Monday, September 21, 2015

Teens & Twenties


This decade decides what we really make out of our personalities. Various

Fun communication games for kids

Is your child having a hard time communicating with his classmates? Does he face difficulty in interpreting the facial


How did you know what you wanted to do with your life?" My friend asked me this the other

Tips to help your child effectively manage stress

Stress is a condition that everybody suffers; it is an individual's reaction to any challenge that the body (and

Reasons you should join a community of professionals

Despite being touted as the new and best way to network, social media just cannot replace the advantages of

Tips to rule the art of conversation

The art of conversation is a necessary skill for almost everything in life. Conversations introduce you to people,

Simple tips to treat stretch marks in teenagers

Stretch marks occur when your body grows much faster than your skin anticipates. These marks are often associated with

Things moms of teen boys must know

Ever wonder what it will be like when your little boys hit puberty? Think the

How parents must handle teenager problems

Life is like a roller-coaster; it has many ups and downs, but it’s your choice

Teen says her Chili's manager sexually harassed her

This Teen Says Her Chili's Manager Sexually Harassed Her, And Her Coworkers Threw A Party To

Ride safe, ride smart

Motorcycles are fun and fuel efficient. That's not news to anyone who's ridden one. But neither is the fact

Focus on the experience to succeed under pressure

Coach Wooden used his definition of success not just as a mantra for life, but also as a means

Weight lifting & strength tips for teens

Do you wonder if weight lifting is safe for your teen? Are you concerned that strength training might not

Inactivity and screen time linked to teen depression

A research of the University of Queensland in Australia found that “teenagers in Bangladesh who did less than one hour

The first ever male spokesmodel, or "CoverBoy," for CoverGirl

James Charles is a seventeenyear old aspiring makeup artist from New York. Today he was appointedCovergirl's newest spokesmodel.

How to use LinkedIn to find freelance work

What is a strategic alliance? Technically, an agreement between parties to pursue agreed-upon objectives while remaining independent, aka how

Things about being a solopreneur

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary of starting my own business. There are some things that turned out to

Ways to be a more collaborative leader

There are two types of leadership-"me" and "we." Where do you fall? Do you like your office door closed,

Fun-filled sleepover activities & games for teens

Sleepover parties, a growing trend among teenagers, are a fun idea of getting some alone time to interact and

Change your morning routine

Waking up in the morning does feel a very hard thing for everyone. But this is how the natural

Science-backed habits to make you more successful

It's hard to stick to your goals. The desire to eat healthy becomes overwhelmed by a desire to eat

Sincere ways to say, thank you

For leaders, expressing gratitude greatly impacts your people, your business and yourself. In today's workplace culture, perks like free

11 things smart people don't say

Emotionally intelligent people know that certain phrases carry special power-they make you look bad even when the words are

Everything you need to know

First things first, if you ever see your teen bleeding from the nose out of nowhere, don't panic. There

Make your child overcome fears

A child suffering from fear and phobia lacks confidence and may appear timid, gauche and awkward. Such fears must

Tips for using your time wisely

Anything is possible in the 24 hours we're given each day. Let me give you some thoughts on time