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Role in action thriller suits me most Nirab Hossain

Role in action thriller suits me most  		Nirab Hossain

Nowadays Bangla movies are attracting viewers more and more to cinema halls countrywide.  Many popular movies have been released this year. 'Game Returns' is one of those, which demands  viewers' ceaseless attention. A.S.M. Yiahia from The Asian Age had some moments with  Nirab Hossain the new action hero of Bangla movie industry.

AA: What were the things attracted you most to begin a career as an actor? Why do you think this is an ideal profession for you?

Nirab: Well, in this regard, I must tell a short tale. One day I found some excellent photographs of my neighborhood-friend David, which he took on a photo session. Seeing those I felt a deep desire within me. Managing my mom and elder brother with much hardship, I took some money from them to capture my photos on a session. That was just the initial step of media involvements.

And in 2004 for the first time I did a Ramp-show for Batexpo. In that same year I took part in 'You Got The Look' contest and found a place among top five. Afterwards, one of my friends, Sumaiya took me to Mr. Amitabh Reza and he gave me opportunity to work with him in his TVCs (Television commercials). And I started Amitabh Reza's 9 consecutive TVCs: Nescafé, Pepsodent, Lux-promo, Aktel, Mojo, Gree AC and 3 remarkable TVCs of Banglalink.

With those my journey as a model began. And I worked with Tariq Anam Khan, Shomi Kaiser, Sounak Mitra and Atiq Rahman too. Honestly speaking, Amitabh Reza has made a lot of contribution to the stage of my today's career. Afterwards I found some drama offers - Chayanika Chowdhury and Saiful Islam Mannu bhai's dramas are remarkable amid them.

Within the shortest possible time Shahin Shuman bhai cast me for his 'Mon Jekhane Ridoy Shekhane' along with Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, it was the very first film of my career. And I decided to engage myself in this sector to make a film-star career, as good films were making then regularly. And worked with three more films with Shakib Khan, named: 'Mone Boro Koshto', 'Shaheb Namer Golam' and 'I Love You', started my solo career with 'Guru Bhai' directed by A.Q. Khokon; which was based on a Novel by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, called: Datta Gupta.

Afterwards 'Bolona Tumi Amar', 'Ma Amar Chkher Moni', 'Bhola To Jayna Tare', 'Moner Ojante', 'Char Okkhorer Bhalobasha', 'Game' and 'Game Returns'. Well, in a short - after TVC and drama I thought that it's the prime time to do something good on the big screen and with that I came to cinema.

Right now with Sohana Saba, I'm doing a film, 'Abbas' by Saif Chandan. Besides Rafiq Shiqdar's 'Ranga Mon', with Silvia and Saif Chandan's 'Target' is also in the pipeline with Omrita. I'm also with Kolkata's Priyanka in Rafiq Shiqdar's 'Ridoy Jure' and Iryn is with me in Bulbul Zilani's, 'Rodro Chaya'.

Actually right now viewers have a true demand for me, and that's why I'm involved with so many films so far. Here viewers' demands always stand top before what I'm thinking of. So the equation is very simple.

AA: Teamwork is very important to work with a role of film industry. How do you adapt with this and would you think that it's really important to build a career here?

TVC, drama or cinema - there are no alternative to working without teamwork. To me - it has to be present on the floor from the very starting to the end of any work. Thus we can pick true experience from team, which will confirms feedback for next job. A hero can play negative or positive role. But at the very end it is very essential to give a moral message to the people of the society. And that can possible only through a perfect teamwork. So having experience of working with team is really essential for building a career in the film industry.

AA: Motivation is important in the acting profession. Various types of roles and characters, how do you remain positive and focused while working?

Nirab: In fact, it's very interesting; various types of characters, roles vary from one film to the other. Style and situation are also vary from one to the other. Nothing is going to match with each-other and never. But it has to be inserted into the role-play itself. And it always demands a well-team work, as I mentioned earlier. At the outset when the script came to my hand - gradually I tried to get into the depth of the character, whether I like it and found it suitable for me. It's a process and every member of the team: Director, assistant directors, screen writer and co-artists all give their nice co-operation for adapting my role. Along with the teamwork and my own concentration I motivated myself to play the role accordingly.

AA: To be an established actor you need to evaluate your success. How are you doing so? Once you were doing TVCs and dramas and nowadays you are busy with big screen cinema - in this way! Or from the inner you are much satisfied with your works rather than the works you did before!

Nirab: Actually I'm always conscious of viewers' response to my works, rather than my own satisfaction. According to viewers' desire and feelings - how much I'm giving them is the one and only important concern for me. In another words - I always measure my failure and success through viewers' response. From there I take my lesson for future works that where I need to be more careful. I don't get satisfied with my own contentment and I never want that too. My contentment always demands viewers' real satisfaction.

