Monday, September 21, 2015

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The breeze has turned to the south. Various industries, apparel being the biggest, are switching to South Asia from

Bangladesh: Empowering women to fight poverty

Shyamola Begum, 43, says she understands why her husband left her. Under the pressures of crippling poverty, with too

The quest for sustainable development through equitable and quality education

Our planet 'Earth' is in a dire state. Natural resources have been overexploited. A significant loss of biodiversity is

Welcoming 2017 with blissful anticipations

New year festivities are celebrated across the world by people of all countries. People bid farewell to the departing

The year gone by and what the future holds

The year coming to a close saw the unraveling of several key events at both the international and domestic

Bangladesh's hidden story: A booming economy

A significant piece of news emerged from Bangladesh recently that received little notice outside the country. Last year for

Merry Christmas: Didactic epistles of an auspicious day

Tunes of delight and blitheness have already begun to jingle in the air as another Christmas approaches the world.

Little kids, see what gifts Santa Clause has brought for you!

My two otherwise quiet little daughters have recently discovered, through browsing YouTube, that Santa Clause distribute gifts, albeit secretly,

“Best wishes for a holy and serene Christmas!”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I would like to begin this meeting of ours by offering cordial good wishes to

The history of Christmas carols

Carols were first sung in Europe thousands of years ago, but these were not Christmas Carols. They were pagan

The Christmas tree: Symbol of life, love and peace

Many legends and old traditions concerning the Christmas tree date back to very ancient times, but historical documentation of

Christmas: Celebration of the birth of Christ

Some of M. K. Gandhi's words on Christmas, the birth of Christ, are as stated here: For though we

Christmas: An invocation for peace

When I began to write this article on the theme of 'Christmas and peace', I was shocked to see

Bangladesh: A nation state with its unique history, identity and prospect

The birth of Bangladesh was not a result of a single phenomenon, nor was it a fruit of a

The politics behind Bangalee freedom

'Freedom', as a word, has mostly positive connotation. It sums up to be all good and essential.The quest of

Bloodbaths before and after independence

Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood is a historic book authored by eminent journalist Anthony Mascarenhas. The book illustrates the

1971: Glimpses from two American philanthropists

When we ponder over the word "genocide", the most gruesome instances that we often recall are the holocaust executed

Give back my native identity

There is a saying that great Alexander the Conqueror withdrew his force from Indian eastern part anticipating masculine counter

'Bangladesh will achieve its goal of becoming a higher-middle income country by 2021'

During Bangladesh Liberation War Bhutan was the first country to recognize the independence of Bangladesh on the 6th December,

Birth of a nation

Just when is a new nation born? Is it when a group truly representative of a country's people declares

A saga of nine-month struggle

Every year the victory day comes to us with its own color though many of us still do not

How Pakistan surrendered in 1971

In a conversation with Ramananda Sengupta, Lieutenant General J F R Jacob,  Chief of Staff, Eastern Army Command during

Meanings of the Victory Day

What is the meaning of the Victory Day? This question may seem to be totally incongruous in the context

Bangladesh: Challenges and expectations

Bangladesh has moved towards a remarkable progress in solving the problems, especially reducing poverty, the death rate of mother

The rainbow skies of December

Four decades and a half ago, the People's Republic of Bangladesh came to life over the ashes of what

A war of our time

It is more than four decades back we fought for our independence and attained sovereignty. The valiant sons of