Monday, September 21, 2015



This is not a drill. A ginger haired emoji is finally a

India orders ban on Blue Whale suicide game

The Indian Government has directed internet majors - Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo - to immediately remove the

Tech firms under fire over white nationalists

The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer had its internet domain registration revoked twice in less

Wifi is set to go ultrafast

Super-fast wifi 100 times faster than today is on the horizon using high-frequency radiation

Facebook discretely fields China photo-sharing app

Facebook's interest in China has led it to discretely

Google cancels all-staff diversity meeting

Google has cancelled an all-staff meeting to discuss a controversial memo

How robots hunt new drugs for ALS

Artificial intelligence robots are turbo-charging the race to find new drugs for the crippling

Mozilla and fact-checker engine join fight on fake news

Mozilla, the non-profit which runs the Firefox internet browser, said yesterday it was launching a drive against “fake news” as

Google cancels diversity debate Town Hall

Google Thursday canceled a Town Hall intended to air

Man 'paints' offensive tweets in Germany Twitter office

A German satirist who claims Twitter is failing to

iPhone 8 can make Apple world's first $1 trillion company

Riding on the 'better-than-expected iPad and iPhone sales', the upcoming flagship device iPhone 8 could make the Cupertino-based giant the

Game of Thrones hackers demand ransom

Hackers who have leaked Game of Thrones scripts and other data from

Cyberattack leaves millions without mobile phone service in Venezuela

A massive cyberattack that took down government websites in

Cyber threats prompt return of radio for ship navigation

Cargo ships navigate the Panama Canal during an organized media tour

No under-glass Touch ID in Apple iPhone 8

In a breather to its rival Samsung, Apple has decided to give

Google CEO slams memo on gender as employee reportedly fired

A memo written by a male engineer at Google about gender differences

Google fires diversity memo author

A Google employee who wrote a controversial memo about workplace diversity has been

No under-glass Touch ID in Apple iPhone 8

In a breather to its rival Samsung, Apple has decided to give its Touch ID security

Google becomes center of controversy for tech gender gap

Google found itself at the center of controversy after an employee in a leaked internal document

Google engineer’s anti-diversity ‘manifesto’ angers employees

In July, Google emerged triumphant in its fight with the US Department of Labour

Expert who stopped 'WannaCry' outbreak held in cyber fraud in US

Ironic as it may read but a cybersecurity researcher who was hailed

YouTube child protection mechanism 'failing'

YouTube's child protection mechanism is breaking down, according to some of the

Apple 'working on non-iPhone Apple Watch'

Apple is working on an Apple Watch that does not need to be paired to

[Watch] RoboMaster armies go to battle in China

Teams of robots are being pitted against

Uber launches community guidelines for riders, drivers

Uber, the world's largest ridesharing app that connects riders with drivers, on Thursday announced their 'community guidelines' for both riders

Microsoft Word to ''Read Aloud'' text for the dyslexic

Microsoft Word now has a new `Read Aloud` feature that has been

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