And I can give you an example as the viewers' response found in the media after release of Game Returns. Even acclaimed director Debashish, Saif Chandan and Bulbul Biswas utter the same tone, "If we can utilize Nirab that will bring some tremendous things. And Nirab has that ability to give something good to the whole industry." These bring real satisfaction for me, are the ways to evaluate or measure my success. And they are giving me encouragement to do better in the future.

AA: 'Game Returns' is the movie full of various action sequences and thrilling moments. Which sequence did bring much thrill, while playing the role?

Yes 'Game Returns' is full of thrill and breathtaking actions. Story, screen write-up, dialog, camera framing, and location - everywhere thrilling atmosphere is truly clear; as post productions' charisma makes them more comprehensive. Acting with such elements me was always in true thrill.  But one sequence is remarkable to me - after Payel's death, when I started my first revenge on killing several bad guys. There I gave my full effort; how much perfect the delivery was, only viewers can measure.

AA: Among the male artists of Bangladesh, Ferdous Ahmed is the first person and you are the second one, who played the main role in Bollywood Hindi Film. Would you share some of those experiences with our readers!

Nirab: Wow! That was very nice experience. October 13, 2017 - Faisal Saif's Faith Pictures Inc.'s production released Hindi film 'Sheitaan' at a time Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and many other places of India. I was so excited, as find the chance over there.

And being a Bangladeshi, I'm the second person after Ferdous Ahmed, who acted in a main role of Hindi film brings me double excitement. The film was in the top-four position of Box Office at the first week of release. It's really a big milestone for my career. Sameer Khan is one of the prudent Directors of Mumbai Film Industry, and working with him was a nice experience. Besides working with Kavita Radheshyam, Asif Basra and Amita Nangia was a great too.

The story was much challenging; as it was build on a term of Muslim Shia-Sunni controversy. Without my director and co-artist Kavita's co-operation that was very difficult for me to carry on with fluent Hindi language, as I'm a Bengali speaking artist. Mumbai cinema market is the vast one and they make their investment according to the market's expansion. So their arrangement needs to be rich. On the location Fight Director was from Bengaluru, Light Team from Karnataka, DOP Team (Director of photography) from Chennai. Together with such experienced teams' production must be the better one, which is just impossible here in our place, as we have budget limitation and visitor-less cinema hall situation.

Someday we would be able to overcome the lack of upgraded cinema technologies. Before that we have to make more good movies according to viewers' real taste, as they are familiar enough with the global standards movies through various online facilities nowadays. And also viewers' responsibility is to watch movies going to cinema halls, rather than other ways. It's the perfect time to make this practice as our culture.

AA: Which work does make you most satisfied?

Actually satisfaction never come easily. It's also same to me. But for some works I have clean-keen-close-intimacy. From TVC Amitabh Reza's Bnglalink; from drama Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi's 'Kobi Bolechen' and Chayanika Chowdhury's 'FM shongbed'. In films 'Guru Bhai' and 'Game Returns' are the works, which really make me think once again. But overall I'm absolutely contented with every work.

AA: From a professional context, what do you feel your greatest weakness is?

Well personally I think that I have some weak corners in my acting, dance and fight movements. With these three I like to gain enrichment on all other segments of acting; I like to develop my acting maturity more.

AA: From a professional context, what do you feel your greatest strengths are?

I think I'm not the right person to answer this topic. Only viewers have the decision and right answer.

AA: Who is your idol within the acting industry?

I never thought of it actually. But I like Nayak Raj Razzak most. In 2013 worked with in the film named 'Tomake Chai', which was directed by Razzak Sir and produced from his own productions. There Somrat bhai, Shahara and I was playing the main roles. That was a big achievement for me that I worked with such a legend of Bangladeshi film industry. After him I like Salman Shah and Shakib Khan.

AA: Which type of role does attract you most?

Nirab: I like different types of characters. To express the real versatile power of acting, playing a different type of role has no alternatives, I do believe so. With that motto I like straggled-action character; that could be the struggle to save the heroin, mother or father. So in a short -I feel maximum comfort in action-thrill role.

Few words for your fans and readers…
This is for them, who like cinema - please come to the theater hall for watching your beloved movies. It always requires a big arrangement to make a good cinema. And after the production, a good movie never deserve visitor less hall; which always stands with just no meaning for cinema.

AA: Nirab bhai thank you very much that you gave me some moments despite day long various bustle and busyness. Me, A.S.M. Yiahia on behalf of The Asian Age wishing you that your upcoming movies, 'Abbas', 'Rangamon' and 'Target' may release soon, and find obvious bonanza by overcome every kind of uncertainty; besides wishing your good health and prosperity.

I'm grateful to you too that you have taken my interview on behalf of The Asian Age. I'm very happy and wishing you good luck.

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