Monday, September 21, 2015

Teens & Twenties


AkrutiAs time passes, the previous generation keeps finding it harder to connect with teenagers of the present. Communicating and

Effective life lessons for your growing teen

Samia KabirLife is an ongoing lesson in itself. As you grow, you experience and learn. This cycle is repeated

Why teenagers quit School

MaanasiIs your teen struggling to cope with academic pressure at high school? Are you losing sleep fearing he may

Reading & viewing

Reading has been around for a long time; by comparison, the cinema is a relatively recent invention. Sometimes, books

Is Coffee good or bad for your child?

Does your child drool at the sight of cold coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup? Does your

Video games and teenagers

Do you have a die-hard video game fan at home? Are you noticing changes in his behavior of late?

Sharing makes you bigger than you are

A strong relationship is a reciprocal relationship. That's why you need to develop the ability to share. When you

How to understand teen psychology?

Are you constantly at loggerheads with your teen? Do you wish you could better understand the forces that drive

3 ways to boost your confidence when nobody else believes you

You've reached the moment where you're ready to move beyond your comfort zone and bring your dreams to fruition.

How to stay up when life has you down

Too many people start their day in a bad mood-or a low mood at best. And most of the

Top 10 fitness tips for your teenagers

Staying fit and active is something that is important, irrespective of age. A great way to stay fit is

Tips on how to deal with teenage attitude

Your normally well-behaved child, on entering adolescence, may now start showing teenage attitude problems. No matter how hard you

Personality traits of great leader

If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of

Important conflict resolution skills for teenagers

Being a teenager is not easy. The time between adulthood and childhood is full of changes - both physical

Five strategies for conquering self-doubt

He's going to hate it. They are going to realize I'm a fraud, and that I don't really know

Why pronunciation pivotal to speaking? (part -II)

Constant Practice: 'Old habits die hard' ----- goes the proverb. This is applicable for the grown- ups learning a

Is pronunciation pivotal to speaking?

Language is nothing but a mode of communication and this act of communication takes place both in speech and

Fast food restaurant dangers

There are more than 200,000 fast food restaurants in the United States, and many hungry patrons are unaware of

What not to do while making your curriculum vitae (cv)

Caption: A lot of people tend to add irrelevant information like their hobbies (watching football),

A good life contains these six essentials

Here's what we must ask constantly, "What, for me, would be a good life?" And you have to keep

Successful people never do again

We all make mistakes but the people who thrive from theirĀ  mistakes are the successful ones. 'Never go back.'

Children's health and exercise

Definition of exercise Exercise is physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning the

It's coming, it's coming fast!

Perhaps I have watched it in a western TV serial, a character talking with his superior over the phone

Ways to help teenager make friends easily

For teenagers, friends turn out to be a personal support group that provides a sense of security and also

Scientifically proven six creativity boosters

There is a myth that creative geniuses are born, not made-but the idea that you can only be creative

Muscle building and workout plan for teenagers -II

Teenage is a time of constant changes for both boys and girls. While some of these changes are anticipated,