Published:  12:01 AM, 15 July 2017

Murapara Jomidarbari

Murapara Jomidarbari

The Murapara Jomidarbari or Palace was established by the founder of the Murapara Raj family named Ramratan Banerjee in Rupganj Upazila of Narayanganj District. He was appointed as treasurer of the Natore estate and rose to a high position and acquired large properties by dint of his honesty. He was a trusted person of a British Indigo Planter during the British Colonial period.

At that time when the indigo planter left the country after the death of his daughter, he gifted plenty of gold and money to Ramratan. Using those, he built this mammoth palace One source says it was Ramratan Banerjee who constructed the palace in 1889 but the other source says he just established the basement of the structure. It was Protap Chandra Banerjee who left his old traditional house and made new palace behind the old one in 1889..

In 1909, Jagadish Chandra Banerjee completed the structure and became a landlord. Jagadish Chandra Banerjee was very famous because he was twice elected at Delhi Council of State. Landlord Jagadish Chandra Banerjee established many things for the tenants in his territory but on the other hand was also very vulgar towards his tenant. Overall he was very powerful, brutal and vigorous landlord of the Murapara.

In his ruling period he torched and cutoff his tenants hair when they didn't pay their tax. In 1947, Jagadish Banerjee went to Kolkata (Calcutta). During the war 1971, many ornate portion of the palace was plundered by people. We came to know that there were two statues of lions at the gate of the palace boundary, and both of them stolen that time. After the war, this palace was used as a refugee camp for the non-bengali people & local people established a college using the building.

This building was renovated several times, and now a days, it just lost all its heritage. But still anybody can visit the palace for your weekend or any other holidays. There are two large ponds located at the palace premise; one at the front side and another one at the back side.

You can take your sit at the bench made from stone (once upon a time, now no stone existing, only brick) to get some fresh air. In addition, there is an old temple available inside the palace premise. It's just in front of the pond. This palace is just beside the highway, and after that, you can easily see the river Shitalakkhya.

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