Monday, September 21, 2015

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Ekushey is a Bengali spirit essentially integrated with the identity of the nation that germinated in 1952 and emerged

The heroic tale of the history makers

Every year people, throughout the world, observe International Mother Language Day with deep respect and love. Through the observance

From Language Movement to the War of Liberation

IntroductionThe Language Movement was a landmark in the history of Bangladesh which started as a cultural movement of the

Sixty fifth anniversary of Language Movement

The Bengali Language Movement  which gave birth the occurrence of 21st  February in 1952, sixty five  years ago, popularly 

1952: On a day in February

The realities of Ekushey, or around it, need to be focused on again, all these years after 1952. Precisely

Abul Barkat: An immortal language luminary

Abul Barkat is one of the valiant sons of the soil who laid down his life on 21st February

A reflection on Language Day

This weekend, Bangladesh celebrated Language Martyr's Day once again. The holiday is one of my favourites - a celebration

Our revolt for lingual emancipation

Ekushey February is one of the most scintillating days in the history of our nation as far as our

From Ekushey to International Mother Language Day and beyond

Like every landmark day of every other country, Bangladesh's Ekushey February, or the 21st of February, 1952, has its

Kabita's missing sandal

The lost sandal was not found any more even after a lot of efforts to trace it. Kabita and

Frilly Spring in the country

It's the spring, the period of color and the king of the season. Now the nature is busy enough

A history of Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a jumble of traditions, beliefs, and celebrations that has come to us from a distant past.

Love stories idealizing sacrificial virtues

In terms of love stories, several books have obtained the status of classical creations since previous centuries till the

Remake the celebration of love in your own image

Valentine's Day is an awkward, sensitive holiday whether or not you have a significant other and, perhaps especially, if

Love in the time of Spring

Nature functions in its own way in geographical settings. Spring in the cyclic order brings about necessary changes in

Bangladesh-India defense cooperation

The defense cooperation between Bangladesh and India began during our Liberation war and so, 21st November is celebrated  as

ISRO dreams big, delivers big!

India's success story in space technology seems to defy gravity, considering Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) string of spectacular

The new right

What is the intellectual case for the political Right in India? This is a question that has been posed

An alliance for peace and prosperity

Bangladesh and India share the same rivers, same eco-systems, same culture and heritage.   Let me also recognize that Bangladesh

Can Bangladesh seize the south breeze?

The breeze has turned to the south. Various industries, apparel being the biggest, are switching to South Asia from

Bangladesh: Empowering women to fight poverty

Shyamola Begum, 43, says she understands why her husband left her. Under the pressures of crippling poverty, with too

The quest for sustainable development through equitable and quality education

Our planet 'Earth' is in a dire state. Natural resources have been overexploited. A significant loss of biodiversity is

Welcoming 2017 with blissful anticipations

New year festivities are celebrated across the world by people of all countries. People bid farewell to the departing

The year gone by and what the future holds

The year coming to a close saw the unraveling of several key events at both the international and domestic

Bangladesh's hidden story: A booming economy

A significant piece of news emerged from Bangladesh recently that received little notice outside the country. Last year for

Merry Christmas: Didactic epistles of an auspicious day

Tunes of delight and blitheness have already begun to jingle in the air as another Christmas approaches the world.