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Weight loss with the Japanese 'morning banana diet'

Weight loss with the Japanese 'morning banana diet'
So are you planning to lose weight? If yes, you are probably thinking and dreading the coming days which are going to be about deprivations and endless efforts to avoid the most tempting and yummy foods around. Or maybe not? There are a whole lot of diet plans available online for weight loss but most make you compromise on something or the other. 

The true purpose of a diet plan is to ensure the one that works for you and your body and benefits your health as well.

So here's a diet plan which can help you lose oodles of weight without bringing in too many changes in your regular diet. Known as the Morning Banana Diet or the Asa Banana diet, this one gained popularity in 2008 in Japan. The success of this diet is evident from the fact that as soon as it gained recognition, the Japanese retailers witnessed a shortage of bananas for a certain period of time.

1. Breakfast
You begin your day with a glass of water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. Gulp a glass of water and have one banana for breakfast. You can have more but do not over eat. Avoid overeating. If you still feel hungry, you might have something with less than 200 calories after this, around 15 to 20 minutes later.

2. Lunch and dinner
Your last meal of the day should not be eaten after 8 pm. Though 6 pm is preferable, you might take some time to come to reduce the time eventually. There is no limitation on the type and amount of food you eat. However, avoiding fried and junk food is recommended to ensure that weight loss takes place. And the second thing to keep in mind is, avoiding desserts after your meals.
You need to identify when you are feeling satisfied with your meal and not full or stuffed. This Japanese diet calls it 80% full. With time you will start identifying the point when you are done and satisfied with food.

3. Drink lots of water
The only beverage you can have is water. Drink lots of water but, not too much as it may lead to bloating. Drink filtered water, at room temperate and in small sips.

4. Snacks
Afternoon snacks can include a cookie or a piece of chocolate, till 3 pm, but not after that. Or if you crave for a salty treat, popcorn is the healthiest and lightest snack. Watch out for heavy and fried foods.

5. Early to bed
Try and go to bed by midnight, not after that. If you can sleep earlier than that, it is even better. Try to keep a 4-hour long gap between your last meal and bed time.

6. Exercising is not necessary
The aim of this plan is to get things done with least stress on you. So if you do not feel like exercising it is fine. However, if you wish to go for a walk or a run or for a normal workout session, it is fine.
No fasting, no exertion, no deprivations, this is the perfect diet plan you need for weight loss!

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