Monday, September 21, 2015

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The word 'Divorce' can be the worst nightmare in a marriage. Sadly, the trend has

Style queen Melania Trump

Style queen! Melania Trump, 47, upstages fellow first ladies - including France's grumpy-looking Brigitte Macron, 64

[WATCH]Mark Zuckerberg's 'best memory' from Harvard speech

On Thursday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went back to school. Back

Child therapist gives gorgeous lesson to mother

An Australian mom’s brief exchange with a child therapist produced a beautiful

How to end extramarrital affair

There’s plenty of advice out there focused on affair recovery and what married couples can do

Night owls should start work later,research says

Most workers can identify with either being one or the other: Finding themselves arriving bright, early

5 things you should always do after every job interview

1.Send a thank-you noteSend a thank-you note to

The words your boss never wants to hear from you

I've been managing teams for about six years now, and there's one phrase I've grown to

Sonu Nigam quits Twitter

Singer Sonu Nigam has announced in 24 tweets posted this morning that

5 ways to Feng Shui Your space get the life you imagined

Do you often feel sluggish after a day of doing absolutely nothing at home? Is it

[WATCH]Mark Zuckerberg visit Harvard dorm room he founded Facebook in

The twin of Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev

Narendra Modi leaned to whisper in the ear of the man sitting

Obama and Michelle cuddle for camera in their Italian vacation

Is anyone having more fun than Barack and Michelle Obama post-presidency? On

She made her body a canvas

In Mari Katayama's provocative photos, a rare condition that she has suffered from since early childhood -- which resulted in

‘Journalists drink too much’

Exercise can make bones stronger too!

Exercising burns the fat found within bone marrow and this process improves

105 year-old woman receives honorary high school diploma

A Pennsylvania woman who said her only regret in life was not finishing high school has

A ride in hell close look at real life in megacities

"It's horrific" says photographer Michael Wolf, describing scenes from his "Tokyo Compression" photo series.Source CNN.

10 things most successful people do at night

What about successful people? What do

6 reasons why you should live alone once in your life

Whether or not by choice, everyone at some point gets a chance

Obama and Joe Biden are still best buds

It’s the friendship that birthed a million memes, and though it’s now removed from the public

Japan's princess to marry a commoner

All in the name of love. Princess Mako of Japan is set

Women in 30s having more babies than younger moms

For the first time, women in their early

She unknowingly wore her engagement ring in necklace

An Australian woman was surprised to learn that her boyfriend had tricked her into carrying around

Men sleeping early may have healthier, fitter sperm

For men wanting to become a father, going to bed before midnight

8 things happen when you stop drinking alcohol

Maybe your nightly glass of wine has turned into two or three. Or you’re overdoing it

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