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Nayak Raj Razzak is my idol: Ferdous Ahmed

Nayak Raj Razzak is my idol: Ferdous Ahmed

It doesn't need introductory words for Ferdous Ahmed, who debuts his career through a Basu Chatterjee film, as hero and earned National Film Award in Best Actor category for several times. A.S.M. Yiahia from The Asian Age  has taken the interview of this talented and popular hero.

You have successfully done many films both in Bangladesh and Kolkata film industries, which are still popular. But nowadays we are not seeing you anywhere. Does it mean that you are coming back with some amazing films?

Ferdous:  Actually from last few years I was thinking that I need to take a short break; as I was traveling (Dhaka-Kolkata) much for acting. I was feeling little bit tired and bored too.

Celebrating Nayak Raj Razzak's 75th Birth Anniversary at Channel-i studio in January 23, 2016.

And I have decided to do some selected and different type of films. According to my plan everything was running well, but just at the eleventh hour due to some tactical issues, some of my films are still in the queue to release and thus a gap has been created. But now I can say that within very short span of time the viewers will discover me in some different type of films. 'Kaler Putul' directed by Aka Reza Ghalib, 'Putra' directed by Mannu bhai, 'Shunno Hridoy' directed by Moushumi and 'Post Master 71' from my productions - are the movies on the way to release. In these films I will be in front of you with some new different characters.

Ferdous Ahmed and his co-artist Sohana Saba in  the film named Brihonnola

Besides there are also two commercial films in the queue: 'Megh Konna' and 'Pobitro Prem' directed by P.K. Sohel. And in Kolkata I appeared as a guest role for Srijit Mukharjee's film, 'Yeti Obhijaan'. Whether there won't occur any inconvenience - the above mentioned films will release one after another. Among these I think 'Kaler Putul' would release first. And I'm excited about it.

From 'Hothat Brishti' to 'Ek Cup Cha' you have performed in many characters. Among those which one you enjoyed much and why?

Ferdouse:  Honestly all my characters are equal to me. Most popular and hit role I like most and the flop one I just dislike - it's never like that, not at all; as I choose the characters intuitionally. And I had to give true effort to visualize them on screen. Nevertheless there were some characters, which took some extra drill and mental preparations to visualize successfully. Like: In 'Khairun Sundori' I had to keep some additional enthusiasm and endeavor, as my role killed his wife. And for that I had to prepare myself with my own.

Like it there are some more films, where I gave some extra efforts; 'Gangayatra', 'Rakkhusi', 'Kokhono Megh Kokhono Brishti' and 'Bechalor'. Along with these 'Hothat Brishti', 'Buker vetor Agun' and 'Ek Cup Cha' are in the top position. Because 'Hothat Brishti' is my first feature film; in 'Buker vetor Agun' I played Salman Shah's role as the same person and which will remain forever. And 'Ek Cup Cha' is the first ever feature film from my Nujhat Films. In a short I have same attraction for all my characters. But right now I just remember about these.

Did you ever feel thirsty for any character of some novel, story or film that your thirstiness would go stop by play a role on that?

Ferdous:  Yes!! There are many films which made me think like that. From Bangladeshi films - Nayak Raj Razzak and Alamgir's films are ahead of all. Besides there are some foreign movies, like: Titanic. And Apu of 'Pather Panchali' always brings a thought in me that if I had the chance to meet with great Director Satyajit Ray in my age like Apu (Subir Banerjee): I may give an audition to the director. Good films always bring such glimpse on my thought. Among novel and stories' characters Humayun Ahmed's Shuvro, from 'Feluda' Prodosh Chandra Mitra AKA Felu Mitra is one of my dream characters.

We know that you have completed your education in journalism. Then how did you come across film industry and why?

Ferdous: Actually I never had the desire in me to be a journalist. To me it's a very tough job. Because it demands much-more efforts, that I won't be able to give, but I completed my Masters in journalism since my family wanted me to complete the Master degree.

Before that I had studied Science and decided to complete my Master degree in such subject, where I can learn many things and communication too, and I chose journalism. It's a very noble profession -as I found it from my academic session. A real journalist can bring positive changes in the society. But from very beginning I was attracted to the glamour world. Every buddy will know me, and I will give them my autograph - such an imaginary scenario was in me and I was thinking just like it.

Well those were absolute glamour fascination. But nowadays all my contemplation is to do such work that my fans and viewers will remember me for long time. And when I would no more - viewers would recall my name for my performance and works. With this desire now I'm moving forward. 

Just months ago legend of Bangladeshi film industry Nayak Raj Razzak left us all. You have many memories with him let us share something from there.

Ferdous: I have lots of memories with Nayak Raj Razzak. This evening would become morning but my memories with him wouldn't end. 'Hothat Brishti' was released and I arranged a success party in Dhaka. My whole family, industry friends and Nayak Raj were present there. On that occasion my father became much delighted as he found Nayak Raj, with their conversation Mr. Razzak was appreciating my works- I just took the chance and told him that my father does not want me to do acting, as my family wants me to become a pilot. On the spot Nayak Raj told my father, "Ferdous is the pride of Bangladeshi Film Industry, we need actor like Ferdous. And I like to cast him in my upcoming film, please allow him." From there my father got convinced and let me do acting on film again. I'm grateful to Nayak Raj Razzak that he pulls out the permission of my father for me.

