Monday, September 21, 2015

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Petra Guglielmetti An area rug can transform a room in the time it takes to unroll

Easy ways to remove makeup naturally

Eba Khan Parties, weddings or any special occasion calls for a little makeup. No matter what

Are you proposing? Add flowers!

Lily Calyx Flowers and romantic wedding proposals go hand in hand, but why leave it there?

How to take the perfect selfie

Gannon BurgettTaking a self-portrait might seem like a straightforward process, but the truth is, getting the

Make your home look more expensive

Natalie DiScalaAchieving a luxe look doesn't mean you have to spend a bundle. Here are seven

How to get rid of unwanted hair

 Alexandra Ward Depending on personal preference, removing unwanted hair can be an ongoing (and expensive) chore.

Turn to mismatched earrings and hit all the right notes

Lima Aier  Just a final touch-up in the mirror before leaving off, and -wait! Something's missing.

Say no and finally set boundaries

Maia Efrem Learning how to say no isn't always easy to say, especially when you're uninterested in managing

Create a study that inspires creativity

 Seema SreedharanWhether it's a desk set in the corner of a room or an elegant private

Things not to do on a plane

Sarah SchlichterWhen we board a plane, the goal is simple: to get to our destination as safely and

Make your makeup look more natural

Brooke Shunatona When it comes to makeup, some days I'm totally into the doing the most,

How to travel on a budget

Erin BunchAs someone who is both a travel junkie and the former founder of a site

Ways to style the ultimate shelfie

Olivia Heath The shelfie trend has gained momentum once again as we style our bookshelves to

Coping with an insecure attachment style

Marni Feuerman There is a substantial amount of research indicating that attachment patterns are set in

Build the perfect bouquet

Wendy JacobSarah Nixon of a reputed florist breaks down six arrangements that are fresh and unfussy,

Cut your getting ready time in half

Anuschka ReesSo what's an outfit formula-and how does it work? Working with outfit formulas is one

Non-plant ideas for bringing the outside in

Jae Curtis  What started as a semi-hipster trend in interior design has become a full-on movement,

Can you be friends with an ex once you're married?

Léa Rose EmeryBeing friends with an ex is always a tricky business. If someone was a

Buy the perfect pair of jeans

Shannon-Paris CrossJust like 70 to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra, a lot

Valentine's Day: Beauty tips for date night

Ava Baccari There's nothing like the pressure of a date on Valentine's Day to be a

Boho jewelry styles you need to know

B.G. BarnesThe boho look is all about letting your inner hippy shine. This carefree look encompasses

Make modern Valentine's Day décor

Michelle Honeyager   There's always been a bit of an issue with Valentine's Day: it's marked by

Unusual Valentine's Day traditions from around the world

Emily ChanValentine's Day began life as a pagan festival, involving sacrifices to the god of fertility

Make your high heels more comfortable

Hannah Marsh Who doesn't love a sleek pair of high heels? We all love them (or

Family budget travel tips

Kate Gilgan After spending two soggy winters sailing on the west coast, my husband and I

Choose and use pendant lighting in home

Bill CarrigPendant lights are having their time in the spotlight. They're bringing their special blend of

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