Monday, September 21, 2015



Sexual and physical violence against women from disadvantaged and minority communities has become common and invisible. The trauma and

Effects of divorce on children

In today's society, divorce has become a normal thing in our lives. Married couples today are getting a divorce

Women in sport-scoring for equality

The Women's World Cup has shown people everywhere what women athletes are all about: skill, strength, unity and determination.

Deconstructing the patriarchal playback

'It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple: one must be a woman manly, or

Is social media ruining our kids?

It is 10 o'clock. Do you know where your children are? A decade ago, if your answer to that

How 'Empowerment' became something for women to buy

Empowerment" wasn't always so trivialized, or so corporate, or even so clamorously attached to women. Four decades ago, the

Feminism in cat in the rain and the female body

The two stories I have chosen 'Cat in the Rain' and 'The Female Body' are similar in that they

The future of women in tech

Thirty years ago, U.S. colleges and universities awarded 37 percent of computer science bachelor's degrees to women. Today, when

There is no such thing as a child prostitute

Would you call Tami a child prostitute?A pimp kidnapped Tami on her way home from school in Los Angeles.

Verbal abuse and relationships

You're crazy." "Stop talking." "You're stupid." "You don't deserve better." "Your feelings are dumb." Those are just some of

Raising children successfully

Phrases like "tiger mom" and "helicopter parent" have made their way into everyday language. But does over parenting hurt,

Gender equality is an opportunity, not a threat

Equality is a core Canadian value, and I feel honored to have this opportunity to advocate for gender equality

Why aren't there more female billionaires?

Women have been rapidly climbing the employment and wage ladders in recent decades. But only a small fraction has

Let's not idolize "show-off" as love

Once again the great "valentine's day" is bestowed upon us. A whole new bunch of great love stories are

What makes a woman?

Do women and men have different brains? Back when Lawrence H. Summers was president of Harvard and suggested that

Single mothers need solutions not shaming

It's not news that the traditional nuclear family is rapidly disappearing. According to the Pew Research Center, fewer than

Take pride in being a woman

It has been said that women are the four pillars that hold a house together; that they were created

No choice rather than pro-choice

Abortion is such an ugly, hateful word. It is a subject I try to avoid and my least favorite

Pregnant, and pushed out of a job

Few people realize that getting pregnant can mean losing your job. Imagine a woman who, seven months into her

My Rakhine friend and her champion grandfather

Fru Fru Sang and I were very happy that day. She took me to her grandparents' house. It was

Good parenting or abuse?

More than 1,000 reports of child abuse and neglect pour into Mecklenburg County DSS each month, often involving corporal

Be a super daughter-in-law!

They lived happily ever after-the phrase seems very satisfying and at the same time, unreal too! Marrying the man

Women harassed in public transportation

From verbal abuse to being followed, from unwanted sexual comments to physical assault, the stories are strikingly similar, no

To stop violence, start at home

> Pamela Shifman and Salamishah TilletMen who are eventually arrested for violent acts often began with attacks against

Female refugees are facing sexual violence

> Federica Marsi and Preethi NalluNAJLA SITS ALONE atop a hillock in the Moria reception camp, the main

Granting women their land rights benefits everyone

A majority of the world's poorest share three traits: They rely on agriculture to survive, they don't have secure