Monday, September 21, 2015



The propaganda spearheaded by the fundamentalist parties of Bangladesh about art and sculptures is totally misperceived and fallacious. These

Does God exist? some scientists think they have proof

The question of whether a god exists is heating up in the 21st century.

Bride of ISIS: From 'happily ever after' to hell

Islam and Ahmed met online, looking for their "happily ever after" through a Muslim

India's anti-harassment squad : Helping or intruding

In Uttar Pradesh, a special police squad has been set up to fight eve

Why did Trump decide to attack Syria?

Just days before the New Hampshire primary last year, a must-win contest

A Mexican man was cleared of raping a girl because he didn’t enjoy it

For months after he learned in 2015 that his 17-year-old daughter was kidnapped outside a club

$27,000 melons? Unwrapping the high price of Japan's luxury fruit habit

It looks like a jewelry shop with its high-end exterior. 

1st Japan birth achieved via egg

A woman unable to become pregnant with her own eggs due to illness has

Texas teacher arrested for sexual relationship with student

A science teacher was all smiles when her mugshot was taken on Monday (20 March), despite

Baby born with extra legs thriving after surgery

Doctors say a baby girl from Africa who's recovering from a risky surgery at

India gives Ganges, Yamuna rivers same rights as a human

An Indian court has declared the sacred Ganges and Jamuna rivers living entities, giving them the

Cannes Film Festival

With two months to the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival, The Asian Age takes  a look back at the

Satyajit Ray and Cannes

Satyajit Ray became an internationally reputed director with his very first film which was considered among the best in

Oscars bathed in Moonlight

Moonlight, a poignant story of human connection and self-discovery in the tough projects of southern Florida, won the best

Hollywood Takes on Donald Trump

Hollywood seized the global platform of the Oscars on Sunday to take on Donald Trump, but stars kept the

Shiniest stars of Hollywood’s night of nights

Director Damien Chazelle makes history Damien Chazelle became the youngest ever winner of a best directing Oscar on Sunday

6th Classical Music Conference 2016

Ustad Aashish KhanUstad Aashish Khan is a distinguished Sarode artist from India. He comes from a family of notable

War on terror

The fight against terrorism isn’t just a fight against a bunch of misguided extremists; it is a fight to

Make time to look after

Have you ever felt guilty spending time looking after yourself? Or have you ever thought that spending money to

Low fat banana cake

Banana cake is often served with frosting, but this low fat banana cake is so moist and delicious it doesn't

Grilled Vegetable Salad

This salad recipe is easy to prepare and you can put it together well ahead of time because it is

Vegetarian Pilaf

This recipe makes a great lunch or light dinner when you want an easy meal to make. Leftovers can be

Pineapple & Mango Smoothie

This pineapple and mango smoothie tastes like sunshine in a glass and you can't help feeling happy after drinking it.

Rise and rise of the Man Booker shortlisted author

Sunjeev Sahota opens the door to me early on a Friday afternoon with an air of anxiety, as though

Some interesting facts about Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, is widely regarded as one of best minds in physics in the 21st century. He shot to

Chocolates: Best cure for a winter cough

Next time you've got a cough, skip the honey and lemon and grab some chocolate. A leading cough and