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Teens & Twenties


Toddlers are a funny lot. They are at an age where they get bored quickly, and too young

Is social media good or bad for teenagers’ health

When adolescent psychiatrist Dr Drew Pate counsels patients or speaks to parenting groups, questions about

Do not be afraid of failure

The third block in the second tier of Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success is Initiative. He chose to direct

Ways to learn faster

To become a high performer, you have to learn faster. How do you do that? Let me tell you

Arenas of success

The degree of our success is directly related to the degree in which we excel in and balance certain

How not to be jealous

In common parlance, the term "jealous" often gets used in place of "envious," as in "Your company sent

Emotional enemies inside your mind

What can destroy our ambitions, our fortunes, our relationships-our lives? The enemies lurking inside us, the ones we face

Not porn, kids looking for drugs, alcohol on internet

Children globally now communicate, play and access adult content via internet less

WhatsApp may help teenagers to better express themselves

If a new study is to be believed, being on WhatsApp might

Ways to tap into your creative self

My teenage daughter, who is interested in psychology and preparing for college, asked me recently: "Mom, what is the

Ways to face your fears with courage

Do you own your life or do your fears own you? Here are a few techniques to help you

Motivate your teen to study better

As time passes, the previous generation keeps finding it harder to connect with teenagers of the present. Communicating and

Harmful effects of cell-phones on teenagers

Is your teen insisting for a mobile phone for his birthday? Or are you considering of giving a mobile

Making teenagers more responsible

You love your teenager without expectations. All you want for her to is to be happy. But are you

Dealing with a bully

Alpha personalities are important to getting things done, but not at your expense. When a bully throws a punch,

Do you believe in youself

Do you believe in yourself? In your abilities? Whether you do or don't, now is a good time for

Oh, no! energy drinks not for teenagers

Does your all-rounder adolescent love to gulp down a can of energy drink to wake up and study all

Teen banned from prom for getting hair done

A teen who left school early on prom day to get her hair done was banned

Technology and the appetite for social interaction

What's going to be like in 10 years? It was 5:30 PM, shortly after a hectic workday, I went

Simple habits to manage your anxiety

Anxiety can sprout as fast as mushrooms in a dark room. It seems to multiply in the closets of

Cornerstones of success

You're finally getting your consulting business running. You took a big risk leaving a corporate job, and a year

Lonely teenagers more prone to poor sleep

Is your teenaged daughter or son having trouble falling asleep or sleeping

One-piece swimsuits are more popular than bikinis

Bikinis have ruled the beach for as long as most people can remember but

'I gave a room in my house to a refugee, now she’s like my sister'


Father makes racist comment about daughter's prom date

Anna Hayes is a high school senior from a small town in

Ways successful people make smart decisions

Great decisions don't happen by accident. In this article, originally published on LinkedIn Pulse, Dr. Travis Bradberry shares a

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