep necessary medicine, Important to keep glucose or Or-saline for the instant energy solution,take a haversack to make journey easy and also Keep rope, matches for the fire, chargeable light, light water bottle, cap, sunglass.

It is suggested to visit the area silently and come back silently. Bring back everything that has taken with such as water bottle, plastic packet or other things.

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