Monday, September 21, 2015



There are many people who have successful careers, stable marriages, happy kids and who at the same time look

Lack of toilets access to public spaces

I don't eat a full meal for dinner. We don't have a toilet at home and I can't see

An epidemic of sexual assaults in schools

When the Women and Equalities Select Committee (WESC) launched an inquiry into sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools,

The gender pay gap is narrowing

Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence earns less than Matt Damon? Or that for every pound a man earns

Female role models matter

Tina Pettigrew and Johanna PulgarinThe conversation about feminism is currently experiencing a resurgence in mainstream media, pop culture

Women Empowerment: Producing Super-woman

How much modern are we? Modern enough to have tremendous fun using dog-filter in snapchat, modern enough to click

Where are all the women, Wikipedia?

It is often said that women have been written out of history. We have all heard of Alexander Graham

If we really want women in combat, men must do more

In December 2016, the Pentagon finally opened all combat jobs to women. Since then only 180 have signed up

Workplace bullying and eve teasing

In a hyper-competitive global economy, where competition is no longer limited by geography or industry, new formidable competitors can

Tribute to George Michael

Grammy Award-winning pop singer George Michael was one of the leading performers in the 1980s. His 1987 album 'Faith'

Women's rights, a national security issue

The Trump transition team asked the State Department last week to submit details of programs and jobs that focus

Stop blaming schools and universities

It's traditional in November to write about the gender pay gap - I've spent the past three years doing

Gender-based classrooms aren't the best answer

New research suggests segregating boys and girls in separate classrooms is not only a bad idea, but it could

Is it really so hard to write about women?

Not too long ago, in the middle of a show, a female character hit on a horrible realisation: she

Women's cricket gains in numbers and visibility

As in most sports, women's cricket has long been overshadowed by the men's game, but there are signs that

Why I'm glad I married a workaholic

We all know at least one of those couples who do everything together. They don't take separate holidays or

Women's role in Bangladesh liberation war

If you were to believe most narratives in historical documentation of the Bangladeshi Liberation War, you'd buy into a

How to protect our daughters' mental wellbeing

It is a scary time to be raising daughters. According to a study from NHS England last week, more

Women in research are anything but boring

If you google "women are boring" you'll find 44 million results, varying from thinkpieces on why women "only talk

Three ways to succeed at work (if you're a woman)

It pays to focus on what you're good at, recognize the value of your soft skills and put yourself

City of women

It's a Man's Man's Man's World" is a song James Brown recorded in a New York City stu­dio in

I threw away the flowers from my mother's hands

Next week will mark the first anniversary of my mother's death. Before she died last year of pancreatic cancer

When a couch is more than a couch

If I were healthy enough these days, I would be sipping a glass of free wine and running my

Feminist art of the 1970s: Knives, nudity and terrified men

A woman stands at a butcher's block, surrounded by kitchen implements that she slowly, methodically names in alphabetical order:

English correct pronunciation: Problems and solutions

Pronunciation is "making sounds of speech the way in which a sound, word or language is articulated, especially in

I would never run a women- only race until I did

I've avoided registering for women-only races the same way I avoid wearing that running bra that seems like it