Another memory is with my production's first film 'Ek Cup Cha'. The story required a character which demands one and only Nayak Raj Razzak. Directors won't have courage to ask Nayak Raj for a guest artist's role. At the end I met him and asked him for that. After hearken the role he agreed and told "After many years I'm going to act in a guest role for the second time. My first guest role was in 'Dossu Bonhur' and I did that for my friend Masud Parvez (Sohel Rana). After that many people asked me to do guest role, I denied. But I will do for your film."

And he refused to take his remuneration too. Afterwards, I gifted him a black shawl. Very interesting thing is - to celebrate his 75th birth anniversary Channel I arranged a massive program, Nayak Raj clothe that shawl and told me,

"Ferdous can you remember this shawl?"

These are huge honor for me that Nayak Raj did his 2nd guest role in my film and he clothed that shawl on his 75th birth anniversary's massive celebration. Thus I found and learnt much from him. I believe these are my life-treasures. I peek much from him to my life-philosophy. He is an individual institution.

Your first film with Nayak Raj Razzak?

Ferdous:  My first film with Nayak Raj was 'Shantan Jakhan Shatru'. The film was from his own productions.

As a co-artist, how was Nayak Raj to you?

Ferdous:  Having the chance to do acting as a co-artist with Nayak Raj Razzak, is a great opportunity to me. I have enjoyed every moment as a co-artist with him.

You have the acting experiences of Bangladesh, Kolkata and Mumbai film industry. From these three industries' co-artists - with whom you felt much comfort?

Ferdous:  Well, I feel an inner feeling with my Bangladeshi co-artists. And I always tried to peek something from their experiences. From Nayak Raj to Alamgir, Shbana, Bobita, Rozina, Ilias Kanchan, ATM Shamsuzzaman - I tried to learn something about acting from all of them.

As I had no previous acting background before came to film. Often I took something from my heroines (co-artists) too. Priyanka (from Hothat Brishti), Shabnur, Moushumi, Rituparna are among them. It's need not to say that I have a true comfort zone with them by working together for a long time. Actually I enjoy my works with all my co-artists. I enjoyed my works with Prosenjit and Victor Banerjee in Kolkata. They love me much. And in Mumbai I enjoyed the work with actor Govinda, in a Bengali film named, 'Shamadhi'.

In acting who is your idol?

Ferdous: Nayak Raj Razzak is my idol. He is a complete hero. And was suitable to any character, even he fitted well with any costume, was skilled and handy enough to portray any character on its (character's) own way. He had an extra ordinary presentation in his gesture-posture and personality.

How do you feel about the new comers?

Ferdous:  Yes, almost every one of them is doing well. Among them Mahi, Pori, Faria, Shuvo, Emon, Nirab, Saymon, Bappy - has done some remarkable works. Besides I like to mention that just while ago digital media has introduced in our industry, as we say bye to 35mm. Related hands and associates are not capable enough of updating themselves just within such short period. It's requiring a smart time here.

In this situation new comers are not in a smooth position to share experiences from the seniors, as they (seniors) are not fully updated yet. Along with this nowadays Directors are not making movies to make establish the newcomers; as Shohanur Rahman Shohan, Shahidul Islam Khokon or Matin Rahman were giving break to the new people and made them set to the industry. Situation is changed now. I think within such limitation the young are doing well, although they are not having available breaks. But I'm optimistic and they will do much better in coming days.

There are many theoretical and structural differences between Kolkata and Bangladeshi film industry. According to you we are still behind from them and how can we make recover there?

Ferdous: Kolkata Film industry is much ahead to ours. There often South Indian Fight Directors come for fight sequences.

Dance Directors come from Mumbai for making dance sequences. In a sense there happens a grooming for Kolkata Film Industry and afterwards they are utilizing those experiences in their other jobs, which are developing the industry. But in our place such scenario is not seen. Really we are pretty much back footed in here. Kolkata industry is always updated with latest equipments, which always takes some more while for us. Besides our operators are not so skilled.

Somehow we are not professional like them yet. Doing job and making money can never be the real format of professionalism. Dedication is the most important part of professionalism. And we have to increase it more. Our industry's market and vision much smaller than Kolkata.

There are two type of films are producing all through the year in Kolkata. One: Mainstream commercial films and two - Literature based films. Such is not maintaining here yet. Though there are one or two literature based  films produced in Dhaka every year, which never build a healthier statistic for them. We need to make our film-market wider, which may confirm the correct steps for our upcoming days.

Interesting thing is - our government is giving many grants to make good films. It's really a well initiative to be mentioned. But the real scenario is - viewers are not having plenty of good movies, as much the grants amounts are granted by the government. There are available examples that many of those movies have been stopped in the middle for various issues. And they never restart again. I think respected officials should enhance their monitoring on this matter.

I think all we, who are associated with this industry, should think for whole industry; instead of thinking for our own. Only then we can take us to a glorious height. And our path would grow more wider and smoother for tomorrow.

Few words for your fans and readers…

Ferdous:  Actually fans and readers are everything to me. What I have been today is only for their unconditional true support and love. As long as their love would remain for me - I can go forward with my acting. On this level I'm humbly asking to all my fans - please watch Bangla movies on big screen. As much as you come to cinema hall, Bangla movie will last long, along with our entities. I'm wishing your every success and good health.

Ferdous bhai thank you very much that you gave me some moments despite day long various activities and busyness. Me, A.S.M. Yiahia on behalf of The Asian Age wishing you that all your upcoming movies may release soon overcoming every kind of uncertainty. And we are eagerly waiting for your upcoming cinemas.

Ferdous:  I'm also grateful to you that you have taken my interview on behalf of The Asian Age. And I'm also wishing good luck.

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