Monday, September 21, 2015



While Bangladesh is being featured in the global media for all the wrong reasons, the country is undergoing through

Sony closes UK video games studio

Sony is closing its Cambridge-based video games studio, Guerrilla Cambridge. The developer's most recent title was the PlayStation VR

Google confirms end of internet drone project

Google has confirmed it has closed its internet drone project Titan, three years after it bought the business. The

Itel mobile celebrates 1st anniversary

Itel mobile has celebrated its journey of one year completion with glory and success on presence of their valuable

Facebook already flirting with censorship

Censorship is almost always a touchy subject, but it's also par for the course in certain parts of the

Government to set 2 lakh broadband connectivity points countrywide

The government is planning to establish broadband connectivity in two lakh points across the country to ensure interne for

BTRC to rank telcos based on service quality

Bangladesh Telecomm-unication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is set to make a public ranking of country's telecom operators based on a

Razer gaming laptop has three screens!

Gaming PC maker Razer has unveiled a concept laptop with three 4K screens at

The jacket that lets you stash 42 gadgets

As I swim in the ocean of shiny new tech that surrounds me at

Solar power becomes cheapest source of new energy

When it comes to obtaining new energy, solar energy now costs less than fossil

French workers win 'right to disconnect'

French companies will be required to guarantee a "right to disconnect" to their employees

Govt to ban more 500 porn sites

Government has made a list of another 500 porn sites or more to ban

Smart Technologies brings "Gigabyte 200 Series Motherboard"

Smart Technologies (BD) Limited has organized Gigabyte 200 Series Motherboard launching ceremony at Bangladesh

76% Apple's mobile devices being run by iOS 10

Apple  has released its latest iOS adoption numbers, revealing that the version 10 of

IOT will bring changes in industries in coming years

Internet of Things or IoT will be the top digital service in the coming

Can postal service become logistics partner for e-Commerce industry?

Logistics has been a nightmare for Dhaka's thriving E-commerce scene. Almost every e-shop owners, be it a Facebook store

Apple to start producing iPhones in India

'Apple could very soon begin manufacturing iPhones in the world's fastest growing smartphone market.After months of back and fourth

Send kisses to loved one thru 'kiss messenger'

Every now and then, another gadget comes along that tries to add a human touch to bare, cold metal.

PANDA raffle draw held

Panda security raffle draw and cultural program was held on the last day of the fair recently.  PANDA Security

China's Huawei sees slower revenue growth for 2016

China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, one of the world's largest telecom equipment makers, said on Friday it expects 2016

ISA begins journey under CTO Forum

Information Security Alliance (ISA) has begun its journey officially through an inauguration ceremony organized by CTO Forum in a

5 apps to get rid of smartphone clutter

Modern Smart-phones are equipped with substantial memory capacity, which makes these devices vulnerable to clutter: duplicated pictures, temporary worthless

Amazon launches Prime video service in BD Inc recently launched its video-on-demand service, Prime Video, in nearly every country except China, pitting itself against video-streaming

Nokia files more patent suits against Apple

Nokia has filed new patent infringement lawsuits against Apple on Thursday, a day after it weighed in on a

Robi, Grameen Intel to provide software based agro-solutions

Robi Axiata Limited signed a MoU with Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd (GISB) at the Robi Corporate Office in

Google's free Wi-Fi at 100 railway stations in India

Google's audacious plan to connect millions of Indians to the internet is chugging along smoothly, reports Mashable.  Google announced