Monday, September 21, 2015



Four space tourists have splashed down successfully in the Atlantic Ocean after three days

Scientists find world's northernmost island

A group of scientists say they have discovered by luck what they believe is

Richard Branson planning trip to space ahead of rival Bezos

British billionaire Richard Branson one-upped his rival Jeff Bezos on Thursday, announcing that he

US 'has no explanation' for UFO sightings

The US government has said it has no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying

First crew blasts off to new China space station

China has launched three astronauts into orbit to begin occupation of the country's new

US intel report on UFOs inconclusive

The conclusion of a classified US intelligence report on the existence of alien UFOs

Nasa announces two missions to Venus

Nasa has announced that it is sending two new missions to Venus in order

China lands its Zhurong rover on Mars

China has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars, state media announced early on Saturday.

Nasa releases panorama taken by Mars rover

The US space agency Nasa released a spectacular panoramic view on Wednesday (Thursday in

Branson’s Virgin Orbit reaches space for first time

Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit project on Sunday successfully flew

CU research team uncovered the gene pattern of COVID-19

Emran Emon ||  CU Correspondent

China's lunar rover travels 565.9 meters on moon

The lander and the rover of the Chang'e-4 probe have been switched to the

Convalescent plasma did not reduce Covid-19 deaths: Study

A new study from India says convalescent plasma did

Scientists detect possible new organ in human throat

Dutch scientists have claimed that they have found a

NASA probe Osiris-Rex set to 'kiss' asteroid Bennu in historic mission

After a four-year journey, NASA's robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex will descend to asteroid Bennu's boulder-strewn

Space probe makes 1st Venus fly-by on way to Mercury

A spacecraft bound for Mercury swung by Venus on Thursday, using Earth’s neighbor to

Researchers discover fossils of new species in Arizona

Researchers have discovered fossils of a tiny burrowing reptile among a vast expanse of

NASA announces eight-nation space coalition under 'Artemis Accords'

NASA announced on Tuesday that eight countries have signed an international agreement called the

Telescopes capture supermassive black hole devouring star

Astronomers have captured the moment a supermassive black hole shredded a star the size

NASA, SpaceX target Oct. 31 for historic manned mission to space station

NASA and SpaceX are targeting 2:40 a.m. EDT Saturday,

Salty lake, ponds may be gurgling beneath South Pole on Mars

A network of salty ponds may be gurgling beneath Mars’ South Pole alongside a

High-speed jet closest to black hole found

Chinese researchers discovered that the low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations (LFQPOs) above 200 keV in a

Scientists find world's oldest sperm in Myanmar amber


Fish exposed to noise pollution likely to die early: study

Fish stressed by noise are less able to 

Scientists discover new luminous fungus

An international research team has discovered a new species of luminous fungus in Asia,

Asteroid over 22 meters in diameter to pass by Earth on Tuesday: NASA

An asteroid with diameters between 22 and 49

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