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Rumana Monzur graduates from UBC

Rumana Monzur, whose eyes were gouged out by her husband in Bangladesh,

Strict parenting can lead to poor school performance

Overly strict parenting can have a negative effect on adolescents’ performance in school, a new

Toddler found drinking milk from mother's dead body

This is the tragic moment a crying toddler desperately tries to drink

Traveling - left me speechless, then turned into a storyteller!

Coming from a traditional Bangladeshi family, where a girl traveling without a male companion is unthinkable, I got through

Are women better decision makers?

Recently, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York said that if we want to fix the gridlock in Congress, we

'New Directions in Humanities and Literary Studies'

The Department of English Language and Literature (DELL), Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University (JKKNIU) organized an International Symposium

Men really do like independent women

It started with a simple Facebook status (doesn't it always?). A friend of mine posed the question "Do men

In defense of single motherhood

In a season of ardent partisan clashing, Americans seem united in at least one shared idea: Single mothers are

All about eve teasing

How safe is Coimbatore for women? Not all that much, Karpagam will never forget that bright morning. She was

Society is the real widow-maker

Vrindavan - the name evokes a beautiful green forest of the fragrant and holy Vrinda plant. The town by

Women's role in education

The media recently raised issues related to women in general. There are certainly reasons to celebrate the achievements and

The making of the housemaid

She enters, high and chirpy, with a purse in one hand and a mobile phone in another. Soon they

Raising a moral child

What does it take to be a good parent? We know some of the tricks for teaching kids to

Gender studies isn't about 'women good, men bad'

Feminism makes some men very scared, others very angry. Tom Martin, who is taking legal action against the London

White and lovely

Last summer, an article surfaced on the website that was titled, 'These are the Most Beautiful Women in

To curb prostitution, punish those who buy sex rather than those who sell it

It is disturbing that some human rights and public health organizations are advocating the full legalization of the sex

Down with dowry

We don't need a 5000-number guest list of whom 4,999 will attend the function only to eat, make merry,

All girls deserve education beyond primary

Who inspires you? Over the past year I've been honored to travel and meet some exceptional girls. These young

Why has women's fitness become a beauty contest?

Being a female Olympian must be a confusing experience. You win a gold medal, you wow the world with

The web and women's harassment

Last week, law-enforcement officials from the Federal Investigation Agency arrested an assistant professor at the University of Karachi. According

Learning to cope with intrusive questions

For most of us, family gatherings are major events, opportunities for the members of the family to celebrate being

Early childhood education's powerful promise needs funding

ONE of the great questions of our time is how our nation invests in the next generation. We believe

Chivalry, in the eyes of a feminist

I recently came across a dialogue from a movie that undoubtedly speaks the minds of millions of women around

Infinities of being a housewife

When my cousin sister was seven years old, my father, at a family gathering, put her on his lap

Corporate women: Education in right skills will aid amazing women

As CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) I'm regularly inspired and fascinated by incredible young women.  There

Breathing space in a marriage

These days, it is common to see every other marriage breaking apart in Indian society, just a few years

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